What is ecom elites by Franklin Hatchett? Is it legit or scam?



If you’re reading this review, you’re probably interested or already involved in drop shipping business, and you’re seeking out a program that can help you become proficient and efficient.


In the drop shipping world, Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites course is one of the most followed and most celebrated. There are several reasons why but is this course really worth all the hype for its cost price?


Franklin has done an amazing job of selling himself to the online community and with a simple Google search, you’ll be looking at a bunch of his YouTube video links, as well as other evidences of his vast online presence.


His eCom Elites is intended to help people grow or expand their online businesses with drop shipping. Basically, he teaches you how to promote on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms.


He is very clear about the fact that your business may not explode overnight, and delivers his course in a manner that is simple to grasp. The eCom Elites course is definitely worth investigating to evaluate its true worth.


The course features a lot of detailed coursework and it’s clear that much effort has been put into it. The content is actually quite substantial and provides all that Franklin Hatchett claims it does.


The real question however is: is this content really enough to make a difference to your drop shipping business? Well, we’ll have to consider the pros and the cons and then you can decide whether the course would suit your needs.


The eCom Elites course was upgraded in November, 2018. The version 2.0 maintains all the great features of the course, but brings with it so much more.


It now contains over 170 videos, as well as so many other modifications that makes the course even more enjoyable than before.


Ecom Elites Membership


The eCom Elites course has two membership levels. The first option cost $197 join. It’s the Standard membership that can give you all that you need if you are a beginner.


Below is a list of what is covered at this level;


$197 One Time

Special Pricing Normally $497!

  • Over The Shoulder Store Setup Training.

  • Full Product Research Training Using My Methods. 

  • Complete Facebook & Instagram Traffic Training. 

  • Complete Email Marketing Setup & Training.

  • Google SEO Traffic Mastery Training.

  • ChatBot Academy To Explode Your Online Sales. 

  • Weekly Videos Including Q&A Sessions

  • Module With My Super Secret Videos Inside.

  • Private Inner Circle With Me & Other Members.

  • Instant Access & Lifetime Updates


The second membership is the eCom Elites Ultimate package which is priced at $297. This package comes with everything stated above and some more. Below is a list of the extra proved at this level.



$297 One Time

Special Pricing Normally $697!

Ultimate Pack Includes These Extras!

  • Complete Step By Step Sales Funnel Academy!

  • Complete Google Shopping Ads Academy!

  • Done For You Complete 7 Figure Funnel!

  • BOOK: My Top Selling 6 Figure Products!

  • BOOK: My Top Selling Niches Of All Time!


That extra $100 gets you all of that. This may be the better option for intermediate drop shippers or for those who simply want it all.




The eCom Elites platform makes use of Zaxxa for the payments which can be made through Stripe or PayPal. As most similar courses use only Stripe for payments, it’s great that eCom Elites adds the Paypal option which makes it much easier to cancel and get a refund.


For the member portal, memberhub.io is used. It is both responsive and great looking both on desktop and on mobile devices. After filling in your details, it would take a few minutes for your login details to arrive through email, and then you can log in.


The first screen you’ll encounter is the welcome video in which Franklin gives you an overview of what the courses will be like.


Franklin uses Vimeo, which provides a wide range of video qualities from 360 to 1080p based on the quality of your internet connection.


A trial of all four available video formats will prove that the lowest quality still looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.


You get to adjust the quality to suit yourself. The mobile dashboard is amazing and well-suited for several devices. However, you cannot download the videos for offline viewing.


Modules in Ecom Elites


Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites course offers modules that contain several videos which makes it a very rich, extensive and explanatory program. Here is a summary of what to expect from each module.


Module 1: Setting Up Shopify


In version 2.0, this module has been reset and now also contains videos on several fresh topics. The videos in Module 1 show you how to begin with a Shopify theme, and Franklin’s own theme, eCom Turbo, which several e-commerce businesses make use of, is mentioned. It’s truly a great theme for optimizing conversion.


In this module you learn about customization, how to set up shipping rates, adding products, handling taxes, working with upsells, special offers and promotions. In addition, you get an overview of domain setup (how to link your domain to Shopify), as well as handling coupons and a lot more.


Interestingly, Franklin now pays attention to the payment options accessible to students in the US as well as all over the world. This has been the concern of many international students.


Most of the other e-commerce gurus that offer training courses often neglect this area, and so the two videos that cover this are wonderful for those based outside of the US, Canada or Europe. Franklin obviously put a lot of thought into accommodating students from around the world.


Module 2: Sourcing Products


This module treats how to source products for your online store in a lot of detail. This is an area where this course is particularly exceptional, as it deals with one of the top issues a prospective drop shipper may have. Franklin exposes the secrets of product and niche selection and idea inspiration.


