Is Robin Kate Moore’s WAHP program a scam? Or is it legit? An objective review.

Program: WAHP

Owner: Robin Kate Moore


Rating: Scam

Price: $97 or less depending on when you join

I came across this program as usual when looking for work from home jobs. This one was an ad featured under best home From there I learn about this woman called Shirley Swanson from Oklahoma who makes $8000 a month on her spare time. They claimed she did it on her computer without selling a thing.

I remembered then that I had read this exact same story and in it this same woman was from another place entirely and the program they were promoting then was the WAH program. Below is a similar check for that program and that time it was called the WHA program.

You can notice immedicably just by looking, how similar the WAHP, WHA and WAH programs are. They want you to think they different programs but they are not.

Towards the end of this promotion, there was a link that was supposed to take me to Robin Kate Moore’s WAHP program but when I clicked on it, it took me to the website instead.

I have had some experience with the WAH/WAHP/WHA program back in the days and I had determined that it was a scam. Why? Well let me explain.

First off, when you get to the website, you will notice how much effort they put into displaying the logos of top TV networks like NBC, ABC, CNN and more. This is a typical tactic used by many scams to make you let your guard down

Many people see those logos and think, if all these stations have endorsed this program then it must be legit right? Wrong!

First off, they have not been endorsed by any of these programs. It is an unheard of thing for any major TV network to endorse a work from home program. These scammers use these logos without permission.

They get away with it because they make minor alterations with the logos that is hard for the ordinary person to perceive. So technically, the logo they are displaying do not actually belong to these TV networks.

Another reason I say the WAHP program is a scam is the fact that they claim that they have been featured on the major TV networks. I went through the websites of these TV networks and couldn’t find a single file about this program. They only say that to fool you into joining.

Another sign they are a scam is the use of emotional appeal and rush tactics. They say you will make thousands in days. Then they continue to tell you that positions are limited and time is limited.

They claim that because of the recent exposure they have gotten from several news media, positions are disappearing fast so if you don’t hurry there will be no spot left for you.

These are all lies because if you go back to this website a month from now, the story will be exactly the same. Then they keep giving you bonuses every time you try to leave the page.

What does the WAHP program actually claim to teach?

This is another problem with this program. They don’t actually tell you what the program is all about. They spend a lot of time talking about how much you will make and how fast you need to act.

Then they drop the idea that you will make this money by posting links. Sad because link posting is the least effective way to make money online. It is a tool used by scammers and many organizations frown on it.

It is basically the practice of spamming several platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and many others with suspicious links in the hope that someone will click on it. Some people do click on it and they are directed to the WAH program.

When they get there, they are told the same story you were told and put to work for the scammers. You see, for link posting to work, millions of links need to be posted. These scammers know they can’t do it successfully alone so they recruit people like you to do it for them.

By the time you find out it’s a scam and quit, you will have lost time and money. Those links you posted will be working for the scammers still. Because very few people go back to take down the links the scammer wins.

I am bumped! Is there another way I can make money online legitimately?

Don’t lose hope. Because this one is a scam don’t mean there are no legitimate work from home businesses online. Actually, I am going to recommend wealthy affiliate for you.

Seeing how you have had experience with scams, it will be natural for you to be cautious. At wealthy affiliate you can do just that because they have a free starter membership you can use to test drive.

With this starter membership, you can get a feel for the program and if you like it, you can upgrade to premium which is $49 a month. If you don’t like it, you can leave no questions asked.

They will teach you a variety ( affiliate marketing, content marketing, email marketing, social marketing) of techniques to use online to make money. They also help streamline the process of starting a business by providing a platform to build a website like mine here.

I hope this review was helpful.

Cheers Denise.


    1. Sorry Kaylee,
      I am not the owner of the Robin Kate Moore WAHP program. If you read through the post, you will see that I do not recommend this program.

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