Four percent challenge scam

Program; four percent challenge
Owner; Vick Strizheus
Price: $1 for 7 days then $49 a month + upsells


In this review of the ‘four percent challenge program’, I will explain what it is all about.
I will give you details you need in order to make an informed decision.

What is the four percent challenge program all about?


Four percent challenge is a program introduced to the world by Vick Strizheus.
Vick Strizheus has been a popular online entrepreneur since 2005.
In this program, he claims  that he will mentor you and boost your confidence and revenue from zero to at least $10,000.
This program is divided into 3 levels; it is a step by step learning process.


Lessons are provided daily in video format.
This program has a business model that is centered around building an email list and marketing to the people on that list.
They pay close attention to topics related to traffic generation.
They show you how to pick the right products, how to track your sales, and what business tools you will need to succeed in this type of business.

Who is the four percent challenge suitable for?

According to Vick Strizheus, anyone who wants to boost their revenue can take the challenge.
The motive behind the Four Percent Challenge as he says is to create a ‘GOOD LIFE’. It enables individuals to learn things related to business and life.

How do you join the four percent challenge program?

To join, you need to create an account on their website. They will require a valid credit card which they will check by charging you $1 for the first 7 days.
During these 7 days, you will have complete access to the features and lessons of the pro level.
After creating your account, you need to log in and activate the challenge.


This will give you access to a step by step training course. You will receive one video to watch a day.
These videos will, according to Vick, tell you what to do everyday as a guide towards reaching you challenge.


Levels of the four percent challenge 

There are three levels to this program
  1. Level 1- the $10,000 challenge
  2. Level 2- the $100,000 challenge
  3. Level 3- the 1,000,000 challenge
In these levels. they offer lessons on the following topics.
  • How to make $5,000+ per month within 30-60 days
  • How to Earn 50% Commissions
  • How to improve Internet Marketing
  • How to Build Your Lists and Generate Instant Traffic
  • Blueprints for Generating 6-figure Wealth
  • 24/7 Access to Vick’s VIP Training and Webinars
  • Limitless Instructional Videos & Audio Recordings


The cost of joining the four percent challenge program


Below is a break down of the fees you will have to pay to participate fully in all the levels of this program;
  • $1 for the first 7 days of joining
  • $49 every month after the first 7 days
  • Between $15 – $150 a month for an email marketing auto-responder
  • $97 a month towards clickfunnels for building landing pages
  • $12-$97 a month for click magick to help track where your clicks and sales are coming from.
  • $10-$15/year for your domain name
  • $10-$50 a month for hosting your website


Can you make money with the four percent challenge program?

Yes you can, if you know what you are doing.
Before you get to the point where you are confident in your ability to make money, you will have to invest in the program for several months.


When you start making money, you will need to generate many sales in order to break even.
Only then can you actually begin to make money with the four percent challenge program.
It is however not a guarantee that you will ever make enough money to break even.


Is the four percent challenge a scam?

No, this program is legit. They offer lessons and their methods are current.
It just takes a lot of handwork and money in order to break even in this business model.
Many newcomers in online marketing have little to spend so a program like this is usually not suitable for them.
People with enough greens to spend can make it in this program if they are patient.
Most of the people promoting this program are still in level 1; even those who have been members for two years.
So, you need to realize that this is not a fast money scheme.


My personal opinion

I don’t like this business model because it focuses a lot on building an email list and getting people to enroll in it.
I believe that an email list should be used to offer some value to people.


For example, if you have an e-commerce business that offers certain services or sell products to people; you can build an email list to inform your customers when you update your stock or have a new service to offer.
The way this program teaches email marketing is almost like spamming.
This kind of practice is frowned upon and is a good way to loose customers.


Bottom line

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