Is fuego breakout a scam?

To answer the question, ‘Is Fuego breakout a scam?’, we will need to dive deep and find out what it is all about.


Fuego breakout is a program founded by two experience online marketers, Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong. They say they can teach you an easy way to make $200 daily on autopilot.


Some of their previous programs include Traffic-Laze, El Bandito, and Fuego Multiplier.



According to their sales pitch, you wont have to buy or sell anything. With Fuego breakout, you will learn affiliate marketing which is a type of marketing where you make money by referring the products of others. Every time someone buys a products referred by you, you will be paid a percentage of the sales as commission.


They say this is a brand new and revolutionary way to make money online. It will only take you 15 minutes to learn it and you will be able to get traffic on demand.


Per owners, you won’t even need a website to start. So now the question is what really is Fuego Breakout and how will you make money with it?


What is Fuego breakout and how to make money with it?


Fuego breakout is basically  a way to drive traffic to a landing page or website by buying shout outs on Instagram. These shouts out are bought from Instagram influencers.


They are relatively cheap compared to Facebook ads but can still be pretty expensive for a newbie. The key is to send traffic to a landing page and collect email addresses.


If you have been in online marketing long enough, you must have come across the phrase ‘the money is in the email’. This basically means you have a better chance of making a sale to your email list than to some random person who comes across your site.


So Fuego breakout like many other make money programs out there is aimed at email marketing . However, unlike many programs that depend on Facebook ads, this program is focused on Instagram.

How does Fuego breakout work?


It currently cost $12.95 to join the program. There are some upsells but nothing crazy. They do use some urgency tactics to get people to join fast as shown in the image below.


After you join the program, you will have access to some of their program but not all. There are several upsells. I will talk about 3 of them below.


The very first one is a $37 done for you package which includes five done for you sales funnel campaigns. You can get this package for $17 if you refuse the initial offer and click “No thanks”.


The next upsell is the $197 unlimited traffic package which teaches you methods to bring free traffic to your website using social media (with a focus on Instagram).


Then there is the $397 personalized coaching package.


Actual cost of Fuego breakout


  • $12.95 to join
  • $25 a month (billed annually) for leadpages
  • $18+/month for a decent autoresponder
  • Regular payment for shout outs. Price depend on your niche, the engagement rate, competition and many other factors.


Fuego breakout courses


There are five main modules to  Fuego breakout course. Below is a breakdown of some of the modules;


  • Reconnaissance training on how to choose affiliate offers that will convert well using Warrior plus or JV Zoo
  • Creation of captivating landing pages with Lead Pages or WordPress
  • How to set up google adwords
  • How to set up your autoresponder and setup your email sequence
  • How to activate your funnel
  • How to install Google pixel on your landing page to use a strategy called re-targeting.
  • How to drive traffic through Instagram
  • How to achieve the proper mindset of doing internet marketing
  • How to scale your business to reach a full-time income.


Can you make money with Fuego Breakout?


Yes you can make money with this program. Fuego breakout is legit and has a lot to teach its members. Their training is however, not revolutionary as they will let you believe.


The remarkable difference between their program and those of many others online is the fact that they teach you how to drive traffic with the use of Instagram influencers.


Most other programs I have come across use solo ads, Facebook ads and the like. All these programs (Fuego breakout included) teach people how to build an email list which according to many online markers is where the money is.


Pros of Fuego breakout


  • It is easy to join
  • They teach people how to use Instagram influencers, a less saturated way to drive traffic at the moment


Cons of Fuego breakout


The hype, especially shown in their intro video is misleading. Many people might feel like they will get to live such a lavish life style but that is not true. Nothing about online marketing is easy. It will take time to make steady income.


Bottom line


Fuego breakout in my opinion is not a scam. They teach legit methods to make money online. They use a lot of hype that might be misleading.


There are many alternative to Fuego breakout. You can read my review on one of them here. 

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