About Me

Hello and welcome to financial independent people. I am Denise T.. I am married and a mom of four. I am a very curious person who enjoys the investigative process. I recently graduated with a Masters degree in Business analytics which has helped perk up my curiosity especially as it pertains to online marketing. My goal in creating this website was to explore the world of affiliate marketing as a means of generating passive income.


When I started out, it was very confusing and there was not a lot of guidance. Nowadays, there is a lot of noise in terms of what to and what not to do as an online marketer. It can be very intimidating and difficult to sieve through the noise. I am here to help your fine the platforms that will help you excel as an online marketer. I am a regular mom and I strive to finding ways to work from home so as to spend more time with my kids. It is a working progress and has been very rewarding so far.


I am here to help you find legitimate programs that will help you make passive income online. I will also be working hard to help bring to light some of those programs that are scams. I hope this information will be helpful to you and make navigating online marketing a bit more pleasant and less confusing.


I want you to know that I believe in the saying ” Nothing good comes easy and if it seems too good to be true then it probably is a scam”. Keep that saying in mind as you browse the internet looking for work from home opportunities and other internet marketing opportunities. I will not promise you over night success, but I will make it clear to you right now that it takes dedication, patience and plenty of hard work to succeed in any business.


I am a successful entrepreneur thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. I crossed paths with Wealthy Affiliate after a near miss with a scam site. About seven years ago, I stumbled onto a make money program that promised quick money and easy work. In the course of investigating it, I learned the program was a scam from a review written by a Wealthy Affiliate member who then referred me to visit their website. I have learned so much from them and I attribute my success to them. I am an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate.

I can be reached with questions on my profile page at wealthy affiliate.