1200weekly.com scam; work at home stuffing envelopes

Program: Work at home stuffing envelops

Website: 1200weekly.com

Owner: Unknown

Price: $29.99

Recommended? No it is a scheme.

As you many have noticed, there are tons of programs online promising to help people make thousands and even millions of dollars online. Many of these programs online are filled with hype because they know many people come looking when they are desperate.

Today I will be reviewing 1200weekly.com to help you decide if this program is legit or a scam like thousands of other programs online. I will begin by telling you what this program is all about, then I will move forward to give you my opinion about this program.

I will lay out all the information and it will be up to you to decide if you like the program or not.

What is 1200weekly.com all about?

1200weekly.com is a company that promises to pay people 1200 a week to stuff envelopes. In fact, they say you will make $5 for each envelop you stuff. The job tittle they say is known as independent home mailer and no experience is required to join.

According to them, the amount of envelops you stuff will depend on you so, you could make as much as you can because the job is unlimited.

They claim that there are many mail order companies that need people to work for them but do not want to hire new employees so 1200weekly.com helps these companies out by finding people who are willing to do the job.

They explain that overall, it is cheaper for these companies to hire you because they won’t have to process all the paper work necessary.

These companies they explain won’t have to follow all other bureaucratic procedures like providing you with insurance, doing background checks, providing you with a place to do your job and providing you with supplies.

So for the above reasons plus the fact that these companies can skip paying taxes, makes it cheaper for the company when independent contractors like you work for them.

1200weekly.com do not bother to tell you which companies will provided the job to you but they go ahead to say how easy the work will be. They say it will involve stuffing pre-addressed envelops with brochures they provide and then mailing them.

They claim that all the information they have provided is true and reliable. To join the program, you need to pay a one time processing fee of $29.99. They promise to reimburse twice your processing fee after you stuff 50 envelops.

My opinion about 1200weekly.com

I have never come across an envelop stuffing program that was not a scam. It is one of the oldest known scams online.

1200weekly.com claims that they will pay you $5 for all envelops you stuff even if the client does not join the program. This alone is a red flag because no company will work on a negative.

They can’t continues to pay you for every envelop you stuff if they are not making money from it.

To make matters worst, they claim that you can stuff as many envelops as possible. This too is not true because I know people who can stuff more than 1000 envelopes a day. Will they pay $5000 to that person? I don’t think so.

This is a scheme and they depend on desperate people joining without thinking. They know desperation can make people do stupid things.

This program offers no real value and it is my opinion that joining will be a mistake.

What are people saying? 

Below is a ripoff complaint submitted by one of their members about the 1200 weekly program.

You can read more reviews at ripoff.com 

I really want to work from home. Is there another way to do this?

There are many legitimate ways to work from home. You can do what is the most popular way; affiliate marketing. This is the process where you refer people to buy someone’s products and get paid a fraction of the sales as commission.

Many make good money online selling their own products. If you are skilled at making things with your hands, you can build a website and display these products on just like is done on Amazon. With enough sharing on social media, you can sell your craft and make money from home.

Esty is another great platform for crafty people to sell their products. It is free to join. You pay a little fee to sell a product but you get access to thousands of people online looking to buy unique items.

If you are skilled at teaching, there are many ways you can make money by tutoring students online. You can either do it via your own website or through a business that offers these services on a big scale.

Then there is Fiverr, one of the quickest growing freelance platforms. People go there to sell there skills to millions of people across the world. It can be very competitive but many people make a living off it.

Finally, there is wealthy affiliate. Everything I know about online marketing, I learned form them. I have been a member for a couple of years now and my life have turned around for the better.

They teach people how to become successful online entrepreneurs. It is free to join and you can stay in your trial membership until you make up your mind to upgrade. Check them out at www.wealthyaffiliate.com 

Cheers Denise.


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