Emma Stewart work home program and cash from home course

I came across this program when searching for a work from home jobs. It was one of the many ads that was displayed in the resulting google page.


In this specific ad, it stated that you could make $55 – $65 an hour working from home.

I clicked on the ad link and was taken to a page that told a story about a single mom who makes $8000 a month in her spare time on her computer without selling anything.


It sounded too good to be true but I decided to press on. Reading through the page, I learned about Emma Stewart’s cash from home course.

They explained how a certain Mary Stevens from New Jersey bought Emma Stewart’s cash from home course and learned the secrets to making money online.


Emma Stewart is said to be a millionaire author who has discovered the secret to beating the recession and now is able to provided for her three kids thanks to her cash from home program.


They provided a link to the cash from home program. I clicked on this link and was taken to the Secure job position website.  I was immediately disappointed because I already know for a fact that Kelly Simmon’s secure job position is a scam.


I’ve had some bad experiences with it and so have others.


What is Emma Stewart’s cash from home course all about?


As I mentioned earlier, this program is nothing but a scam. It is Kelly Simmons secure job position in disguise.


Once you get to the home page of this course, you will see how much effort they have put in to displaying the logo of major TV networks like CNN, ABC, NBC and USA today.


All this plus the claim that they have been featured by these stations are lies meant to make you let your guard down. You may start rationalizing that if any of these networks featured them, then they must be legitimate.


But they are not legitimate and have not been featured by any of these networks. I took the time to investigate and couldn’t find a single mention of them on any of the websites owned by the above mentioned TV networks.


After they have gotten you to let your guard down, they start telling you how positions are limited so you need to act fast. They continue to remind you how lucky you are to have found their website because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Then every time you try to leave, a pop appears, asking you to stay and get a discount.

Emma Stewart (alias Kelly Simmons) spends more time talking about the day everything changed than explaining exactly what the course is all about.


She talks about the day she lost her job and everything came crashing. Then she met this man who told her about a program that changed her life.

The story goes on for quite some time. She never really explains what kind of work you will have to do to make all that money.


She does hint at some point that many companies will pay you to post links for them. So basically, you will make money by posting links.

Weird way to make money seeing how I’ve been in business for quite some time now and still haven’t found a company that will pay you to post links.


At the end of the day, they will scam you to work for them. Any link you post will be about them. You will help them scam even more people. By the time you realize it was all a big scam, you would have lost time and money.


You may think I sound too bleak but this is all as a result of my negative experiences with scams like this.


Bottom line


In my opinion, Emma Stewart’s cash from home course is a scam. You will waste time and gain nothing but a bad reputation for scamming people.


There are many legitimate ways to make money online. You can set up an account with fiverr, go through their list of skills and offer one to the public for a price in increments of $5. Many people make a full-time income on fiverr. It might take time but eventually it might work.


You can also make money by selling the things you make on Amazon, esty or eBay. Or you can find things on sale and sell them on these sites.

You can be a tutor for a company that provides those services to the public or you can build your website and offer those services directly


If you want to learn about all they ways to make money online, check out the free membership of wealthy affiliate. They offer a variety of lessons to help budding entrepreneurs build successful businesses online.

Cheers Denise.

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