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Smart Ways to make money



This page is going to be about smart ways to make money especially ways to stretch ever quarter into a dollar.


Many people always look for new ways to make money, not realizing that the easiest way to make money is by saving money.


Take for example, some people spend about $80 or more on phone bills while they could spend a lot less by getting rid of certain features or staying away from the big names. Big name companies look all flashy but do not necessarily give you the best service.


Many people have skills that are marketable but they don’t realize this or just don’t know how to market their skills. For example, a student who is very good with numbers( maths, physics, sciences) can tutor for a fee and use this money to pay for their tuition.


There are countless sets of skills that people have that can be harness to make some money.


Setting up a business may sound like a daunting task but with help from the right place it can be made really easy. There are many kinds of businesses and lately the kind that is done online is becoming very popular.


Why is this you ask?




Well think about it, setting up a regular business require a building and then supplies and employees which might be very expensive but online, well the internet is your office.


On the internet you can be a goblin or smelly troll and still do business; as long as the goods and services you provide helps people your business will grow.


You can also reach a lot of people online since there are millions of people browsing on the internet at anytime. The topping to this already appealing business is the fact that you can take your business with you any where.


Where can I get help in setting up my online business?


I though you were never going to ask. The answer … drum roll please …is  ‘Wealthy affiliate’.

Wealthy affiliate is in my opinion # 1 in work from home programs. At wealthy affiliate you will not only make money but learn how to do it on your own time and sustain it.


Like the saying goes, ‘what good is it to give someone fish, instead teach a person how to catch a fish and they will have fish when ever they need it’. Wealthy affiliate will teach you so much and by the time you are half way through you will be an expert on online business.


I will write a review of wealthy affiliate in another post but now I will state the basics.

Wealthy affiliate is an online business that was opened in 2005 by Kyle and Carson with the mission of helping people enjoy the kind of success in online marketing that these two were already familiar with.


Since its inception, it has help more than a million budding internet entrepreneurs (yours truly included) in grow their businesses. Wealthy affiliate has a community of 580000+ people in about 195 countries.


They have the most helpful community in the world period, ever ready to help 24/7. They encourage networking where people can make long lasting friendships. In fact, they are like the Facebook of internet marketing.


What kind of business can I build?


Very good question. Well, it is all up to you. What are you good at? What are your passions? You should build a business about something you are passionate about. This way, you will never get bored and quit.


Your passion could be about dancing, hiking, fishing, babies/ children, education etc. Think real hard and try to narrow your passion to something more specific than general. For example, if you are passionate about dancing, then you could choose to focus your business around things related to say Latin dances.


So, pick a niche for example dancing niche and start learning how to grow a business with wealthy affiliate.


Have fun learning and know that the only thing standing in the way of progress is inadequate effort. Leave a comment and ask as many questions as you can.

Cheers Denise!


  1. Smart ways to make money… sounds very interesting! I agree that aside from making money, you’d also need to look into your buying habits, are you burning too much cash? Or you can save up anywhere?

    And yes, investing on an online business can pay out big time, since you aren’t required a big investment first hand on.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your new posts!


    1. Hi Anh,

      When many people talk money, they only think of ways to make it forgetting that saving money is a very important step towards financial independence.

  2. Hi Denise,

    Thank you for the great reminder that saving money is the first step to making more money. I believe most people spend money too freely.
    As for making money online, this is a great option as well and a smart way to go about it.
    The overhead is very low and with a lot of hard work, the potential is very high indeed!
    I have looked into it and there are a lot of people making sizable income on Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Randy,

      People do make good money at Wealthy Affiliate. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. As far as I know, those who stick to it make it.

  3. I think you’re right about saving being easily overlooked. Living within your means is the only way to really make any progress. I think a lot of people are starting to realize that in order to really make money they need to start a side hustle. Fact is, a job won’t make you rich. 6 figures? Sure. But you won’t find many 7 figure careers, that money is reserved for entrepreneurs. Fortunately there is a multitude of resources for budding entrepreneurs.

    1. Hi Layne,

      It is true that 7 figure careers are rare. People dream of becoming financially independent but failed to realize that even with plenty of money, you can still be far from financial independence if you don’t watch your spending.

      Couldn’t agree more, there is a lot of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.

  4. i agree with one of your statement that state that we use to waste money on phone of which i also did once but it was not my problem the problem was that i could not really know where to begin and where it will end but for now i have found the way

    thanks for the information provided



  5. Hello Denise. I like your article. One of the best things about making money online is that there is never a need for buying supplies and there is never any need for physical storage. All you need is a website full of great, information-rich content, and relevant products to promote.

    1. Very True Dan,

      The start up cost online for many businesses are very cheap compared to on site businesses. Plus you could be an alien with horns and everything weird and still do business online successfully without being judged for your looks or age.

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