Is the Robin moore work at home program a scam?

Program: link posting scam

Owner: Robin Moore


Recommended? No

In this review, I will explain why I think Robin Moore’s work at home program is a scam. I will also inform you about and alternative way to make money online. So please read to the end. Thanks

I was so close to becoming a victim of a work at home scam about three years ago. This program was called the Bobbie Robinson work at home program.

That faithful morning, I had just found out that I was pregnant with baby #4. I felt defeated because I was working so hard to provide for my family and was barely spending time with the kids.

I was tired of missing out on major milestones of the kids so I decided to find a way to work from home. They say google is your friend so I thought I should go Google for work at home jobs and see what I can find.

At the very top of the page as usual was an ad about the work at home program. It was my first time looking for this type of job. So, I was excited when I was told I could start making money online in just days. I was told it was only going to cost me a token to get the work kit with all the secret to succeed online.

I was over joyed and ready to pay. Coincidentally, my very good friend called checking to see how I was doing. I told her my discovery and unlike me she was not sold.

She advised me to find reviews on this program to make sure they were legit before joining. That is the smartest thing anyone ever told me to do. I learned a lot from reviews and realized I was about to fall for a scam.

Fast forward three years now, I have made it my mission to find these scams and expose them to unsuspecting people online.

Do not be fooled. The Robin Moore work at home program is the same as the Kelly Simmons work at home program which are both the same as the work at home institute. All these three programs are probably run by the same person and they are all scams.

These three programs are also similar to the Bobbie Robinson work at home program (the one I almost fell prey to about three years ago).

I have written a review on the work at home program by Kelly Simmons and or Bobbie Robinson. You can read the review by clicking on the link above.

Red Flags

Anyway, the first thing you notice when you go to Robin Moore’s work at program website is the display of the logo of top Tv channels like NBC, CNN, ABC and Fox news. This feature is the same with all the versions of this website I have mentioned above.

Funny thing is, in some instances, they don’t bother to display the name of their website on the home page. So my question is, why go through so much trouble to display tv channels and not bother to display your own name on your home page.

Think about it, when you go to the website of say Amazon or Wal-Mart for example, how often do you see them display logos of other websites more than theirs.

This practice of using the logos of popular tv networks is very popular among scammers. The idea is to make you let your guard down so they can brain wash you into paying for their scam.

Many people see CNN’s logo for example and think, if this is backed by CNN, I have no reason to be worried. Wrong, you should worry a lot because those logos are used without permission.

Another red flag is the use of urgency to make you commit without thinking. The first thing they do is to let you know that their program has received a lot of attention lately and spots are limited as a result of that. To secure your position, you need to hurry and register.

Well, go back to this site tomorrow and it will be the same story and a month from now, the story will stay the same.

Another interesting red flag is their persistent attitude. Try leaving the page and they will stop you with a pop up. They will encourage you to stay because they have a discount for you. Then they will tell you congratulations, they have found three positions in you area.

This pop ups come three or four times and every time they offer a discount and give you limited time to sign up. They make it clear that you will loose your discount if you don’t react soon.

I have seen this kind of scam so many times that I can spot them with one eye close. I can definitely tell you that this one smells very fishy.

What kind of scam is the Robin Moore work at home program?

This scam is the oldest in the books. It is a link posting scam. This is the practice where scammers spam legitimate sites with thousands of links in the hope that someone will click on them.

They need people to help them post these links so that’s where you come in. They teach you to post links that take people back to their website so they can be scammed out of their hard earned money.

Many people go online looking for work at home programs when they desperately need money. These scammers know this so they use emotional tactics to get you. You can’t make money over night. Except of course you win the lottery.

The elaborate story about companies like Amazon paying you to post links is not completely a lie. Amazon and other businesses like it will pay you a commission for referring people to their site but they will only recruit you if you have an active website of your own.

They perform rigorous checks to make sure your site is legit. If they suspect any fowl play, they won’t accept your application.

