Legitimate work home assembly jobs

There are many people who are desperately in search of an alternate way of making money. Some of these people end up stumbling on to one of many so called legitimate work home assembly jobs schemes online.

Some of these people have found themselves in this difficult situation because of a disability that makes it difficult for them to have regular jobs.

Others are retired or stay at home parents looking for ways to subsidize their income. While some are students finding ways to survive through school.

And yet another group are people who have lost their jobs.

Whatever category you fall under, the question is “are these so called legitimate work home assembly jobs worth your time or dime? To answer this question, first let’s look at what home assembly jobs are all about.

What are home assembly jobs?

Most home assembly companies have a simple strategy. It usually begins when you see an ad about home based assembly jobs that will bring you thousands of dollars in a week. When you click on these ads, you are asked to pay some money for a starter kit.

These kits usually  come with instructions on how to assemble the finished goods and sometimes they come with instructional DVDs. The starter kits will sometimes come with start up supplies which according to many who have tried these jobs are usually sub-standard.

These starter kits usually contain a sample of pre-assembled product(s) to be used as a standard by the participants to compare their finished products with.

The basic plan is for the participants to follow the instructions on the DVD or kit manual, assemble the product up to standard, ship it back to the company for a pay.

Sounds pretty easy right? Well up until you get to the pay part of it. Many of these home assembly jobs are scams and they make it beyond difficult to meet the standard and always reject the finish product.

Mind you that the participant has already paid for the starter kit and might have also paid for the shipping cost to send the product to the company for inspection.

Now the participant has spent all this time and money only for the finished product to be rejected. Now they have a finished product which in many cases no one including the company that sold them the starter kits wants to buy.

Are there any legitimate home assembly jobs?

Yes there are many legitimate work from home assembly jobs. They have the same basic protocol; which is you buy a starter kit, assemble the product, ship it back to these companies and get paid if they pass inspection.

The thing is, even with these legitimate companies, rejection rates are so high that you might end up losing your investment or barely managing to get your investment back.

Time wasted nothing gained. There are surely a few people who have done well with these kind of jobs but the overall consensus is that these jobs are a waste of time and money.

However, don’t take it from me! Read reviews from Ripoff report, Better business bureau and WAHM.com to find out for yourself. While at these sites enter keywords like  home assembly jobs in the search box and read the reviews of various companies in this category.

How to make money with your skills

You can be your own boss and use your skills to make money. Unlike with assembly jobs where you have to make what the assembly company wants you to make, with your own business you can make what you like (you can finally follow your passion and make your dreams come true).

If you have an online presence, you can make things at home and sell them on your website or on sites like Ebay, Esty, Facebook and Pinterest. You can easily reach thousands of people online without spending a fortune. The internet is a huge market place.

You could get your local craft stores to display your home crafted items. Esty is great website that serves as a creative outlet for people with a variety of skills. Here you can buy and sell handcrafted items and registration is free.

On Ebay, you can post up to 50 items every month for free. When your item sells, you get paid via PayPal. You can use Facebook and Pinterest to draw awareness to your brand. Facebook has a market place where you can list and sell your items for free. Pinterest is a very visual platform where you can upload quality pictures of your craft to attract buyers.

Create online presence your for business

By online presence, I mean a website which will serve as the platform where you will present your craft to the world. Gone are the days where building a site required that you be able to write codes or hire someone to do it for you. For one, it was time consuming and the other it was very expensive?

Now a days, it is very easy to build a website and it can even be done for free. If you want to be an independent entrepreneur and run your business from home, check out my number # 1 recommendation. You can learn everything about building a successful online business here.

With the help of my # 1 recommendation, you will learn the basics of starting an online business for free. With this free membership, you will be able to build up to two free websites and have access to their lucrative affiliate program. Take control of your future today and be your own boss!

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