Computer Colleagues review; scam or legit?

Program: Computer colleagues


Price: $97 to start 


Computer colleagues is a program that claims to be the #1 choice for success online. In this review, we are going to determine whether this program is a scam or legit.


Features of this program


  1. They claim to have been featured on CNN, NBC,ABC, USA today and Fox news.
  2. They say you can start working from the comfort of your home in 5 minute
  3. You need no prior experience or skills
  4. You will be your own boss and chose your own hours
  5. Spots are limited; you need to check for availability
  6. In order to check for availability, you need to give them your phone number, names and email address

What does this program offer?


This program is supposed to be some sort of affiliate marketing education platform. They talk about using links to get people to buy a product.

However, they only teach their members how to post their links. This way, many more people can join the program and do the same.


This is how they make money.


Is this program worth it?


I will say no and this is why;

  1. They try to look like an affiliate marketing program but they don’t teach their members any marketing techniques that will help them make money independently.
  2. They say spots are limited but that can’t be true, especially if we are talking about affiliate marketing.
  3. They say they are so popular because they have been feature on the major TV networks in the United states. Yet, I couldn’t find any information to support this claim on any of the networks they listed.
  4. They say their affiliate marketing technique will help members make thousands by simply posting a few links a day. That is not true, especially when you do not have a website of your own.

Red flags about this program


There are many red-flags. Below are the main ones;

  1. They hide the identity of the owner and those of the people making testimonies. This is a big problem; with no real face to the program, you have no one to hold responsible if it is a scam.
  2. They make false claims like the one about being featured on some of the major TV networks in the United states
  3. They also make false claims about income; claiming that you can make thousands by posting a few links. Then they go around in their disclaimer and say it is not guaranteed that you will make money.
  4. This program looks exactly like a hundred others online; namely computer made simple, computer technical guys, computer journey, computer associates, computer experts online, computer academe and many more. They all make the same claims and the websites are exact clones of each other.

What are you looking for online; a job or a business opportunity?


You should ask yourselves  the question above. There is a difference between these two categories.

A job online is like any traditional brick and mortar job where you are hired by a company to work from home and paid for your services weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or depending on your terms of hire.


If you are looking for a job, read my post about the top 100 companies that offer legitimate telecommunication jobs.  You can also browse my website for other post related to this.

The other part is an online business opportunity. This is like a regular brick and mortar business where you aim at building a business online and go through all the stages like naming it, presenting it to the world and then making money.


Computer colleagues is a business opportunity, not a job. First it requires you to pay to participate; with jobs, the employer usually shoulders the hiring expenses.

Second, it stated in their disclaimer that there is no guarantee that you will make money. This is only true for business opportunity.


If you came across computer colleagues because you were looking for a business opportunity, you probably went to the wrong place.

You have a very low chance of succeeding with them because they teach you little or nothing about online marketing.


Online business opportunities


There are many online business opportunities you can begin in. The most popular and easiest of them is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you refer people to buy a product or service owned by another person/company. When the people you refer buy these products, you get paid a percentage as commission.


If you are good at this, you can make good passive income online.

Before you start, it is important to learn at least the basics.

Even after you have learned the basics, you need to learn expert techniques if you are going to succeed in the highly competitive business world.


A good place to start is Wealthy Affiliate. This is an education platform that teaches people about affiliate marketing. It is free to join as a starter member.

They have premium membership for $49 a month for people who are ready to take their business to the next level. Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate for free.


  1. I paid 3 seprarte incriments of $97, $37 and $27 totalling $164
    and expected to recieve mentoring to start earning. I was then told
    I needed to pay an additional $300. Totally misleading and so
    because of this I demand a prompt refund of $164 p[ease.

    1. I don’t know how you can get your money back from these people. I will advise you to suspend the card you use in paying them. This way they can’t charge you any more money. Hopefully, someone who has gotten their money back will leave a comment on how it is done.

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