Is Mary rogers’ cash from home program a scam?

Today, I will be writing a review of Cash from home by Mary Roger. I will also be giving you a legitimate alternative to this program so please read to the end.

Product: The cash from home scam.

Program type: Link posting scam

Owner: Mary Rogers (sometimes known as Cynthia Spriter)

Website:,,, and a few others.

Recommended? No, it is a scam

So many people have asked me about the cash from home program by Mary Rogers so I decided to do some research to find out if this program is legit or a scam like many others online.

Cash from home link posting scam?

I found out that this was a link posting scam. Link posting is the poor practice of spamming legitimate websites with suspicious links. For this to work, thousands and even millions of links need to be posted.

This is because many people have learned not to click on suspicious looking links when browsing online.

The scammers behind this know it is a difficult feet so they find people like you to do it for them. First they prey on the fact that you must desperately need to work from home.

They let you think you are luck to have found their program as spots are limited. So at the end, you don’t only lose money and time, you help them scam many others. Because by the time you find out the truth about them, you will have posted some of their links.

Seeing how very few people go back and take down these links, the scammer wins big time.

Significant tell tale signs of this scam

This scammers like many others put in a lot of effort to display the logos of several top TV networks like CNN, ABC, NBC and USA today. The idea is to make you let your guard down.

This works well because many people see these logos and say if all these news networks approve this program then it must be legit.

The thing is, even though they claim that they have been featured on all of these news networks, you can’t find anything about this program if you go searching on say CNN’s website of NBC’s website.

This is because they are a scam.

Furthermore, the claim that you can start making money in little or no time is unrealistic. It is even more so when they claim you can make this money by the thousands in just days.

Like many other scams out there, they employ the urgency tool. When you get to this website, you are told right away that there are only 3 positions left. They claim this is so because of the big national attention they have received recently.

They insist that they only accept 15 people per city and when that number is reached, they will take down the website so you better hurry and register.  This however is not true because if you came back to the same website say a month after, that same story will be told to you all over again.

And the idea that a website will be taken down should deter you not encourage you to join.

It is sad how at a certain point, they put up a count down clock and ask you not to waste time asking your spouse’s opinion. They insist you should just hurry and register before the time runs out.

Then every time you try to leave, a pop up reminds you of what a great opportunity you are about to loose and how you need to stay and get a discount.

Bottom line

Many online work from home programs offer free membership for starters. With this free membership, you can get a good test drive of the platform before enrolling.

If Mary Roger’s cash from home program was as good as she says, then it will be appropriate for her to offer you sometime to test drive it before making up your mind.

They won’t rush you as though the world was about to come to an end. From what I have learned, they don’t even keep their money back guarantee promise. They end up claiming that you didn’t succeed because you failed to follow the instructions.

If you want to learn how to make money online, try a place like wealthy affiliate that will let you test drive their program for a long as you want. When you determine that it is the place for you, you can then upgrade to the premium membership for $49 a month.

I hope this review was helpful.

Cheers Denise.

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