review; Legit or scam? is a website that writes reviews for make money from home programs.

They have popular ads on most major search engines related to work from home jobs.

Their most popular ad is the ‘top 3’ work at home jobs. In this ad, they usually feature three work at home jobs and write brief reviews about them.

Currently, the top three work at home programs they are promoting is Computer academy, you ready and secure web orders.

These top three websites always change. However, the only thing that changes are the names; the websites, owner, testimonial and stories remain exactly the same. 

By the time you read this, there might be three new websites listed. Do not let it fool you.


On their landing page, claims that these three work from home jobs are life savers.

They claim that these jobs will make people who join easy and fast money.

It is my opinion that the website is a scam site and below are my reasons why.


Static statistics


I have been monitoring this website for years now. I have noticed through the years how they have consistently recommend sites that are clones of each other.

Their reviews usually stay the same with only the name of the website changing.

For example, the review they have currently for Computer academy is exactly the same review they had months ago for secure job positions.

That is not the only problem. Years after years, their Facebook likes have not changed. It is usually 1547 likes for all of the programs they review.


False claims


Something I have noticed through the years is how they claim that all these programs have been featured on MS-NBC, CNN, ABC, USA today and BBC.

I made it a mission to investigate these programs because I had been asked by several readers to years ago.

I browse the websites of the TV networks listed above. I typed the names of these programs and was unable to find any information to substantiate their claims.

What I noticed was how the names of these programs kept changing but the landing pages to the various website never changed.

It’s like this static thing that continues to say the same lie over and over again but makes it look new simply by changing its name.


Use of urgency

A typical feature of this website and all the programs they review is the use of urgency.

You can’t go through the website without learning how scarce the job opportunities are.

They urge you to act fast or lose your position. Sometimes they even go as far as telling you that the website will not be available after they have received a certain number of applications.

This  alone  is  scary  because if the website  shuts down  as they  say then how  will their members  contact them for  support?

They tell you, how lucky you are to have found such a golden opportunity. In some instances, some of the programs tell you not to waste time asking your spouses opinion.

Just join and you will be happy you did they say.

To me, all these screams scam so loud it’s  unbelievable that many people fall for it.


Use of stock photos


All the pictures of people/families they display on their landing page are stock photos. They have used some of these images repeatedly on several different programs.

Every time they review a program, they use some of these images an claim it is so and so person from so and so place.

Then the next time they use it, that image becomes a whole different person from a whole different place.

They know how to use emotional appeal to get people to fall for their scams. They tell stories about single moms and humble dads making ends meet with their program.

You will always see images of families, especially single moms with young children. The images are easy to relate to and thus make people let their guards down.


No real work gives people the impression that what they offer is a job but it is not. The fact that they ask you to pay to join should be a warning sign.

You should never have to pay to get a job. Employers are responsible for shouldering the hiring expenses.

If these programs are jobs, then they are terrible because up to when you pay to join the program, you will not be sure of what you will be doing to make money.

Why all the charade. They should tell people that this is a business opportunity like any other that you can either succeed or fail.

To join most of the programs they review, you have to pay a fee of between $37 and $97 and in some cases, it is reoccurring (if you do not terminate your membership).


Bad internet marketing techniques


If you are lucky, you will be taught by the best of these scams, how to paste links.

Link posting is by far the worst way to try and make money online. It is the practice of spamming sites like Facebook and twitter with tons of links in the hope that someone will click on it and join a program.

By doing this, you offer no real value for the person clicking on the link. You fool them into joining something they won’t make a dime out of.


Bottom line


I have been an online marketer long enough to know that no online business opportunity can make you rich over night.

To succeed online, you need to learn the techniques and apply them diligently. After that you have to continue to nurture your business until you start making money.

All this takes time. People with the quick money mind set will fall prey to scams because they want money now which is not real.

  • If you are serious about learning how to make money online
  • If you are ready to learn
  • If you are ready to work hard
  • If you are going to be patient

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