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ClickFunnels Review: Does It Help Improve Conversion Rates?


Trying to sell stuff online can be a challenge. With over 200 million active websites out there and over 1 billion more that can compete with a message, product, or service, setting a brand apart from the competition must be a top priority.




When visitors finally start coming to a website, only one step of the journey is complete. Now the structure of the site must encourage that person to purchase what gets offered.


Even if sales happen, enough transactions must take place to ensure profitability.


All of these outcomes depend on the presence of a sales funnel. The effectiveness of this structure is what drives business profitability in the e-commerce era.



ClickFunnels is a software tool that teaches small business owners how to incorporate this process into a website to generate more conversions. It claims to change how a company gets run. Is it a helpful tool, or does it fall short of expectations?



How Does ClickFunnels Help Small Business Owners?



Russell Brunson created ClickFunnels in 2014 to help entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners learn how to create a better online sales process.



Over 100,000 active members have turned ClickFunnels into a $100 million per year business. It is a cloud-based website marketing platform that enables a company of any size to develop e-commerce, marketing, and consulting skills to generate more leads and sales.



The core product that this tool offers allows everyone to build a sales funnel. It teaches you how to create landing pages and squeeze content that reflect the messaging of your brand. This tool incorporates webinars, membership sites, and several additional processes that help anyone to upsell, downsell, and everything in-between.



If you decide to purchase ClickFunnels Platinum, then your business can replace its email service and start an affiliate program.



Advantages of Using ClickFunnels



Anyone can legitimately use ClickFunnels without having technical knowledge. If you know how to turn on a computer and start a browser, then you can use this tool to start a business, increase sales, or achieve other specific goals.



The selection of API integrations offered by ClickFunnels is its primary strength. The payment processors and autoresponders work reliably without being overly complicated to manage.



If you use WordPress for your website, then you can add ClickFunnels to your pages through its plugin. It saves a lot of time by centralizing everything you need to have an effective online presence. You get to manage CSS, hosting configurations, and clean URLs to your pages effortlessly.



The signature drag-and-drop builder is another advantage to consider. You can duplicate pages quickly, saving templates that can churn out fresh content with brand messaging in minutes. Once you get used to its mechanism, you’ll find that this signature ClickFunnels feature is worth the investment in this tool.



Businesses also have the option to use A/B testing with ClickFunnels. The process is simple: duplicate a page, make changes, and choose the traffic levels for each version.



Most small businesses can maximize the value of their investment with the starter plan. If you see more than 25,000 visitors per month or need at least 75 pages on your site, then upgrading to the Platinum version is an investment worth considering.



Disadvantages of ClickFunnels



The primary issue that most entrepreneurs face with ClickFunnels is its cost. Even at $97 per month, the cost of using this service can seem steep in the early stages of a startup. Platinum cost even more, and joining the ClickFunnels Collective could be an expense that is more than the monthly lease paid by some companies.



ClickFunnels members can get frustrated with the customer service provided. You can get answers to the basic questions that develop with the learning curve for this approach, but anything related to the advanced features at the higher subscription levels often needs VIP support.



Then there is the hype of ClickFunnels to consider. The people who use this tool can experience high levels of success. Many of the forums and social media pages get filled with proud posts about how much money gets made. Even many of the “impartial” reviews talk about how people make five figures per month without discussing the products or services that made that outcome possible in the first place.



If you like to have a consistent user experience, then the constant changes that ClickFunnels makes to its dashboard can be frustrating. Even though the platform is six years old, it can feel like the UX is still something being figured out.



How Does ClickFunnels Work?



The goal of ClickFunnels is to automate the entire sales process completely. Businesses maintain control at every stage of the purchasing journey while encouraging forward progress to a conversion with each page.


It is a fast, simple, and hassle-free way to improve a company’s marketing and SEO efforts.



Instead of creating a website with lots of pages to read or actions to take for visitors to navigate, ClickFunnels works to create a one-page structure. You create one opportunity from a single offer that calls people to action.



Instead of creating a complicated website that creates a temptation to leave, ClickFunnels puts the value proposition front-and-center for the visitor to review. That’s why many businesses of any size can see higher conversion rates from their marketing efforts.



Multiple actions are possible from that landing page. Depending on what a visitor decides to do, they can enter a sequence of messaging, purchase something, or go through a retargeting process that keeps a brand at the top of the mind.



The sales funnels that a business creates can also help to identify why specific products or services don’t perform as well as expected. Then you can repackage the offer through the drag-and-drop builder so that it has more opportunities to improve your bottom line.



What Is the Subscription Price of ClickFunnels?



Pricing can update at any time, which means you need to check the current structure of the program to see what is available.


At the time of review, the standard ClickFunnels program was priced at $97 per month. This package enables a business to build 20 funnels using the signature drag-and-drop style offered by this tool. You get to create 100 pages with each one, connect to three payment gateways, and connect to three domains.



Upgrading to ClickFunnels Platinum means that you get unlimited funnels and pages. You get to connect to nine payment gateways and nine domains with unlimited follow-up funnels. This package is $297 per month.



Businesses also have the opportunity to join the ClickFunnels Collective at $1,497 per month. This package also provides unlimited funnels and pages. The advantage of this investment is access to 27 payment gateways and domains. Customer service involves VIP phone support.


ClickFunnels offers a free trial, but a zero-cost version of the tool is not available.



The ClickFunnels Verdict



ClickFunnels is an investment. It requires entrepreneurs to put in a lot of sweat equity without a guarantee of success. From that perspective, it feels like any other business opportunity.



What stands out with this tool is its ability to simplify the creation process. Producing landing pages and squeeze content can take up a significant portion of your day. ClickFunnels makes it a lot easier to manage your outreach efforts to push visitors toward a conversion.



Although the cost profile might be challenging and advanced marketers might not need these tools, ClickFunnels is built for the entry-level entrepreneur, startup, or small business that must do more with limited resources. That’s why it is worth taking a look at the platform.


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