Melissa johnson work home program; Scam or Legit?

Lately, there has been many ads online about the Melissa Johnson work home blog.

Many readers have come across it and want to know if the Melissa Johnson Wah program is legit or a scam.


From one of the popular ads post, the supposed writer, Amanda Winston, claims that Melissa Johnson filled out a simple online form and before she new it, she had discovered the secret to beating the recession.

According to Amanda, Melissa Johnson has a popular blog in which she claims to make between 12,500-13,500 a month.


She even shows a check showing this claimed income. Below is an image of the said check.




First thing I noticed is that this check is from 2014. Why are they showing a check from 2014 for an add making claims in 2018.

Furthermore, there is no way of proving that this check is even real.


Finally, this exact same check has been used multiple times. The first time I saw it, it was supposedly written for a Mary Stevens as shown in the image below.



Subsequently, it was written for an Angela Bussio and then a Mary Kate Moore.

This to me is fishy. 

Anyway, Amanda claims that Melissa was not interested in get rich quick schemes and pyramid schemes.


She claims that with the help of a simple direct online kit, Melissa was able to provide for her family.

No details are giving about this said online kit. You are left to fill in the gaps with your imagination.

This is very dangerous as desperate people do this and believe that this is the program they have been looking for all their lives.


This online kit she says cost a small fee; just a few dollars and can help you make thousands of dollars in a matter of week (too good to be true).

Why are they not using this kit to make thousands for themselves? Why are they trying so hard to get someone else to use it? 


According to Amanda, all you need is basic computer knowledge. You don’t need to sell or buy anything.

In fact, she says companies will hire and you will make big money for doing this (she does not elaborate on what this is).


She goes further to claim that you will work with companies like google, Amazon, Walmart, Apple….(if this was true, then you could just go straight to this companies and get the job).

Finally, she explains that the program that helped Melissa Johnson make it out of the recession is the WAH program.


She encourages raders to click on the link and apply for the program (I’m curious so I obliged).

After clicking on the link, I found myself on a familiar page.

I have been to this page before and that time, I had click on a link by yet another person who claimed similar things as you have read above.


That time, it was the Angela Bussio Wah program. (click the link to see my review of that program and also see how deceptive it is).


Features of the Melissa Johnson Wah program


Link posting


This program is a link posting scam. They teach you to post fishy links on sites like Facebook, Google ads, twitter, pinterest and the likes.

These links are supposed to take people back to their website where they will tell them exactly what they told you and get them to post links too.


They know that it will take lots of links for them to make money as for every 100 people who visit their site, 2 will join the program. So they use people like you to do the dirty work for them.

By the time you realize this and back out, you would have posted many links for them and this will help them scam even more people.


Many people don’t go back to take down the links they posted and those who try do not succeed to take them all down.


When you join this program, you give them personal information which can be used for money.

They can sell your information to the best bidder and you will be swamped with junk mail and unnecessary phone calls.


False claims


You will see the false claim that this program has been featured on TV networks like NBC,CNN,ABC and USA today.

They even go further to claim that this has led to a lot of popularity for them which has made spots limited for this program as people are fighting to join.

Well, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.


First, people are not fighting to join; if they were, these people won’t need to post ads about the program on google and all other search engines as they do.

Try searching on CNN,ABC or  NBC  and see if you will find any news whatsoever about this program.

I did this search for hours and found nothing. The claim they made about being featured on these TV networks is a big fat lie.


Repeated pop ups


Something that bogs me about this program is how you get all these pop ups asking you to stay and get a discount, every time you try to leave the page.

I kept trying to leave and my fee was reduce from $97 to $47. This is weird for a company that claims to help people make thousands a month.


Why are they so desperate for you to pay them a few dollars just to be their member when they know the tricks to making thousands in just months?


False income and urgency

The claim that you can make thousands of dollars a month, selling and buying nothing, from the comfort of your home, with little or no experience and just basic computer skills is mind boggling.

They say if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is!


You will learn the moment you land on their home page that spots are limited. By stating this, they create a false sense of urgency and make you feel like you have to act now.

Take a minute to think and ask yourself, how legit is this program? Why are spots limited? If I won’t sell anything to make money, then what will I be doing?


When you start asking questions like this, you will realize how ludicrous the whole idea behind the Melissa Johnson Wah program is.


Bottom line


If you must join this program to see for yourself, make sure to use a gift card so they won’t be able to charge you any additional fees that are not mentioned.

Also create a new email just for this program since there is a big chance you will be flooded with junk mail.


Give as little details about yourself as possible.

It will be safer to avoid this program all together. If you want to learn how to make money online, try programs like wealthy affiliate and affillorama.


Both programs offer free trial memberships which you can use to browse it before deciding to upgrade.

One thing you should keep in mind is that making money online takes time.


Most online programs are business opportunities not jobs. In a job, you get hired and paid for services rendered while in a business, you are the boss and your success depends mostly on the decisions you make.

If you are looking for a job online, click here to read about the top 100 online work from home job companies.

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