The kind of marketing I just explain is called affiliate marketing and it is very different from link posting. If you want to read more about it, go to my post titled “what is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Final thoughts

If you are interested in learning the legitimate ways to make money from home, then Robin Moore work at home program is not the place for you. It is going to be a waste of your time and money.

I will advise you to go to wealthy affiliate and enroll in their free membership to learn how to start an online business. This free membership is meant for beginners and does not expire so take your time and take advantage of all the free lessons provided.

When you’re ready to go pro, you can upgrade to the premium membership.

You might be reminded every now and then of the importance of upgrading to premium but take your time browsing this website and getting familiar with how the top entrepreneurs are doing it. You can upgrade when you’re ready.

You will have access to all the premium tools for a week after which you will only be able to use the free tools. The free tools will allow you to build up to two free websites in order to start your business online.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask it in the comments area. And read my getting started post for more information.

Cheers Denise.


  1. Hi – I am interested to do online affiliate marketing. I enrolled myself in wealthy affiliate program already. Since I am profoundly hard of hearing I can’t watch the videos. I contacted their support team and requested them to add subtitle for me to understand.

    Could you please help on this program? Please let me know.

    1. Hi Priya,

      I will bring up your proposal to the wealthy affiliate community. Many of the videos have written content. You can still go through the written content while I work this out with the owners Kyle and Carson.

      I’m sorry, I never noticed that the videos didn’t have close caption since I’ve never tried to use it. I’ll let you know what I find out soon.

      If you have any specific questions on a particular topic, let me know. I’ll try to answer them and if I can’t, I’ll point you to the right place.

        1. Hi Kimberly,
          You can sign up by following the link below.
          The starter membership is free and does not expire. So you can take your time and learn what you need and not feel rushed.

          You can upgrade to premium membership when you’re ready.

  2. I’m not looking to be rich but have hit a bunch of bumps in my life. I’ll be 60 this year and wont have much more than SS when I retire. My wife is disabled but really wants to help with the income. Yes, I am very gullible and have lost $ many times trying on line work. Can you recommend a program that we could start for her.

    1. Hi Gary,
      If you are interested in starting an online business, you need to learn the basics steps needed.

      I learned how to start my business at Wealthy affiliate. I have been a member for a while now.

      I don’t make full time income yet but I’m coming close to it.

      They have a free membership you can start with. This free membership does not expire so you are under no rush to upgrade.

      Follow this link to wealthy affiliate and find out for yourself.

  3. Hi Denise my name is Patricia I truly thank you for your information on Robin moore’s work from home scam I have been looking for a work from home job I was not sure about this business because it was offering such huge amount of money for a short length of time. Thank you for the wealthy affiliate cite that I will try

    1. Hi Patricia,
      I am happy to help. I was almost a victim of scam once and learned my lesson.

      Wealthy affiliate is a great place to go if you are serious about starting an online business. Their free membership is amazing since it does not expire. So you are under no pressure to upgrade. You can take your time an figure things out and when you are ready, you can upgrade when to take your business to the next level.

      I have been a member for close to three years now and I plan on being a member for as long as possible because I get all I need in this one place for one low price. Domain name registration, website building platform, site comment platform, site feedback platfom and hosting, site security, 24/7 customer service, one on one coaching and more.

      I hope you find wealthy affiliate as helpful as I find it. Good luck to you!

  4. I. My name is Melvina I received this”Redeem Your Reward Opportunity ” in the mail which says my family has been selected as the representing family inmy area which is Washington to receive $100 Gift Rebate Certificates. Redeemable at Places like Walmart and Target and many other fine stores. I called the number and fell prey to a scammer. After giving him my complete name, my birthdate, and details of my credit card, ( payment for
    S&H) he tells me there was an error with the system and tells me Washington State is not eligible to receive this offer. This is the number they posted to call. 1800-399-7018. In case anybody receives this “Claim Your Reward”. Don’t be fooled. How do we report this scammers and how can they be exposed? I

    1. Hi Melvina,
      It’s sad how people will exploit others for money. Many state police departments have hot lines for reporting scams like this.

      The thing is, these scammers are like the hydra. They disappear and appear at will. It won’t surprise me if that number doesn’t work anymore.

