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Is Ecom Masters By Joaquin Corrales a scam?


If you have been investigating the world of drop shipping, you may have come across the YouTube video ad by web entrepreneur, Joaquin Corrales. Theses ads are for his eCommerce course eCom Masters. He partners with Franklin Hatchett in this course and features a lot of Franklin’s videos in the modules.


Franklin has his own drop shipping course, eCom Elites, which costs about ten times less than Joaquin’s at $197. eCom Masters costs a whopping $1,997 and for this reason, many people believe Joaquin Corrales’ course is a scam. Franklin’s course is really good and it begs the question, why collaborate with this guy?



In Joaquin’s YouTube ads, he drives a luxury car while wearing a peculiar mask.  He explains how he made a lot of money from the sales of that mask. He also claims that in his course eCom Masters, he can teach you how to make more that $1000 per day doing drop shipping.


However, the issue that needs addressing is whether the eCom Masters course is really worth its high price? He explains that the high cost of his program is as a result of the one on one coaching they offer. According to him, this ensures you are on the right path and that you get there faster.


We’ll give you a brief rundown and let you decide for yourself whether it’s a good value for your money, bearing in mind that there are some more affordable drop shipping courses out there. Below is a short list of some,


  • Shopify Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David- $997
  • Ecom inner circle by Arie Scherson -$397
  • Ecom elites by Franklin Hatchett- $197
  • Product winner blueprint by Tristan Broughton -$297
  • eCom Profit Masterclass by Richard Telfeja -$497
  • Hacking Shopify by Hayden Bowles- 497
  • Internet Life style Academy by Mike Vestil – $ 497
  • Zero – One thousand by Tanner Planes – $ 297
  • Passion 2 profit by Samir Chibane – $998
  • Two Comma Blueprint by Allan Maman – $497


Overview of Joaquin Corrales eCom Masters


Joaquin does an excellent job of promoting his course using pop-ups and ads. If you wind up clicking on the link, you will be directed to a contact form to register for a webinar.


Although the webinar appears to be a live stream, it really is a recording. Below is a list of what the webinar promises,


  • How Joaquin makes $1400 a day in sales through a simple online store he spends an hour a week tweaking,
  • How to source and select products that are guaranteed to give you instant sales and quick money,
  • How to lay out an online store that will sell thousands of products,
  • A free software and app,
  • Live 24/7 one-on-one coaching with a personal coach, which according to them is the main reason for the course’s high cost
  • To see Joaquin’s advertising account and how he makes $10 for each $1 spent.


If you have previously bought eCom Elites by Frankli Hatchett, you might find that there is nothing new to learn from the eCom Masters course that you haven’t already learned from eCom Elite. This is so because most of the videos featured on eCom Masters are from the eCom Elites course. A lot of these videos are presented by Franklin.



The introductory videos are filmed by Joaquin, but the Facebook and Shopify modules are very similar to those in eCom Elites. A lot of them are actually exactly the same.


eCom Masters contains more than 130 content videos, the Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Turbo theme and several other bonuses that Joaquin throws into the mix. Here’s a look at what you will get;


Course content of Joaquin Corrales eCom Masters


You get over 130 videos teaching you all the basics you will need to know to begin and run your own drop shipping business. A lot of the video courses are taught by Franklin Hatchett, especially details about using Facebook ads.


You also get 30 extra videos to show you how to install the software bonuses that are included in the package. These videos walk you through everything you need to know about creating your own Shopify store and driving paid traffic to it.


From a detailed exposé on how to set up your online store on Shopify, especially using Franklin’s eCom Turbo theme to a thorough lesson on how to source products and select the best niche for your store. There is definitely a whole lot to learn from the eCom Masters training videos.


Franklin Hatchett spends a lot of time on Facebook ads, which is probably the best method of driving paid traffic to your online store. At the same time, going into them blindly can cost you dearly. If you are familiar with the eCom Elites course, then you know just how much of an expert Franklin is when it comes to Facebook ads.


Instagram traffic, email marketing, Google ads and sales funnel building are also discussed in detail in this course.


Joaquin is of course, the face of the course and will be seen in the webinars, video ads and introductory videos, but that’s about it. He is, however, available to give you assistance through the mentoring and coaching portion of the package.


Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Turbo Theme


The upgraded, unlimited license to the eCom Turbo theme, developed by Franklin Hatchett, is also part of what you’ll be getting in the eCom Masters package.


This is a highly recommended theme that, no doubt, has the potential to boost your conversion, and fast. Normally, the theme would cost $147 on its own.


There are also extensive training videos to help you with installing, customizing and maintaining the theme in your online store. You will be free to install and use the theme on as many Shopify stores as you own.


eCom Masters One-On-One Coaching


This is the major selling point of this course. It could be extremely beneficial to be able to interact freely with those who have walked the path that you are treading and come out successful.


If you don’t need the coaching, then it may be best if you simply buy Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites course for $197, instead. You can also separately get the unlimited license to eCom Turbo for $147, and get things running for less than $350 in total. You could invest the money saved this way into Facebook ads, which is a really smart move.


If, however, you wish to get constant advice on how to turn a hobby into a full-time business, then you may appreciate the coaching and support that Joaquin and his team of coaches will provide. This is what makes the eCom Masters course expensive. Factoring in an hourly rate of $100-200, you will be saving money after 10 hours of coaching!


A lot of people are concerned as to whether or not the coaching is worth the extra $1,500.


Joaquin Corrales eCom Masters Bonuses


Aside from the main modules, buying the course gives you access to additional training videos as they are posted. This keeps you in the know of all the latest trends and strategies as the coaches become aware of them.


There are also weekly question and answer sessions where you get to ask questions and state your concerns and have them addressed, as well as listen to the recommendations of other coaches as well.


Seeing other people’s questions get answered could also give you some more insight and extra tips as to what exactly to pay attention to in your own drop shipping venture.


Who is Joaquin Corrales’ Ecom Masters for?


The eCom Masters course will definitely benefit beginners a whole lot more, but intermediates stand to gain a lot form it too. It’s a great way to start your drop shipping business off in the right direction and learn what it takes to succeed at a much faster rate.


Getting a course like eCom Masters from the very beginning could go a long way in helping you evade most of the usual pitfalls, setbacks and mistakes that a lot of people run into at the beginning of their online journey.


For those with some experience in e-commerce, looking to make some more money by scaling their businesses, eCom Masters can definitely help too. This is a chance to learn from people who are really making those large figures on Shopify.


Basically, if you desire a more personalized training experience whereby you can be coached in every step while setting up your store and scaling, then Joaquin Corrales’ eCom Masters is a great drop shipping course choice for you.


Is Joaquin Corrales’s eCom Masters a scam?


Joaquin Corrales’s eCom Masters course is not a scam. It is great, especially for those who wish to be coached through the entire process of setting up their stores and scaling.


The coaches have a genuine experience. If, however, you don’t need the constant coaching, then it may be better to opt for a more affordable course.


Joaquin Corrales has definitely done a great job of putting together awesome and relevant content that is bound to be helpful to anyone looking to succeed in the drop shipping business.


As high as it may seem, the price is quite reasonable too, if we take the value of all the portions of this huge package into consideration.


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