Anthony morrison program scam

What is the Anthony Morrison Internet Marketing Program?

Product name: Success With Anthony

Price: $3995 for the seminar; $19.95 for the book

Owner(s): Anthony Morrison


Websites:,,,, and more..


Anthony Morrison is one of internet’s and television’s most well known internet marketing gurus.

According to his bio on, he is a “self taught internet mogul” who “launched his first business in 2005, when he was just 21 years old.”


Morrison is known for his late night infomercials and his nationwide business tours.

He has published two books “The Hidden Millionaire” and “Advertising Profits from Home”.

Success with Anthony Morrison Program offers tips and tricks on how to increase traffic on your website.


According to his website, he has started eight different successful businesses in a period of only 6 years.

His program includes a plethora of books, DVDs, courses, software, coaching and seminars.

Below is a run down of the program


Anthony Morrison’s Books, DVDs courses, software, Coaching and seminars




  • Inbox Inner Circle: This training course is designed for beginners who want to build their own email marketing business.
  • Email Domination: This provides members with a software and training to learn more about email marketing. The training is a step by step blueprint in addition to a wizard for sending emails that go directly to the inbox and not spam.
  • Fan Page Domination: This training course is aimed at teaching members about making money via Facebook by using free fan pages to generate traffic. This is a step by step course which promises to teach members how to generate subscribers fast.

There are many more courses which I will list later in this review. 



  • Marketer Software: This is a software that grants access to multiple software in the program. Some of the software accessed via this main software are the traffic generation software, option form software, list building software and many more.
  • MobileOptin: This software aimed at targeting mobile traffic. It is useful in building lead generation pages to capture the email addresses of visitors using a mobile phone.
  • BuildRedirects: This piece of software is useful in managing your traffic in some simple steps.

Seminars and Coaching 


His seminars are advertised as free but that is far from the truth. Only the introductory part of the seminars are free.

When they start going deep in to topics like lead generation, you will be required to pay a substantial amount to continue.


Lead generation is a great business technique but the price tag for it in the Anthony Morrison program is very high.

The cost of receiving actual training for this program has been reported at up to $3,995.00 with a continuing monthly charge of $19.95 for website hosting and maintenance.


This price tag and all the discrepancies in the fees charged for the multitudes of programs and software actually led to an investigation into his program  by CBS News in Atlanta in 2009.

Anthony Morrison’s coaching program can range in price from $1000 up to $35,000.


Books and DVDs


His books are a lot cheaper than the seminars. They cover information about popular make money techniques. Most of the information however, can be found on the internet for free.

Some of the books and DVDs are listed below,

The Hidden Millionaire $29.95,

Advertising Profits From Home $19.95

Automated Profits From Home $19.95

Three Steps To Fast Profits DVD 49 cents

Mastery Level Education DVD $4.69

Fast Track Commissions (Adrian Morrison) 19.95

Social Media Profits From Your Home (Adrian Morrison) 19.95

As mention earlier, most of these information you can find online for free. Any new information in his books are mainly his opinion about the make money industry.


Why is the Anthony Morrison Program so controversial?


The first reason is the hype it gives people. Many people come across this program via his late night infomercials.

In these infomercials, people are encouraged to buy his DVD and books for a discount. 


Many people do this and watch the videos and read the books. After doing this, they are pumped up with false hope.

They join the program and start an Affiliate marketing business. Then they realize they don’t know what they are doing.


This is when they call the Anthony Morrison support line for help. They are met with upsells at every turn.

They are told if you want to succeed, you need to buy into this program, or this software, or this seminar, or this coaching and so on.


They are set to believe that affiliate marketing is the key to millions and it is so easy to do it.

Some people buy into all of this till they can buy no more.

As time passes, many people begin to realize that there is more to it than what the DVDs and books told them.


All the time and energy wasted.

Anthony Morrison is very good at what he does. He knows emotional appeal.

He often tell this story on his website, in his books and seminars.


“My heart sank into my stomach and my mouth went dry when she told me. I remember the sun was going down outside the window of my dorm room, and I had just gotten back from playing ball. I gripped the phone tighter unable to believe what my mom was telling me…..”


This is the start of a story that supposedly happened when he was in college where he learned from his mom that the stock market had crashed and his family had lost everything.

With this story and many others, he is able to make people relate to him, especially those who find themselves in desperate situations.


His money making lessons are somewhat legit. The only problems are the hype and the high price tag; especially for information you can get online for free.


Chaos 101


There is a lot of discrepancies in this program that no one can actually say they know it inside out.

The number of paid courses, DVDs, software, seminars and programs are so many to keep track of.

Below is a list of some of the paid items,


  • AdWords Course $3995 + $20 a month
  • Affiliate Program Course $2000 to $3000
  • Auto Traffic Accelerator VIP $97
  • Building Email Lists $397
  • Success In 365 days $497
  • CPV Domination $997
  • AdWords Mastery Course $29.95
  • Facebook Page Secrets $29.95
  • SEO Genius $29.95
  • Mastery Level Marketing System $197
  • Domain Name Training $79.95
  • Fast Cash Commissions $2697
  • Miracle Traffic Bot 3 in 1 Premium Software $797
  • Top Ranking Genius Bootcamp $197


The list goes on,


  • Advertising Profits From Home System $1995
  • Inner Circle with Instant Access $497
  • Elite Product Creation $29.95
  • CPV/PPV Course $29.95
  • Secret Fiverr Strategies Course $29.95
  • The Digital Product Factory $278.45
  • Inbox Inner Circle: $77
  • Email Domination: $1,497
  • Fan Page Domination: $1,997


The list above is just a tip of the iceberg. Almost all of the programs listed above are armed to the teeth with upsells.


Bottom line

I hate to be the bearer of bad news and sound like a broken record. Anthony Morrison’s program is like a massive jigsaw puzzle. Affiliate marketing is already a puzzle on its own


Online education programs should simplify the process, not complicate it. I’m sorry to tell you that, you will spend more time trying to figure the puzzle in this program than making money.


There are many programs online that can help teach you affiliate marketing in a simple non complicated way; Programs that will charge one monthly fee with no upsells.


Some of these programs have fee membership for beginners. The worst thing you want to do is rush into a program before you know it is safe.

You can check out popular programs like Affillorama and wealthy affiliate to learn all you need to know about affiliate marketing.


With wealthy affiliate for example, you can join for free membership for as long as you want. When you are ready to take your business to the next level, you can upgrade to the premium membership for a monthly fee of $49 (no upsells).



  1. Denise,
    I am still working on my first website, adding content, training etc. I was reviewing some review sites and saw yours. Not sure if I am following you at WA. Love to chat anytime. Great review!
    Bill Cope

    1. Thanks William,
      I try to do my best. There are so many programs out there that need reviewing. Congrats on your new site.

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