Is the computer ingenuity system a scam? My Review

In this review, I will explain to you why I think the computer ingenuity system is a scam. It is just like a dozen other work from home systems online and they all are advertised by


Clone websites


The computer ingenuity program is known buy many names, some of which are, the computer made simple program, the computer pilot program, the computer colleagues program and the computer associates program.


Do you see a trend? Check the images below and compare them to that of the computer ingenuity program and you will see what I mean.







Now tell me that this doesn’t freak you out?


False Alarm


If you have gone through the website, then you must have come to the page where they tell you to hurry and sign up for their program because if you don’t you will miss your chance.


Why? Well they say spots are limited and as soon as they fill up the spots, they will shut down the site.

Wait a minute, what? Did they say shut down the site? Scary isn’t it?


If they shut down the site, how are you going to get the training that will supposedly make you rich over night?


If you somehow manage to get some of the training, how will you get your money back if you don’t like it?

Do you see where I am going? So many questions and yet no answers.


Fake News


Many people come across this program through an ad by a fake news site known as This site is known for posting reviews about 3 top jobs online.


They list three jobs that are all the same, with the same number of Facebook likes and all claiming the same thing.


Whenever you click on the link that takes you to one of the programs, like the computer ingenuity system, you notice immediately how they have displayed the logos of popular TV networks like CNN, NBC and the likes.


They tell how they have been featured on all these news sites. They claim for this reason, they have become so popular and so their demand is high.


This is the reason they give for spots being limited. The truth however is that, none of their programs has been featured anywhere but on their fake news website.


How do I know this? Well do your due diligence and research them on any of these news sites they claimed to have been featured on.

If you find any such news about them, then you can call me a liar.


Desperate need for your money


If you visit their site and try to leave, a pop up will appear, asking you to stay. If you choose to stay, they will give you a discount and your fee will drop from the initial  $97 to a lower price.


If you try to leave yet again, they will offer you yet another discount to stay. They will keep doing this until they have dropped the price to $47.


Weird, isn’t it? Where have you ever seen this? This only says one thing, they are so desperate to hook you in.


Yes, you might think this is a one time fee but it is not. If you do not cancel your membership, they will charge your card every month.


Worst, once you pay the first fee, they will tell you that the secret level will only open if you pay even more. If you want to make money fast, you need to pay even more. Beware


Money back guaranteed Really? 


They claim to have an iron clad 60 days money back guaranteed. I really doubt that. They themselves say their website is going to shut down once they reach their target number.


Who is to say it will still be open when you want your money back? If they shut down, how are you going to have your money back?


Many people who have stumbled upon my reviews of one of their programs have complained about loosing hundreds of dollars before realizing they have been scammed.


Then as they start trying to get their money back, they can’t find the website online.


No Real owner


To guarantee that you are dealing with a true program or system, the best clue is in the owner.

When you get to the computer ingenuity website, you are told that a fake name is used for the owner in other to protect their privacy.


This is strange as, I don’t see Amazon the eCommerce giant using a fake name for their owner. Is his privacy not important?


I can only think of one reason why a website that promises to help people make money online will use fake names for its owners. It is probably a scam.

You do not want people coming after you if you were the owner of a scam.


Fake testimonials


I think by now, you can guest the reason they give for using fake names and images for their testimonial.


Yes, just like the owner, they claim they do this to protect the privacy of these people. Well I think it is BS.


If anyone is ready to testify to the legitimacy of a company, they shouldn’t have a problem using their real image and at least part of their real name.


Except of course these testimonials are fake and they are indeed. The images used are stock images. These images can be purchased online from stock image websites.


Funny thing is, they use the same images on almost all of their scams. They count on people not noticing but fail to realize that people like me will.


As I mentioned earlier, computer ingenuity is promoted by If you are patient and keep track of this website, check every now and then to see what they are promoting next. You will notice that it is another program exactly like this one.


Even if you stumbled on this review and the title is not the same as that of the program you are researching, know that the same thing applies.


Whether it is computer xyz program or computer abc program, as long as it is promoted by, it is probably a scam.


Bottom line


The Computer ingenuity system is in my opinion, a scam. What are you looking for online? A job or a business opportunity (affiliate marketing) ?


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    1. Hi Shuntika,
      You can find companies that offer work from home jobs in my post titled work home jobs for seniors. In this post, I list 100 jobs. You can visit the website of these companies and check the job requirements. If you qualify, you can apply for them.

  2. No matter What I look up someone says its a scam or its fake or I should not trust this or that or any dam thing I look for! so you tell me whats freaking for real! 74 hours no sleep and cant make any lead way becuase no matter how hard I work or try I cant win

    1. Hi Chris,
      I know the feeling but do not be discouraged. Everything is not fake. I did mention at the end of my review that you could read my post tittle work home jobs for seniors, to get access to a list of the top 100 work from home jobs.

      If you will rather learn how to run your own affiliate marketing business online, then you can check out Wealthy affiliate. They offer a free membership and you can learn a lot about the different ways to make money online.

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