Computers made simple scam review 2018

I came across this program in an ad. Like many schemes out there, the author made a lot of promises that seemed too good to be true.

According o the intro video, computers made simple is supposedly owned by Brenda Adams. It promises to help its members make about $379 a day or more.


According to this author, it won’t take long; you can start making money right away when you join.

In my review of computers made simple; I will describe the program as objectively as I can so you can decide by the end of this post whether it is a scam or a legit program.


What is computers made simple all about?


Computers made simple is an online education program that is supposed to teach its members how to make money online.

It charges a fee of $97 to join and says its members will begin to make money right away when they join this program.


According to owner Brenda Adams, members will make at least $379 a day at the start.


Main features of the computers made simple program


Limited Positions


When you get to the main page of this program, they make it clear to you that the program has gathered a lot of popularity and thus positions are limited.

In some instances, they will tell you congratulations, there are positions left in your area. Implying that there is scarcity of positions.They will even say sometimes that just 9 positions are available.


If you leave and come back a day or two after, the story will be exactly the same. There will still be positions left in your area.

I wonder then how popular they are.



Limited time


Another feature of this program is the fact that they tell you that time is limited.

They tell you to act fast or loose your position. Then every time you try to leave, they give you a discount.

This feature is troubling because No credible program will beg you to join their program that much.


Especially when they say positions are limited and time is also limited.

I think it will be better for them to let people take the time to decide before joining such a so called lucrative program.


No trial membership


Computers made simple does not offer a trial period. You have to pay right away to be a member.

They say they have a 60 day iron clad money back guarantee which to me is not enough.

If they believe so much in their program, it won’t hurt to give members at least a 7 day trail period like many programs do.


During this trial time, people can browse through the program and see for themselves if it is worth it.

Copy catty 


This program is exactly the same with a dozen other programs that are named similarly.

Some of those programs are, Computers made easy, computer geeks, computer technical guys and computer experts online.














The home pages of all these programs are exactly the same. The only difference are the names.

They all also promise exactly the same thing and have exactly the same story of the day everything changed.


Some of these programs try to make it look like they are owned by a completely different person.

Very weird indeed.


Fake news


Computers made simple like all the other programs like it use a lot of fake news.

When you get to the home page, you will see how they have made such a huge effort to list about 5 well known TV networks.

Among the networks listed are CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox news and USA today. They claim that they have been featured on all of these TV networks.


This they say accounts for their increase in popularity.

However, this claim is not true as I couldn’t find any news about them on any of these networks.

I tried a variety of keywords related to Computers made simple and nothing came up.

Anyone who takes the claim to heart without investigating will think this program is legitimate.


The thought will be that, “if any of these TV networks have featured computers made simple, then they must be legit”.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Computers made simple uses these logos without permission.


Even if these networks were to complain about it, nothing will really happen because they can just change their name to yet another program and keep doing the same thing.

The life span of these programs are very short and their real owners are never know.


Fake owners and testimonials


There are a lot of fake testimonials related to this program and other programs like it.

Remember when I said there where about a dozen other programs exactly like this one except for the names and owners?


Well I was not kidding. While the names of the programs change, the testimonials remain the same for all these programs.

Now ask yourself, how can the same person claim exactly the same thing about a dozen programs.


It is because first the said testimonial is lie and the person supposedly making it is not real.

The pictures that accompany these testimonials are stock photos. These stock photos are sold online to anyone who wants them.


So do not be surprised when you see a familiar photo on more that one website.

This brings me to the owners of this program. In this one the owner is supposed to be a beautiful blond named Brenda Adams.


This same blonde has about a dozen different names as you go from one program to the other. One of these names is Linda Taylor in the computer technical guys program.

Talk about identity issues (you will think these people will have the sense to change images as they build these multiple scam sites)!


Bottom line


I have seen dozens of these programs online promising people over night riches.

Most, if not all of these programs are scams and computers made simple is not different.

They do not offer any real value in my opinion.


If you must try it, make sure to use a gift card as you will be charged monthly fees for the membership if you do not cancel.

Even if you cancel, there is no guarantee that you won’t be fraudulently charged.

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