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Today I will be writing a review of Kelly Simmons’ home jobs today program. I will also tell you about an alternative program that can teach you how to make legit money from home. Please read to the end.

Business: home jobs today

Website: homejobstoday.com

Business type: link posting

Skill level: none

Owner: Kelly Simmons

Recommendation: scam


I found this site when I went searching for work at home jobs. The initial page that pulled up displayed results for three work at home sites.

On this page, all three programs where classified as the best work from home programs. They made claims that these three sites had been featured on top TV networks like CNN, ABC, NBC, and USA today.

I tried to investigate but could not find any information on any of the major news networks about these programs.

The three sites in question were cash from home, home jobs today and replace your job. I have written a review of cash from home and replace your job. Today I will be focusing on the review of home jobs today.

I have visited all three of these sites and noticed that they all have almost the same  story so a review of one is a review of all of them.

Home jobs today claims they can help you make about $379 or more a day. All you have to do is spend just 60 minutes a day with their program.

I have been to about half a dozen sites that use this exact sales pitch to get unsuspecting people to fall for their scam.

These sites all look like copies of each other and have the usual signs of scam sites. Some of these typical scam features include the effort they put in to display the logos of renowned TV networks.

The idea behind this is the fact that many people see this and think ” if all these renowned new networks have approved this program then they must be legitimate”

This technique work like a charm as many fall for this scam.

Home jobs today like many other scam sites also use urgency to get people to join. They say things like “there are only limited positions and if you don’t join now, you will lose your place to another”.

In the case of Kelly Simmons’ home jobs today, they say there are only nine positions left in your area. This is a big lie because if you came back a few days later, you will be told exactly the same story all over.

The owner Kelly Simmons talks about the day she was fired which happened to be the same day owners of three other sites I visited were fired too (coincidence? I doubt it). The stories are exactly the same. The only difference is the names of the women telling the stories. For this one, it was Kelly Simmons.

These stories are told to draw sympathy and attention. This emotional appeal is very strong because it makes these scammers look humane and it portrays a situation that many people looking for work from home jobs are going through.

So they prey on people at their most desperate times.

What does home jobs today offer?

What home jobs today claims to teach you is how to post links on a variety of sites like Facebook, twitter and the like, in the hope that someone might click on it.

The idea is to increase their reach and in other to do this, thousands of links need to be posted. That’s where you come in.

These scammers know that they only stand a chance if more and more links are posted. This is so because the click through rate for these suspicious links are very low. Many people are weary of such links so they avoid them but some people click on them without thinking.

These links then takes them to this scam site where they are told the same story you were told.

They claim that many companies are ready to give you links to their products. These companies according to them will pay you $ 15 for every link you paste and it will only take you about 4 minutes to paste a link.

This is not true because what they fail to tell you is that link posting is the evil twin of affiliate marketing.

It is the collective efforts of desperate people that generate money for these scammers. You won’t even make the money they promise you will make. Worst part is, you will be helping them promote their scam.

Home jobs today claims that their product is worth $ 2000 but because they like you so much, they will give it to you for $ 97.

They make sure to remind you constantly that the offer may expire soon if you don’t act fast. Further more, they claim that if you don’t act fast, they might apply an additional $29.99 monthly fee to the $ 97 or a one time payment of $ 500.

Bottom line

Home jobs today is a scam. It will be a waste of time and money.

There are other ways to make money online that are legitimate.

I mentioned affiliate marketing earlier. Let me explain a little more.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online by referring people to purchase the products of others. When someone you refer buys a product, you get paid a percentage of the sale as commission.

To become an affiliate, you typically join a program and apply for their affiliate programs.

For example, if you apply to a site like amazon to be their affiliate. Your website will be verified by them and if they like what they see, they will approve your application.

To qualify, you must have a site of your own with great content.

Only then can they give you links to post on your site. These links will connect your site to theirs and every time someone visits your site and clicks on the link, it will take them back to amazon.

If they buy something while they’re there, amazon will pay you commission.

How can I get a website for free?

It’s easy, join the free membership of wealthy affiliate and they will help you build up to two sites and teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.

Don’t waste your time with quick money schemes because nothing good comes easy.

Cheers Denise

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