Is be the boss network (BTB) a scam or a legit program?; an earnest review

Program: Be the boss network (BTB network)


Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

This review of be the boss (BTB) network will help you determine whether this program is a scam or a legitimate program. It is also going to help you determine whether the program is worth joining or not.

Be the boss network is a program that matches people looking for work from home jobs with businesses that offer such opportunities. They claim to be a website that help people get personalized matches to various businesses.

So basically, after you join for free, you are asked certain pertinent information about what you are looking for in a work from home job. They then use the answers you give to determine which of the jobs is a best fit for you.

The jobs are mostly direct sale jobs that require that you pay a fee to become a member. The fee you pay is used to provide you with a starter kit which could be study material about the program, and/or supplies that you need to sell to make money.

From what I learn from their website is the fact that they link you mostly to multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses. This kind of businesses are typical pyramid schemes where the people at the bottom do a lot of work while those at the top rip most of the benefits.

So, you need to recruit people and then, those people need to keep recruiting others in order for you to make money. It is usually tedious work which requires you to pressure friends and family to join.

Some of the companies in the be the boss network library are Avon, beach body, talk fusion and pure 3x. These companies are all legit multi level marketing companies with legit brands and products.

However, there are many companies with shady businesses also listed by be the boss network.

My take on BTB MLM program

I am not a fan of MLM. I hate the idea that the person at the bottom of the pyramid works so hard while the person on top rips the benefit just because they came first.

The idea of pressuring your friends and family to join a program just so you can make money is bad. If the program turns out to be a scam, you will have problems with them. Even if the program turns out to be legit, you may still have a fallout with them seeing how it is a pyramid scheme.

Some of the products on the list provided by be the boss network are scams. The product called empower network is one of them and is known to be a big scam.

It is free to join the be the boss network program but it is not free to join the programs they refer you to. The membership for some of the programs can be as low as $10 while others are in the hundreds of dollars.

Be the boss network makes money for almost every person they refer to a program. Once you join and pay the starter fee, they get a fraction of that money as commission.

Collecting commission for business is not a bad thing if the business is legit. Seeing how there are many scams in their directory,  at the end of the day, you become the loser while BTB and the other business make money.

For business owners

Be the boss network has an option for business owners to join. It is free to add your business to their directory. I don’t know what their vetting process is but from what I gather, almost every business can join.

So, if they let every business join without vetting to see if they are legit or scams, it could be a problem.

Seeing how some of the businesses in their list are scams, I believe, they leave it to you to determine whether a business is worth joining or not.

This is problematic because as a legit business owner, I won’t want to be listed in a directory with other shady businesses. And as a newbie online, it is hard to determine whether a business is legit or not.

Pros and Cons


  • It is free to join
  • The website is clean and easy to navigate
  • The idea of the directory is good as hundreds of businesses are listed


  • Many of the businesses listed are Shady
  • MLM are not the best kind of way to make money online
  • There is a FAQ page and that is pretty much all the customer service provided
  • The owner is unknown

Bottom line

If you found yourself at be the boss network’s website and then here, it is because you are serious about finding a work from home job.

BTB has a great idea but they give you very little or no guidance. Some of the businesses they list are shady so you are left to sort out the good from the bad.

As far as MLM are concern, I won’t advice you to join one.

If you still want to find a way to work from home, you can check out my #1 recommendation and learn how.

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