      I hope you had your bank block that particular credit card so they can’t withdrawal any money from it.

      The best thing to do is to not give you personal information on the phone or online to organizations you don’t trust.

      I’m really sorry you had this bad experience. I’ll investigate and see if I can come up with anything about these scammers.

  5. i’ve still not recieved my work at home package. please either reimburse me $97 or send me the name is Robert King and i reside at xyz washtenaw ypsilanti Michigan 00000.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Sorry to hear that you have been a victim of this scam. I haven’t heard about anyone getting any refunds from them. They will give you hope and promise you that your money will be refunded but it never happens.

      Hopefully this comment from you will help many stay away from this program. I took out your address for your protection.

      You can check out Wealthy Affiliate if you are interested in learning how to make money online. It is free for beginners.

        1. You’re welcome Sam. I’m happy to help whenever possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  6. SO GLAD I came across your review! Thank you. As others have posted, we have fallen on hard times. We have 2 college students and will soon have a 3rd. Suffice it to say, I am currently looking to supplement our income. I was almost convinced that I should do the Robin Moore program, but then on the final screen with my “lowest” and “Final Discount” offer, she said, “don’t wait to think about it, don’t wait to ask your husband or spouse, do it now…” Given that I always talk everything over with my husband, that little voice inside my head shouted, “Whoa! Something isn’t right.” So I began my online search for “legitimate” online/remote work. So, AGAIN, thank you for your honest review. I hope others will take the time to research their options.

    1. Hi DB,
      I am so glad you did your home work. It is when people are at their lowest that they fall for scams. I am happy my review was helpful to you.

  7. Hello Denise,
    I am looking for a work from home job. Can you give me some good jobs working from home? (not scams) Please help me, I need some extra money, and a honest job working from home.

    1. Hi Marilynn,

      You can try survey sites like swag bucks. They however only generate a few dollars at a time. Wealthy affiliate is another option. This is a place where you will be taught how to make money from home for yourself. The thing with a program like wealthy affiliate is you don’t start making money right away. You build a business from the ground up.

      I hope this is helpful.

  8. Hello, I’m new at this and first time looking for work from home job but if I wanted to go to school and get my career while doing this. Could or can I get out of this program even with the websites created or can I not? Just a curiosity and trying to make money without a dead end job.

    1. You could sell your website when you want to leave the program. You can leave the program when ever you want.

  9. Hi Denise,
    Because I am without a job now, I can’t wait for a long period of time to bring in an income. I’m very interested in having an online business, how long can I expect to start making money if I choose to try Wealthy Affiliates?


    1. Hi TJan,
      It takes three months for some, six months for others and a year or more for some.

      It took me 4 months to start making money consistently on this website but that is because I had prior experience.

      This business pays depending on your niche and you need to invest time and effort into it before it can start making you money.

      Initially, I could only put about two hours a day in it because I still needed my day job.

      So, my advice to you will be to find something that will give you income now while building your wealthy affiliate business.

      Now I only work a couple days outside the home. So I can put more time into my business.

      I hope this is helpful.

      Cheers Denise.

  10. Is wealthy affiliate legit? My dad is nearing retirement & we may not have any income. We were so close about doing the Robin Moore system but know everything seems like a scam.

    1. Wealthy affiliate is a legitimate hands on program where you are thought how to make money online.

      They have the tools and skills to guide you to building a successful online business.

      Once you join, you will be directed to the entrepreneur lessons where you will begin your training on how to make money online.

  11. Thanks, Denise. The “short video” from Robin Moore which would teach me “for free” how to make so much money, got longer and fishier by the minute!!

  12. Hi OMG I just sighn up for this only paid 47 dollars I’m so bummed to find this out about that robin more sight . How can I unroll out of it there sopose to call me at a certain time tomorrow to get me started with information I’ve spoken with a advisor over the phone it really sounded legit

    1. Sorry to hear you fell for this scam. You can cancel your credit card to make sure you won’t be charged monthly for nothing. You can also try click bank to see if you can get your money back. Please let me know how things turn out.

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