Is cash from home a scam?


Product: Cynthia Spriter’s (some times known as Mary Rogers) cash from home scam.

Program type: Link posting scam

Website:,,, and a few others.

Recommended? No, it is a scam

With the economy getting tougher by the day, many people are looking towards the internet for subsidiary income. The problem with this is, scammers know how desperate people are and do not hesitate to rip them off.

There are many scams on the internet today claiming to help people acquire instant riches. Cash from home is one of these scams.

Cash from home link posting scam?

Today, I want to talk about cash from home and together we will prove that this is not legitimate work from home business; that it is in fact a scam.

Let’s begin! Type the phrase top three work at home jobs and the page that comes up should look like this.Screenshot_2016-06-18-09-34-37

Click on the first ad on this page . This will take you to a page that claims cash from home and two others are the top three work from home businesses (I have noticed lately that the three programs displayed on this page vary over time so there is a possibility that you might not find cash from home on that list today).

If you scan through this page, you will notice that they all claim to have exactly the same numbers of likes on Facebook (1547 like); big red flag (I don’t think coincidence happens like that) . Especially when they claim these 3 programs are different.

Now take a look at the page and you’ll notice that all three make claims about featuring on major TV channels like CNN, NBC, BBC. Screenshot_2016-06-18-12-14-57These are all lies because I could not find a real video on Google, YouTube or on any of these TV websites that confirmed these claims.

What I found out was that they were using these logos without approval.

The tactics of using the logo of trustworthy organizations to back a scam is very popular among scammers.

Now click on the #1 pick cash from home. This will take you to a page with sketchy information about what this program is all about. It claims you can start making money in five minutes. It is not that this is impossible but it sounds too good to be true.

Before they have given you any useful information, they start asking for your personal information.

I was skeptical so I dug deeper and found a link that took me to another site that gave a little more details about this program. This is the link (the link will open in a new page).

Immediately I got to the page, I was informed that there were only three positions left and I had to act fast ( use of urgency to make you make decisions without thinking it through; another scam technique). Screenshot_2016-06-18-12-35-32

To make matters worse, this program does not offer free trials. In order to participate you must give your credit card information from the start. This for me is very disturbing.

Many legitimate work from home sites today offer free membership which is very important because it gives you the time to study the sites from within before making up your mind to upgrade to paid membership.


I have one word for cash from home- scam! Yes if you are interested in working from home and have stumbled on this run away and do not look back. It is going to be a waste of time and money.

If this experience has not discouraged you and you still want a place to learn how to make money online, wealthy affiliate is a good place to start.

Wealthy affiliate

My #1 recommendation for a place to learn how to work from home is Wealthy affiliate. This is an organization that was started by Karl and Carson to help budding online entrepreneurs succeed online. At Wealthy Affiliate, they offer you a free membership that does not expire and with this membership, you are given valuable lessons and tools to help you start a business from home.

Each of us have things we are passionate about. Wealthy affiliate help you grow this passion into a business. They don’t promise you over night success but give you the tools you can use to succeed.

It requires dedication and since you will be doing something you love, it will hardly feel like working. Don’t let scammers get you and break your heart. Check out Wealthy Affiliate for free and if you don’t like it just walk away. Take control of your financial future today!

I hope this review was helpful to you. Please leave a comment and thank you for reading.

Cheers Denise


  1. Hello!!! You are so right on the money Tatihden, people out there looking to make an extra income so that they can help and provide for their family. No one wants to lose money that they don’t have that is why we look to the internet for solution to solve our many financial issues. Thanks for coming up with this website about legitimate or a scam and no one want to be scam out of money. A lot of people going into business and instead of earning money they are losing their hard earn dollars just like my husband. I went into a few businesses myself and trust me I wasn’t earning, instead I had to be doing things to keep my business going so in that case I was spending more than I was making which wasn’t good at the end that money was needed to provide for my kids. You are amazing in how you construct this website to help people like me. Thank you for making this website, I am very happy to know that there is someone looking out for scams and saying how to identify them. I really like your site and the pictures made my day, so I laugh. Keep up the go work!

    1. Hi Edna,

      There’s nothing worse than looking for extra cash only to loose more to scammers. I try to expose these scams so fellow budding entrepreneurs like me do not fall prey. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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