Computer academy REVIEW; Legit or scam?

Program: Computer Academy

Owner: Unknown

Price: Depends on what stage you join


I have written many reviews and have come to a point where it is very easy for me to determine whether a program is legit or not.

In this review of computer academy, I will point out features of the program that will let you deter mine whether or not you want to join it.

I will like to tell you up front that I think this program is a scam and below are my reasons;

False media claims

The very first thing I noticed when I got to the home page of computer academy was how they claimed to have been featured on CNN, FOX new, ABC, NBC and USA today.

This is a red flag because I searched the websites of all of the TV net works listed above and I couldn’t find any information to verify their claim.

I did further research and learned that, the use of TV logos like this is a popular scam method. This method works so well because people believe that, if any of these TV networks acknowledge such a program then it must be legit.

What people fail to realize is that these logos are used without permission. Websites like these pop daily on the internet and by the time anyone catches on to them, they disappear.

False job claims and use of urgency

This website claims that jobs are limited and that you need to act fast or lose your position.

This kind of statement worries me because, first you should never have to pay to get a job. Real jobs are those that are provided by and employer and they are responsible for all the hiring expenses.

This computer academy sounds more like a bad business opportunity. Since you have to pay to get in. I call it bad business because they make you think its a job and that you will start making money fast.

They say you have nothing to loose and that if you don’t make money, you will get your fee back. The truth is you got a lot to loose.

You will loose your time and energy then more. When you join, you will need to give some basic information which they can then use to squeeze more money out of you.

No fix fee

When you get to the home page, you will learn that it cost $99 to join. Then as you try to leave the page, a pop up appears and ask you to stay. If you oblige, you will be offered a discount.

This will repeat itself every time you try to leave till you only have to pay $67 to join.

If you join, you will need to give them a valid credit card and they can withdraw money monthly from it as fee if you do not cancel your membership.

They fail to make a disclosure of all this information in a way that is easy to find. You need to go deeper into the website to find it.

Bottom line

If you like to try things and see for yourself, I will advice you to use a gift card to register. I am pretty sure when you do, you will realize that this program is a scam.

The home page is not different from those of several dozen scam programs I have reviewed. They all list several TV networks and claim that work is available but limited.

They fail to tell you what you will be doing to make money. All they say is; you will make real money fast, you will be your own boss.

They know these are things everyone want in their lives.

Life however is not a bed of roses. I have been in online marketing for several years now and I know of no such program that will start making you money over night.

If you are serious about learning how to make money online, click here. It is free to join.

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