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Lead Generation Review: Will You Receive Useful Marketing Strategies?



Lead Generation is part of the WebiMax suite of services. This top-rated digital marketing agency takes a unique approach to develop businesses and brands, providing dedicated campaign managers and custom-built strategies to generate results.



Your company doesn’t need to work around a long-term contract when partnering with this agency. It is a point of difference from its competition. You gain access to a team of more than 50 marketing experts who strive to become part of your team.



Founder Ken Wisnefski, who serves as WebiMax’s CEO, offers this observation as part of the mission of the company. “I founded WebiMax on the core principle where I could create a company that would truly help our clients grow their businesses by working with them more as a strategic partner than merely an outsourced vendor.”



A team with marketing experience knows how to say the right things. Do their services fulfill the promises made when proposing to take over your lead generation work?



Lead Generation Is a Multi-Channel Provider



If your business doesn’t have time to do any marketing, Lead Generation provides a multi-channel approach that can produce results. Instead of locking your brand into a cookie-cutter approach built for convenience, you benefit from a customized approach to the marketplace.



You work in partnership with the team at Lead Generation to determine what strategies can engage prospects with your brand information. All of the standard approaches to marketing are part of this process when you hire the agency to provide services.



Your company can utilize their search engine optimization knowledge, tackle paid search marketing, or engage more effectively on social media. The team at Lead Generation can help with content distribution or whitepaper creation.



Email marketing, landing page creation, and website development are also possibilities to consider.



Lead Generation uses a custom platform development process that can take your company from the beginning of a concept to a place where you can close more deals. If you request a quote from the agency or start a live chat, you have opportunities to learn about how the strategies can develop an effective campaign based on your individualized needs.



Lead Generation Takes a Four-Step Approach



Lead Generation uses a straightforward structure to start developing more qualified opportunities for your business. Each company goes through this four-step process.



  1. Clients get assigned to a dedicated project management team that performs the due diligence portion of the relationship-building process.


  1. The team creates a development strategy to start reaching out to more qualified prospects, placing the campaign into motion.


  1. As more leads become interested in what your business can provide for them, the sales funnel delivers qualified candidates to your agency in real-time instead of through weekly or monthly updates. That structure ensures you can provide a sales pitch at the time when someone is ready to make a purchase.


  1. The team continues to refine the focus and strategy based on the analytics generated to keep increasing lead volumes.



When the onboarding process is successful, the marketing outreach efforts from Lead Generation can produce some tremendous results. Several third-party review sites rate the agency with an average of 4.8 out of 5 – or higher. WebiMax also claims a 97% client retention rate.



The evidence is there that your company could benefit from WebiMax’s lead generation services. How do you know that your brand won’t become part of the 3% that decide to move in a different direction?



Concerns of Note When Working with Lead Generation by WebiMax



The services provided by Lead Generation through WebiMax are customized to the needs of your brand. That means it takes some time to get to know your needs, the brand messaging, and all of the other outreach components your agency needs to close more deals. The contract structures are quite flexible so that the team works on your timeline, but it is up to you to be calling the shots.



One of the biggest complaints about WebiMax involves the SEO portion of their services. If you hire this team for your content generation, the verbiage sometimes comes back as feeling written for algorithms or crawlers instead of real people. It may take some tweaking on your end to produce something that feels like it is on-point for your brand messaging.



When you start working with this lead generation provider, your team gets access to an interactive dashboard. The details provided through this mechanism gives you enough information to get the job done, but it would be helpful to have access to more information specifics so that the testing and customization efforts could proceed on both ends.



It also takes commitment on your part to engage with this process. You receive daily emails from your account representative that details what you need to be tackling each day. If you don’t have the time or resources to manage this request, then the results you desire can take a significant amount of time to achieve.



Pricing Options for Lead Generation



The lead generation work that you receive from WebiMax starts at $400 per month. You receive qualified prospects who are already searching providers like Google for the services you provide in return for this investment.



Lead Generation provides a custom landing page while running a highly optimized Google Ads campaign for this investment. These services can include call tracking, automated lead nurturing, and conversion rate optimization.



You can also receive text message tracking, help with setting up Google Ads, and full-service management of your campaign.



The actual cost of your lead-gen efforts through WebiMax depends on the extent of your paid advertising budget. It may be several thousand dollars per month if you want to see a surge of qualified prospects. The eventual cost negotiations must be conducted by your team to determine the final expense.



If the services of lead generation don’t seem to fit your needs, WebiMax offers a $200 package that includes a four-hour consultation, a detailed marketing plan, and a strategy to implement for startups and e-commerce platforms. You can also focus on PPC management only, starting at $500 per month.



The agency also provides a DSS Pro Pack that uses their CMS and CRM solution to offer lead generation opportunities at $900 per month.



Is Lead Generation Worth the Investment?



WebiMax takes a custom approach to what your business needs each month. The recommendations keep changing to encourage growth and prospect awareness. When your internal resources can match the requirements of the campaigns created by this organization, the results can be spectacular.



Having a dashboard with access to more information would be helpful when working with this agency. The team makes up for this issue somewhat with their daily communication, but it is still useful to have an instant reference when trying to close a tough deal.



PPC campaigns and SEO can be a hit-or-miss process. Even the best professionals with the most experience in these areas can strikeout when the data suggests a different result should happen. If you have patience with their processes, the investment should eventually provide dividends to your brand and business.



It may take some time, but the flexibility of Lead Generation’s contracts and overall experience are assets that shouldn’t get ignored. If you need help with your whole marketing approach, this team from WebiMax is worth contacting.

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