Work at home program scam

Business: work at home program


Owner: Bobbie Robinson

Skill level: none

Recommendation: Scam

Price: $ 77 if you get the $ 300 discount and the $ 20 exclusive offer.

This is a review of  Bobbie Robinson’s work at home program. I will try to give thorough review to help you determine whether to join the program or not. I will also give you an alternative to this program. So, please read to the end.

What is the work at home (WAH) program?

I found this site by searching the keywords “work at home jobs”. From the results that were displayed, I clicked on the second link (work at home jobs 2016) as shown below and landed on  a page  written by a certain Jason Goodman, talking about a certain Kim Swartz from Oklahoma city who claimed that she makes $7000-$8000 from the work at home program a month.

According to this guy, Kim’s story had been shown on all the important TV networks like CNN, FOX, ABC and USA today.

I investigated and couldn’t find any story on any of these TV websites about this Kim Swartz. This raised alarm bells in my head so I investigated further.


Now I remembered seeing the same picture (the one with a woman and child claiming to be Kim Swartz) on another quick money website.

On this other site, she had a different name and she was from Texas (I visited this site when I was in Dallas for the weekend. This scam sites are able to determine your location probably from the IP address of your computer, so as to make their case more compelling).

I smelled something fishy right there but out of curiosity, I decided to move along. I clicked on the link suggested by Mr Goodman and it took me to the work at home program website.

On this site, I immediately noticed how they made the effort to display the logo of renowned TV networks but failed to even display the name of their site on the home page (impressive), as shown in the image below..

This seemed to be some sort of an emotional appeal to make you drop your guard. Failed miserably for me should I say.

“Mind you that these logos have been used without permission and is a way of fooling you to fall for their quick money schemes”.

wah-scamI stayed and watch a seven minute video where a woman talked continuously about how she was going to show me her unique make money method, 100% legit for free.

So I though, if it is free I have got nothing to loose right? wrong the money part was still to come. So basically, the lesson that was supposed to show me how to make money was a never ending display of account  information, which according to her has made thousands of dollars for her (that went on for a while. Wow who won’t want to make all that money working just a couple of hours a day).

She had a point though that it will be nice to work from your couch and not have to deal with bosses and driving through hours of traffic just to go to work. She however, knew that people were desperate and had this desire and thus used it to lure unsuspecting people to her fast money scheme.

I believed it when she said she was making money; imagine all the unsuspecting people who put their hard earned money into this everyday!

I got bored with all the talk of how spots were limited and how I had to act fast. So I  decided to leave the page but Immediately got an offer to stay and watch the second video (initially, the first video explained that I had to join by giving them my name and my email address to get access to the second video).

So I watched a few minutes of the second video which congratulated me for joining the program (I didn’t join the program so this video was pre-recorded).


This second video was pretty much like the first and they offered me a $ 300 discount for the program. It went on and on about how I was going to make thousands of dollars in a blink of an eye.

I tried to leave again and this time I was offered an additional $ 20 on top of the $300 discount and told that this was an exclusive offer and I had to act that instant.

She even said not to waste time asking my spouse or anyone else about it (big red flag) and that I could pay the $ 77 with my credit card. I didn’t need help to know that this program screamed scam.

I managed to learn from these videos that this program was a link posting program. Link posting is the processes of copying a link and pasting it into forums, Facebook, twitter, and the likes, in the hope that someone will  click on it and join a program.

I wouldn’t have a problem with link posting if it actually worked but it doesn’t. I have never heard of a real person who have made money regularly by posting links.

Link posting is a form of advertising  that only works if you have an actual product or service for someone to buy. And since they have nothing but their program I was skeptical.

Then, the people who push this idea forward say you don’t need to have a website to do this. You can just work for them, posting their links and getting innocent people to fall for their scam.

But I am not the kind of person to refer something blindly. Before referring somebody to a place, you need to believe that, that person will gain something, learn something.

With this program, you will pay your hard earned money for a business strategy that doesn’t work and you will learn nothing (except how to scam people maybe).

You can’t make money over night except you win the lottery or come to some sort of inheritance.

To make money online and be your own boss, first you need you own website. This will be the platform where you will present to the world your product and services.

You can’t do it alone, you need help from people who know their way around the online marketing world.

If you are interested, check out wealthy affiliate; this is my # recommendation for people looking to work from home. Joining is free and they can help you build your first website for free. They will teach you what you need know to succeed online.

I hope this post was helpful. Thanks for reading to the end.

Please leave a comment.

Cheers Denise


  1. thanks alot I have been trying to find work at home for a while, and i did give into WAHprogram and paid 97.00 dollars to get started, to post links. your information was very helpful, direct, and to the point. I’m asking for my refund of 97.00 dollars right now.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I hope you get your refund back. You might be the first because I have not heard of anyone getting their refund back from the Wah program. I will be happy to be proven wrong this time.

    2. Try a company that has a little background behind it for WAH. I’ve done several work at home companies. Probably the easiest to get on with was SITEL (they do CS for lots of companies so it’s a call center job). Uhaul also does work from home agents in select states. As does Enterprise car rental.
      Good luck!

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