What is eCom inner circle by Arie Scherson?

Should You Get An Alternative To Ecom Inner Circle? 

The markets went crazy in August of the year 2018, following the release of Arie Scherson’s ‘eCom Inner-Circle.’ However, traffic has never been the most trustworthy barometer for quality.


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to judge it by yourself, until you’ve invested the heavy price these kinds of frenzied-over pieces training programs are associated with.


The eCom Inner-Circle is basically an e-commerce course that offers to guide you on your path to becoming a master in e-commerce. Facebook advertising is the central tool of the eCom Inner-Circle program and it promises to teach you how to get $100 in sales within 30 days, irrespective of whether you have any prior experience in e-commerce.


It is very hard to find more information about this program online.  Very few people have written reviews at the moment and he focuses his efforts on Facebook and YouTube.


I was not successful in my attempts to find a direct website to his program.  I however found a sales page for this program on teachable. I can give you a detailed rundown on what to expect after subscribing to ‘eCom Inner circle.’


This will help you choose to go ahead with the subscription or search for a better one, out of the numerous alternatives out there. Here goes;


The first obvious impression of the Shopify dropshipping master, Arie Scherson, is that of a guy fully focused on passing the message across. He never bothers with trying to flaunt his wealth like most facilitators repeatedly do.


Instead, he uses constructive tools at his disposal to convince you about the practicability of his lessons. Also, you will find the quality and quantity of the lessons provided on his YouTube channel to be very valuable.


Just a month after establishing his YouTube channel, he had amassed about 16000 subscribers and after 9 months, the figure has increased to about 56000 subscribers. This figure will undoubtedly increase after he reinvests whatever money he gets from the course into ads and retargeting for more traffic.


The eCom Inner Circle is hosted on the Teachable platform and the videos are all top quality definition content. Of course, those who are conversant with the Teachable platform, are aware of how flexible their tool is in their ability to get your content across all platforms and devices without sacrificing the quality of the videos.


The program costs $397, which is quite a lot of money, but very far from the ridiculous amounts some other courses go for – up to $2000 – without giving any extra advantages. Finding the sales page can prove to be quite a challenge, even though the page is basic.



You can find his sale page by visiting teachable


Just in case, be sure to check his YouTube channel to get the direct link to his sales page. Once there, you can use either Stripe or PayPal to complete the checkout on the Teachable platform.


After payment, you will instantly receive an email containing your login details to pass into the members’ area. The course is set to be kept fresh by regular updates , and will provide step-by-step instructions on the procedures for progress. The course is broken into modules as follows:


Welcome: Module 1


The most important thing you might learn from these videos is the approach that will yield the most benefit when undertaking this course. You’re advised to make as many notes as you can, while practicing as much as possible, as you go along.


There are a few other important points though, like the section that explains how the program works and the importance of the constant updates to the course. This is one of the many benefits that make this program stand out, the promise that the front-end price you pay is sufficient to pay for the latest tricks and tips in e-commerce.


The Store Setup: Module 2


This is the first module that delves into the techniques of e-commerce , and Arie Scherson supplies well, I have to say. He spends sufficient time instructing you without providing anything but details pertaining to e-commerce. The aim is to equip you with plenty of knowledge , in video format ranging between a few minutes to 20 minutes. This videos will help you to create and manage a high converting store – with Shopify as the sample.


In this section, you are bound to learn something new, regardless of how experienced you are in e-commerce.
Two highlights of this section include a live store creation video where Arie gives away as many details as he can, while he sets up his own store and provide an apps catalog video where he discusses apps – like commerce Inspector or the currency inverter – that you can take advantage of, for getting the best out of e-commerce.


The other videos in this section are just as useful, as he teaches how to create a professional logo for free and how to setup your payment merchant.


Market Research: Module 3


This section goes deeper in helping discover how to locate your 4, 5 and 6 figure products. It goes step-by-step until you learn about rare jewels in advanced videos. The product research videos will expose six methods for doing this and two videos reveal how you can make copies of high-quality filler products.


One of the videos encourages you and tells you how hard it is for beginners to get their breakout product.


The Role of Facebook Ads and use of Instagram influencers: Module 4


One of the fastest ways – if not the fastest – to attract as much attention as you will need to make your business successful is undoubtedly the use of Facebook ads and Instagram.  This module contains videos you must not skip, one of which explains about the essence of Facebook ads, how you will examine your products, how many you should start with, why you use many products and the importance of Break-even point (BEP).


Also, you’ll learn about the reasons why you should use a daily budget and the comparison between daily budgets and other alternatives.


The Use of Facebook Ads (Basic): Module 5


Traffic is the life-force of business, thus how to get traffic is the soul of this or any dropshipping course. This module – with the third biggest Facebook ads section in all similar courses, behind only to the course of Franklin Hatchett and Tristan Broughtonwill – will guide you through creating a business manager account and mounting your pixel.


This section includes a simulation of what will happen if you followed the instructions of the program using a live account. It also contains detailed and novel procedures of creating a good-looking Facebook page and a high-converting video ad, again, with a live demonstration.


There is a follow-up that explains what to expect over the course of the next three days after the launch. Furthermore, tips are given on how to prepare your account for easier notifications and monitoring. As well as advice on how to revive any campaign that fails or dies slowly.


The Use of Facebook Ads (Doyen): Module 6


After you’ve gotten the hang of using basic Facebook ads and have made a few bucks from it, it’s time for you to learn how to apply mirror audiences and developing custom audiences as well as retargeting.


There are also lessons on micro testing and how to get from 5 figures to 6 figures, other lessons on calculating order fulfillment capacity, manual bidding as well as a few case studies in which he did the usual $10000 per day and also went from $0 to $50000 within just two months.


Getting the Most Out of Your Money: Module 7


Did you know that there is an abandoned cart sequence for additional profits? Or that there is a plugin on bulk pricing that helps you with effective upselling? This section will expose different tips you can employ to rake in as much money from extras as possible, as well as a few ways you can save like using Shopify automatic emails or utilizing email chains or using ManyChat, for retargeting buyers on Facebook for free.


Brand Creation and Management: Module 8


Arie shows you the bigger picture and the endless opportunities available to you and a few short videos of how to do it all. He insists it’s important to establish your brand after you’ve discovered your winning items in your store. He then describes how to outsource, get a VA, create unique branded goods and to create associate programs for brand awareness.


Miscellaneous Materials: Module 9


This module has a lot of extra content and reading materials you can make use of.


Loudest Benefits


The most exciting benefits of using this program are:


Facebook Connect

There is a provision for something like a Facebook Mastermind, an avenue on Facebook that allows you to connect and interact with the creators of the course, Arie and his colleagues.


This is invaluable for those newly starting out. The fact that this mastermind is not as large as others offers you more room for expression and understanding.


Money Back Guarantee


The confidence of making this promise puts the mind of prospective members at ease more than any other promise does. The conditions are on the grounds of any queries or dissatisfaction, a magnanimous offer.


Relatively Affordable


Compared to similar programs,  this one is very affordable.  They provide a lot of useful information too.




  • This program is great but it does not put a lot of effort in training people on ways to draw organic traffic to their business. The focus is Facebook ads which are not cheap to run. Some focus on SEO will make this course even more valuable.




Inner-Circle displayed Arie Scherson’s command of the topic and his honesty is one of his best traits, as he doesn’t upsell his value to attract the masses. Interestingly, his content is rich and of great value, even at such a relative low price.


If you are interested in affiliate marketing,  read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here. This platform teaches people how to run successful online businesses. It is very affordable too.

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