How can I build a website for free?

Easy! Building a website for free is like abc. In the past, you needed some knowledge of coding to build a website. It took aspiring entrepreneurs months to study and set up a website. Today, things have been made supper easy! With just a few clicks tada and you have your own very site.

Well you will think the ease with which a site is built today will be enough but no, we want much more. Luckily technology can do wanders. On top of building a site fast, you can also build it for free.

So how can you build a website for free? Easy! With wealthy affiliate, anything is possible (anything related to internet marketing that is). Let’s begin!
You will need to enroll in the starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate and it will cost you $ 0. To enroll, follow the link below or click on the link below.



After enrolling, feel free to start the lessons meant for beginners. These lessons will help you understand the steps necessary for starting and sustaining a business online and with it will be an in-depth explanation of the steps you need to follow to build and customize your free site.

However, if you don’t want to go through the lessons and want to go straight to building your site, click on the site rubix tab. It is the fourth tab on the the top right corner of the main page and looks like this,

This should take you to the site builder platform. On this site builder platform, the first step is to choose the build a free site tab. You will be asked to choose a domain name that will end with

A domain name is the first part of the address of your site. For example, in the web address, the domain name is Amazon. Many domain names end with .com, .org, .net, .edu and many others and these names have a price tag.

But a domain name that ends with is free. After choosing you domain name, you will also need a name for your site (step 2). Many people have the same name for their domain and site name.

The next step is to choose a theme (look, appearance) for your site. This theme is what will make your site unique. There are many themes to choose from. You can tweak this theme in ways that will make your site stand out of the thousands of sites on the net.

Once you have a domain name, site name and theme for your site, click on build my site (step 4) and within minutes you will have a site all your own. Congratulations on this achievement. You can get your business on the roll now.

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment and do share this post with friends and family.

Cheers Denise.


  1. Hello and thank you for the sincere advice. I am another user and member of the wealthy affiliate community, so i certainly give my plus one here. Wealthy affiliate is a wonderful community, which provides the essential training and tools for anyone starting out in internet marketing. It is certainly the best place to get your website up and running.

    1. Hi there Antonis,

      I was at the end of my road when I stumbled on to wealthy affiliate. After falling for a few scams online, I almost gave up.

      WA makes online marketing a lot easier with all the tools they provide their members.

  2. There are many ways to build websites today and it is getting easier all the time.
    Nowhere will you website builder that is easier to use than the one at Wealthy Affiliate.
    Their tools for the website is great too. You can get both feedback and comments on your webpages to improve your rankings. Apart from the website there are soo many other things to learn at WA as well.

    1. Agreed Jojo,

      You can benefit in many ways by joining wealthy affiliate. Yes you will get two free website and get hosting too but there is more. There are tons of lesson to help you get started. The community is amazing, prompt in helping you find answers to your questions. Plus you can ask help directly from the owners (premium members only).

  3. Hi Denise, a free website is a great idea to start with until learning the basics.

    I am looking for ways to get into online marketing but I have not any skills like website building.

    But can you make money with a SiteRubix website or transfer it later in my own domain?

    1. Hi Ilias,

      SiteRubix is good for a beginner with little to spend but it’s good to upgrade to a personal website as soon as possible.

      You can definitely make money with a siteRubix account and transfer to your own domain later.

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