Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketer; Legit or Scam?

Review of Legendary marketer by David Sharpe


David Sharpe is known for his for his joint, the empower network with David Wood. Empower network was a high ticket program that came crashing in 2017. There was a lot of excitement when this program started and many people lost thousands of dollars when the company came to a sudden end. Dave however had left this program prior to this due to health issues.


Now with over nine years of experience in the industry David Sharpe who is supposedly a high-eight-figure earner has come to build the legendary marketer.  Dave Sharpe has a very relate-able background story which has helped him connect with many followers and thus propelled his businesses.


He is eloquent and full of charisma. He knows his stuff, and millions of internet marketing enthusiasts around the world draw inspiration from him. However, does this mean his latest brain child legendary marketer is legit?


Many people feel legendary marketer is just another high end scam waiting to crumble just like his previous brain child empower network did. Whether this is so or not is yet to be seen. Below is my review of legendary Marketer by David Sharpe.


What Is Legendary Marketer?


Legendary Marketer found at legendarymarketer.com is a website that offers a one-level affiliate program. They provide training in affiliate marketing in video format and live events. They also provide a way for their members to make commission with the various digital products they own. The front end fees for this program is $30/month. It can however go as high as $30000 for the high priced digital products and mastermind training.


How does legendary marketer works?


Dave tries to bring back the franchise business model to life in his program. He claims that only about 1% of traditional online startups succeed while about 90% of franchise businesses do.


So in this light, he has supposedly developed a proven sales funnel and you have to work with him and use his “online franchise business” and make money. This means this program will hardly teach you how to run your own specific business independently. You will learn some things that you can apply to your personal business but it will be minimal. If you are looking to learn how to run your own unique business, you might want to try an education program like Wealthy affiliate.


This business model has earned legendary marketer the name duplicate Dave as you will basically be duplicating his money making techniques by selling his high end digital products. Lately, they have introduce a 15 days challenge learning process where you are required to complete certain task everyday for 15 days.


In order to move to the next steps for this training, you need to complete the prior steps first. One of the requirements at the beginning is to contact a coach. My last attempt was unsuccessful as I was told that the available coach had no openings.


Legendary marketer has many products which can be bought individually or in bulk. Below is a table of their products, the prices and what they are designed to teach.


Legendary Marketer Digital Products 



Products Price Training
Legendary Marketer Club $30/month Introductory course


Traffic Rolodex Bundle $47 Paid traffic generation methods


Invisible Influencer $997 How to generate traffic, leads and sales through Facebook and Instagram Fan Page


Legendary Builder Masterclass $2500 4 part course on how to master Enrollment, Attraction Code, Storytelling Formula and Profitable Presentations


Legendary Leader Masterclass $5000 Building a brand and becoming a leader


Legendary Marketer Mastermind $8000 3-Day live in-person mastermind event


Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint $2500 Conducted by LM’s top earner Steph Perez. The course is divided into 8 detailed step by step modules on affiliate marketing.


Digital Products Business Blueprint $2500 How to develop audio, video and written course material. Presented by Mark Harbert


Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint $2500 ·        Present by David Sharpe. This module goes in-depth about the techniques of coaching for those intending to start a coaching business.


Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint $2500 How to plan, host and profit from your live event or mastermind. Also presented by David Sharpe.


Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind $12000 3-Day live mastermind event


Legendary Lifestyle Experience $30000 Exclusive out of the country event + 1 YEAR personal coaching with Dave



Legendary marketer’s club


This is their entry level program that cost $30 a month. For $30 per month, you will get monthly marketing training videos and the following training on topics like;


  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Lead generation
  • Facebook ads and fan page marketing strategies
  • YouTube marketing
  • Instagram marketing


You will be provided with resources to help you promote the following


  • Banner ads
  • Landing page
  • Ad copy
  • Video ads
  • 45-day email copy sequence



Legendary traffic rolodex


As mentioned earlier, you are taught in this module how to generate traffic using paid methods like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, google display, Adwords and more.  In total, they teach 8 paid traffic generation methods.



Legendary Blueprints


There are a total of 4 blueprint courses as shown on the table below. Each course is charged at $2500 if bought separately so it is preferable to buy the bundle that contains all four courses for $2500. Each of these blueprints is a step by step process of building a specific kind of business.


