Is Hazel peppergood legitimate or just another scam?

Program: Mailing jobs, envelope stuffing



Owner: Hazel Peppergood

Price: $68.95

Recommended? No



I am amazed by the number of make money programs that are on the internet these days. If it had been like this when I started, I would have had a really hard time.


I can see how it is a dilemma for many, choosing the good businesses from the scams.  I have been reviewing products online for a while now and have noticed some basic features that can help you determine whether a program is legitimate or not.


I will be writing a review of to help you determine if this program is legitimate or a scam. So read on,


What is the Hazel Peppergood mailing job all about?


This program promises to help you find mailing jobs from companies that want you to mail their sales literature. She claims that her positive experience in this business is prove that the program is legit.


According to Hazel, these companies are eager to pay you and you can start making money right away. She promises to help you determine which companies are scams and which ones are legit.

This job is suppose to be easy and takes very little of your time. According to Hazel peppergood, you do not need any experience and you can do it from home and at your own time.


Hazel says she enjoys helping people and because of her success, she has decided to spend some time writing about this program, so many more people can rip the benefits like her.


My take on Hazel Peppergood’s work at home job


There are many things that raised alarm bells in my mind when I was going through her website. She made a lot of unrealistic claims and some pretentious ones too.


She claims not to like how some companies post ads about mailing jobs and require people to pay in order to get mailing kits and information. She says this practice is terrible especially as many of these companies never send the kits after the money is paid.


Well all this sounds noble until you get towards the end of her article and find out that she is charging a one time payment of $68.95 in order to get the information about legit and non-legit companies.


This is not the only contradiction I found. Right at the beginning, it is clearly stated in blue how the program is free for a limited time but is was never free to begin with. The limited time is emphasized to make you take a rush decision.


She says you will start saving right away with her because after you pay the one time fee of $68.95, you will get a $25 mail in rebate. Wow, talk about guts!


Another red  flag for me is the claims she makes at the beginning that her program has been in business for 17 years and has been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN and USA today.


I tried searching on the websites of these TV networks and couldn’t find any information about her company. If her program is as legit and popular as she claims, it shouldn’t be hard to find. Plus there are tons of reviews with people complaining about this program and how it ripped them off.


All that effort to display the logos of various TV networks is to make you let your guard down and think her program is legit when it is not!


Don’t fall easily for all the checks shown on this site either. Any one with a computer can design checks like that.

I don’t see how it will be cheaper for companies to pay you to mail confidential letters to others. This is something that can be easily done at their offices for less that what Hazel Peppergood is promising.


Bottom line


You shouldn’t have to pay to get a job. If you have to pay, then it should be that you are planning to start a business and this money will go towards lessons on how to do so.


There are many legitimate programs online that teach people how to make money online for free. Some of these programs include businesses like wealthy affiliate, affilorama, and more.


You can also make money online by freelancing your services on fiverr. This is one of the fastest growing freelance sites that has allowed many to work from the comforts of their homes.


If you are a crafty person, you can sell your crafts online on sites like esty and ebay to generate income. You can even be an online tutor.


The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that you don’t have to pay to work for someone. Employers have the responsibility to shoulder the cost of hiring.


If you have to pay, make sure the program is legitimate by researching reviews and complains.

Cheers Denise.


  1. Hi Denise,
    I’m writing because my mother needs a at-home job stuffing envelopes or something similar. She is retired, 80 year old, and has all of her mental wit about her. She is handicap with minimal computer knowledge. Can you recommend some type of work for her?

    1. This is Mr Kenneth Davis it’s a scam I try this program I was taken. For 600.00 dollars please stay away from this

  2. Hello Denise ! My name is Joseph ! I’m on disability and I’m trying to supplement my income disability income. You claim Ms. Pepper good is a fraud ; well if she’s a fraud. I would have to say the majority of the so called online businesses are fraud and if that is so : how would anyone kno, who is legitimate and who is not ! So you are the professional on this topic and issue . Can you explain or do you know what company is legitimate ?

    1. Hi Joseph,
      You are right to say that majority of make money programs online are scams. Watch out for programs that promise easy money. It is not realistic. You need to be ready to work hard to get what you want. This will not happen over night. That said, I recommend wealthy affiliate for beginners as an affordable place to learn how to make money online. You can join for free, click here

  3. Yes Hi Denise! I did fall for her work at home directory book back in 2000 and I paid with a money order for $29.95.I sent that co back the item and asked for a refund but never heard of again.So I sent her a couple of letters explaining on I want my money back sent to me by a money order or a cashiers check.I also emailed her but she said I don’t have to send you nothing back,so I emailed her again saying that I am going to turn her into several places for ripping me off.Then she sent me a bad email saying to quit or she will get her attorney involved in the situation. Denise do you know any legit companies that are envelope stuffing,assembly or something like that do exist?

    1. I don’t know of any legit envelope stuffing sites Teresa. I will do some investigating. Thanks for sharing your experience

  4. This is Mr Kenneth Davis please people stay away from this site I invested over 600.00 dollars for peel & stick address labels which I had to buy evenlopes for them then I shipped them to world wide publications this was 7 months ago still haven’t got paid

  5. Hi my name is Mr Kenneth Davis yes hazel pepperwood is a scam why well here’s my story I invested over 600.00 dollars for 2000 peel & stick address labels plus I had to buy the evenlopes then I shipped them to world wide publications this was 8 months ago and never got paid so people out there please stay away from hazel pepperwood

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