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If you are here today, you must have comb online looking to see if there are any complaints about wealthy affiliate.   You must have noticed that they are hard to find. This is because Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate program that teaches people how to make money online and many people has benefited from it.


This however does not mean that Wealthy affiliate does not have a negative side. As you must know from experience, there is no such thing as a perfect program.


This post will list the main complaints people make about wealthy affiliate. Without further ado, lets begin with the most popular complain about Wealthy Affiliate, the price and then proceed to explain other complaints.




This is by far the biggest complaint about Wealthy affiliate.  They charges a monthly fee of $49 to its premium members. This amounts provides members with a plethora of features like lessons (written and video), hosting for up to 50 website, access to a domain purchase platform, website builder platform, content platform, comment platform, feedback platform and more.


Many people go online looking for a way to make money when they are broke so many cannot afford to pay this monthly fee so wealthy affiliate allow such members to join for free.


With this free membership, you have complete access to the program for the  1st seven days then you are limited to the free features only. The free feature include about 10 lessons on how to start an online business and access to build up to 2 free siterubix websites.


The free feature is for beginners but as you gain knowledge in online marketing, you need to upgrade and in my opinion it is well worth it. It is cheaper when you pay the yearly membership which breaks down to about $30 a month.

If you are lucky to join during the black Friday period, you can pay the yearly membership for about $299, this breaks down to about $25 a month.


Some members make no money


Another complaint  about Wealthy affiliate is the fact that many members don’t make money. This is true with any business online. There is never going to be a 100% success rate.


The reason some people do so well while others don’t is simply in the kind of business people choose to run and how hard they work and how dedicated they are.


There are many lucrative businesses you can start with. The key is to choose a niche with little competition and a good amount of traffic to begin with.


If you for example choose a niche related to deep sea poker, then I am pretty sure you won’t make any money with it but if you on the other hand choose a niche in the health industry, like in the health and fitness department, there is a good chance that you will make money with it.


Wealthy affiliate will not choose your business type for you. They only give you the lessons and it is up to you to apply them.


Some people join wealthy affiliate thinking that it is going to be fast and easy to make money. They soon learn that it takes hard work and patience and they get disappointed. In as much as we as humans want things to be easy,it is usually not. The saying goes, nothing good comes easy.


If you find a successful entrepreneur and ask them how they did it?, they will tell you stories of late nights, sweats and failures. But the thing that makes them succeed is the fact that they don’t just give up, they keep on trying because success is when you learn from your failures.


There is a lot of hype at wealthy affiliate


I agree with this complaint . Some members at wealthy affiliate makes it sound like a fairy tale. When I joined, I learned from a member that it was only going to take me weeks to start making money. Four months later, I had only made a couple of dollars and I was frustrated.


What this member failed to tell me was that as a new member with little or no idea about online marketing, it could take up to a year before I made good money. The learning curve is huge and until you learn what you need to know, you will not make money.


Think of it as going to college, you don’t start making money until you graduate. When you join wealthy affiliate, the owners insist that you take the certification courses and apply them as you learn because you will need this knowledge to run your business successfully.


Today, when I start a new website, it usually take it a couple of weeks to start making money because I know exactly what to do and how to go about it.


It is hard to find a program where your hand will be held the whole way through. Those that claim to do this charge about $500 or more a month and I have no idea if they work as I have never joined any.

So, as I said earlier, it takes hard work and patience to succeed.


Wealthy Affiliate is not a job


Many people confuse wealthy affiliate for a job but it is not. A job is something you do under a boss for a certain pay at the end of a week or two.


Wealthy affiliate is a business opportunity. By this, I mean it is a chance for you to start a business of your own online. Pretend you wanted to start a retail business but instead of finding a physical structure and buying supplies to start, you go online instead an build a store.


This is what you learn to do at Wealthy affiliate. When you decided to join, you decide to become your own boss. So if you want to start work at 5 in the morning or sleep in and start at noon, it is up to you.


Your decisions through the course of setting up your business will determine how successful you become.


Wealthy affiliate can be overwhelming for newbies 


This is true for any if not all online businesses. When you star, there is so much to learn and apply. You do things and undo them several times before getting them right.

Then you need to socialize, especially with experienced entrepreneurs so you can learn from them and get help from them as much as possible.


The process of setting up your first business is stressful for many, especially those who are in a hurry to make money. You need to register your domain name, then build your website, then register it on google and several search engines.


After that, you need to write content, publish it and advertise on a variety of social media.

However,as you get into your routine, you soon learn to relax and enjoy it all.

At wealthy affiliate, the training is task oriented and they emphasize on the importance of completing a task before moving on to a new lesson.


Many people tend to skip ahead only to find out at a later date that it was not worth the rush.


Inadequate guidance with regards to niche selection 


As I mentioned earlier, you choose your niche to start business in; wealthy affiliate does not do it for you. This for me is my favorite complaint.


When I started, I was so excited to build my first website and within weeks of joining, that dream came true but it was a mistake. Why? Because I chose the wrong niche to start in.


You see, your success is dependent on the niche you choose to go into. If you choose a niche with extremely high competition as I did, you will have a hard time making money.

If you choose your niche right, you will be able to work less but make more faster.


I spent six months working on a niche that was ultra competitive. When I realized it, I was upset but I was not ready to call it quits, I did a thorough research and found another niche that was less competitive and within a month, I was making money.


I learned a lot from my mistake but I felt like wealthy affiliate should have done more in guiding me towards a lucrative niche since I was a premium member.

I however blame myself too because as an introvert, I asked little to no questions. If I had been asking questions like the other members, it will have saved me a lot of wasted time and effort.


Wealthy affiliate has since then made some updates to their training. Its better now.


Wealthy Affiliate’s no spam policy


I personally do not have a complaint with this policy but some members do; especially those who have been penalized. The owners frown on spamming and encourage people to only blog about things that will benefit members.


To enforce this rule, they have a spam button and if your Wealthy affiliate blog gets 10 spam reports, you will loose your writing privileges for sometime. Many people feel they have been negatively targeted by other members who just plain hate them.


I have been writing blogs at WA since I joined and I have not been reported yet. Some changes have been made at WA so maybe things will be better and only real spammers will have their writing privileges revoked.

Now that I have listed the bad reviews of wealthy affiliate, let me give you a brief history of this program below.


Wealthy Affiliate is not legit


I left this for last because of all the complaints I have heard about wealthy affiliate, this one is an outright lie. This complaint is usually used by their competition in order to draw people to them and it is outright sad.


Wealthy Affiliate has been so successful that it has left most if not all of the competition in the dust. They are the cheapest but yet offer the most value for the money.


At wealthy affiliate, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden charges and there are no up sells. They have an aggressive advertising and business model but that is not a crime.


The online world is very competitive and if you do not fight as hell to keep your head above water, you will drown.


As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate has been around for a while and it continues to grow. You can become a member today for free and begin your way to financial freedom. Below is a summary of how wealthy affiliate works,


Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate today.

Cheers Denise

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