The four business types include,


  • Coaching and consulting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Events and mastermind
  • Digital products


Legendary Masterminds


There are several masterclasses offered. They range in price from $2500 to $30000. The higher ticket ones are live events that are either held in the US or abroad. In some instances people get 1 on 1 coaching with the owner David Sharpe.


The masterminds are paid once and if you ever want to attend another mastermind session the following year, you will only have to pay a low fee for you seat. If you miss a mastermind, you will have access to the recordings.


Legendary marketer book review


The LM book review is available free for members. In this book, Dave provides a lot of useful marketing info. He also dwells on the mindset of successful and poor. He explains why the current economy has many educated yet poor people.


In the past, poor people where mainly illiterate but the trend has change he says and today with the volatile economy, people with top qualifications find themselves in poverty. With his program however, people willing to learn and work hard can move from grass to glory.



Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program compensation plan



This program has a very lucrative affiliate compensation plan. To become an affiliate, you need to apply for it. It takes about 2-5 business days for them to respond. When they do, they will inform you via email. There are two types of affiliate options, a basic plan and a pro plan.


  1. The Basic plan is a free affiliate account. You earn between 5-30% commission on any sales you make from referrals.
  2. The Pro cost $30 per month or higher depending on the upsells you buy into. So if you join the marketers club but do not buy into any other upsell, you will be paid pro commission for the marketer’s club but basic commission for the upsells. You get a higher commission as pro which is 20-60% commission on product sales on your referrals.


You can make good money with just the $30/month plan but if you want more commission, you will need to buy into the upsells and some of them cost as much as $30000.


The table below explains more;


Product Price Pro Commission Basic Commission
LM Club $30.00 per month $18.00 per month $9.00 per month
Traffic Rolodex $247.00 one-time $98.80 one-time $24.70 one-time
Affiliate Business Blueprint $2,500.00 one-time $1,000.00 one-time $250.00 one-time
Digital Products Business Blueprint $2,500.00 one-time $1,000.00 one-time $250.00 one-time
Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint $2,500.00 one-time $1,000.00 one-time $250.00 one-time
Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint $2,500.00 one-time $1,000.00 one-time $250.00 one-time
Marketer Mastermind $8,000.00 one-time $3,200.00 one-time $800.00 one-time
Entrepreneur Mastermind $12,000.00 one-time $4,800.00 one-time $1,200.00 one-time



If you want to try Legendary Marketer now click here. If you want a cheaper alternative to this program, click here.



PROS of legendary marketer



  • Clean user interface with a structured learning plan
  • Very beneficial training material
  • Step by step training and guidance so you don’t get lost along the way
  • High commission rates
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • You can definitely make money from it






  • Many upsells
  • Most upsells are very expensive as they cost $997 and up
  • Additional cost in paid traffic methods
  • There is no guarantee you will make money even after the high ticket courses



Who is Legendary marketer for?


  • Anyone looking for a way to make some cash online
  • Anyone interested in learning about affiliate marketing, digital marketing, coaching and masterminds
  • A self-driven person who is realistic and ready to work hard for what they want.


People with the get rich mentally will not make it in this program as it will take time to make substantial amounts. If you also have the easy money mentality, this program is not for you as it requires hard work.



Is legendary Marketer legit or scam?


Despite all the negative reviews you will ready online, it is my opinion that Legendary marketer is legit. Though Dave was involved in the empower network that came to a bad end in 2017, I believe he has built something good this time.


The lessons are thorough though expensive. They do not promise overnight riches and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to this program, I recommend wealthy affiliate.


Is legendary marketer a pyramid scheme?


No it is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing is a type of business where you make money by referring people to a program whom in turn make money for you when they refer others to the program. The more people you and your referrals recruit, the more money you make.


With legendary marketing, you make money only for your referrals. This means you make all the commission when you refer someone unlike pyramid schemes where some of the commission goes to the person who referred you.


The one level system is better as you get paid for your hard work instead of working hard while another reaps the benefits.



Bottom line


Legendary marketer is a program with a lot of promise. If it was cheaper, it will be even better. Nonetheless, success only comes to those who work for it. That is why some will succeed and others won’t.



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