In this module, you also learn how to find suppliers and build working relationships with them. Franklin also treats niche research software, print-on-demand among a host of other related topics.


Module 3: Facebook Ads


This is the broadest and most in-depth aspect of the course where most drop shippers will learn to earn the most money if they are attentive and learn how to properly set Facebook ads up. Going in blind could cost you so much more money than this course will. If there is just one reason why the eCom Elites course is worth it, this is it right here.


Franklin covers all you need to know about marketing on Facebook. He teaches you how to set up a business account, data mining, bidding, conversions, pixels, the different ad possibilities and a whole lot more.


Module 4: Instagram Traffic


One thing to note about Instagram is that a single influencer can earn you tons of money. Identifying this right influencer is the pivot of this module. You also learn how not to overpay for it. You also learn the effective way to set up your Instagram account.


One may argue that this module is not as intensive as the one on Facebook, but perhaps no priorities are really misplaced here. Instagram isn’t as complicated as Facebook. The module is in-depth enough to give you an advantage over competition, which is all you need. Instagram retargeting, how to use Google to find influencers and running Instagram ads are also addressed. The videos in this section do a great job.


Module 5: Email Marketing


Here is another heavy, 14-video module for you. There are even a couple of extra videos to teach you how to use coupons and how to win customers back. It’s really rich.


This is where you are taught to set up email marketing campaigns using MailChimp and GetResponse. You will learn a special way of setting up your autoresponder for maximum success.


Other videos in this section discuss newsletters, warming up leads, how to install a Contact Flow pixel and how to get better open rates.


Module 6: Chatbot Profits


This is a newly introduced and timely section that discusses how chatbots can help with online business. They are truly a great way to get leads and increase engagement with your online store.


You learn how to set up chatbots and send ads with them. You also learn about using them to answer your customers’ questions virtually, chat flows and alert boxes. This is great value for your money.


Module 7: Building Sales Funnels


This module is only available to those subscribed to the eCom Elites Ultimate package, and discusses how to set up sales funnels. According to Franklin, you need this nowadays. He encourages starters to wait and progress a little before they bother about this.


Franklin shows you how to build sales funnels using Clickfunnels. Other options are comparatively expensive. As you move forward, you will begin to see the essence of this module more clearly.


Module 8: Google Ads


This is also only for Ultimate users. Setting up Google ads is the center of this module. You’ll learn to use Google Pixel. Franklin also highlights the pros and cons of Google and Facebook ads.


The Google Shopping section will equip you to begin your merchant account and link the Google Shopping app to your online store. Keyword research and ad layout and structuring are also dealt with in detail, as well as a lot more.


Module 9: Organic Google Traffic (SEO)


Everybody gets this module, both Standard and Ultimate users. The bone of contention is how to get free traffic using SEO. A lot of e-commerce courses out there just dwell on paid ads, but Franklin opens your eyes to SEO and where to get links.


Franklin is honest enough to tell you that SEO is taxing and takes time, but done right, it could be well worth it.


Additional Content


Franklin Hatchett provides videos on coupon tricks, getting leverage using review sites, and other extra insight that will give you an edge over other marketers.


Pros of eCom elites by Franklin Hatchette

  • Franklin Hatchette is very experience and truly successful so you could learn a lot from him. He is so active online and is usually there to help his members when they need it. He offers a lot for free on you tube that you can gain from too.
  • Ecom elite is reasonably priced. There are many similar courses that cost 3x and provide less information. The two membership levels is great as newbies can start with the 1st level and as they gain experience, can upgrade to the ultimate level.
  • This course is task oriented and very practical. It is also super easy to follow as Franklin has taken the tie to create thorough training videos.


Cons of eCom elite 


  • The  30 day money back guarantee has strings attached as you will need to show prove that you have at least gone through half of the course, made a reasonable attempt to promote your products and fail before qualifying for a refund.
  • There might be too much of a good thing going on in this course as some of the material provided are not quit unnecessary, at least for moderate level marketers.
  • This course in some instances makes it sound like eCommerce is easy but it is not.


Bottom line 

All said and done, Franklin Hatchette’s ecom elites course is top notch for the price. He is thorough and great at teaching. This is definitely a legit eCommerce course that could help you in you drop shipping business. You should however know that eCommerce is not easy at all.

There alternates to this program. They include but are not limited to,



  • Shopify Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David- $997
  • Ecom inner circle by Arie Scherson -$397
  • Ecom masters by Joaquin Corrales-$1997
  • Product winner blueprint by Tristan Broughton -$297
  • eCom Profit Masterclass by Richard Telfeja -$497
  • Hacking Shopify by Hayden Bowles- 497
  • Internet Life style Academy by Mike Vestil – $ 497
  • Zero – One thousand by Tanner Planes – $ 297
  • Passion 2 profit by Samir Chibane – $998
  • Two Comma Blueprint by Allan Maman – $497


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