6 ways to tell if you need a career change

I have met many people who work in reputable organizations, are paid well and have good benefit packages but for some reason they still feel like they are in the wrong place. Many people struggle with the decision of staying or leaving their jobs for years before finally making a decision. Others would leave their job and follow a dream but worry about money and family.


I once had a friend who complained about feeling trapped at her job and wished she could leave but worry that if she did, a family member who dependent on her insurance for treatment might not get proper treatment with another insurance and worst could die from getting a low grade treatment. Stories like this keep people in the jobs they don’t like.


It doesn’t help that many people today dive into college and study for something without giving it a long though as to whether this is what they want to do for the rest of their lives. When many people go to college, they think more about money than proper fit and few years into their jobs they start worrying.

There are six major criteria you can use to determine if you need a career change.


Lack of passion for your work


If you wake up on Monday morning and think “Oh God not again” about your job then you probably need a career change. It is in our nature as humans to want a life of no worry like not having to wake up for work but when it becomes agonizing to the point where it affects your mood through the work week, then there is a big problem.


Many people can’t stop looking at the clock or their watches while at work and when the last hour comes they feel like each minute is lasting for hours. They look forward to Friday with excitement not because they have plans for the weekend but just because they don’t have to go to work for the next two days till the much dreaded Monday comes.

If you fall under this group, you should figure out what your passion is and find a job that fits with your passion. Follow this link to learn more about turning your passion into a business.


Little or no challenge at work


Many people like it when the work day goes smoothly with little or no obstacles but for others they prefer work that is challenging mentally and/or physically. Many people need constant challenges at work to be happy. For these people, a job that is very routine and predictable is very boring and just doesn’t cut it. If you feel like your skill set is being under utilized and could be put into better use somewhere else then you might need a career change.


If it is more challenge you need, then find a job that fits your challenge criteria or get a hobby on your spare time to compensate for the lack of challenge at work.


Perpetual Boredom


If you find that you are constantly bored at work and find little or nothing positive to say about your work then you might need to start looking for another job. A satisfying career is engaging and motivating.


However, boredom can result from a boring private life. You cannot depend entirely on your job for excitement. You can look for avenues to make your life more exciting and maybe this spirit can spread to the workplace. If you have an exciting life but are bored at work then the problem is definitely with your job.


You wish you had your friend’s type of job


Not being happy at your workplace is one thing but wishing you had something  else (like your friend’s type of job) is an even bigger red flag. This shows that you clearly think you will fit better at that job than the one you are currently doing.


However, it might not be the case when you get that job or a similar job. Before you make the decision to change fields, make sure you know the details about this new career. It can be that your friend has the proper skill set for their job which makes them happy and make you feel you will feel thesame way too if you had that job.


So before you make up your mind, think hard and long about what your skill sets are and where they will fit better.


No work life balance


wellness-955796_640Work is not all there is to life; there needs to be a delicate balance between work and everything else. This is one of the problems young families face. It is hard to find a job that is flexible enough for you to work and still take care of your kids and maybe go to school. Family life, work and school are all important. If your work takes too much from your family life/private life then it is time to start looking for another job.


Many work places are trying to make schedules flexible for young parents and workers who are in school. If you look hard enough, chances are you will find the job that works best for you. Check out the post on financial independence with Wealthy affiliate for an idea of an alternate line of work that offers a lot of flexibility.


Unfair compensation


dollar-499481_640It is very unsettling when you find out that you are underpaid. It is even worst when you find out that the person you work with, who has thesame job qualification and experience like you is paid more per hour than you are. When you start getting disgruntled about things like this, you will stop loving your job and when that happens, it is time to ask for a raise or find another job.


There are many other ways you can tell you need a career change other than the ones listed above. It is more subjective than objective.


I hope this post was helpful to you. Please leave a comment especially one stating other criteria someone can use to determine if they need a career change. Thanks for dropping by.