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Working Solutions is located in Plano Texas. It was founded in 1996 and has since then evolved to become the highest-rated home agent company of its kind. It is a provider of call center outsourcing to many big companies. They hire and train home based customer service and sales agents.

Working Solutions has grown from one of the nation’s first virtual call center outsourcing companies to an industry leader. Serving the energy, retail, communications, travel, financial, and healthcare industries, the company’s expertise lies in operations, development, technology, recruiting, security, and analytics.

Working Solutions helps clients improve customer satisfaction, create better customer experiences, increase sales close rates, attain higher average order values, and improve efficiency.

The company maintains a team of more than 110,000 registered agents who work from home as independent contractors across the nation. They place great value on work flexibility as they believe this leads to better productivity and a greater team spirit. This also allows them to have a wide range of people to choose from.

Working Solutions employs a wide range of independent agents who reflect the diversity in the customers and clients it serves, including military spouses, stay-at-home parents, career-change professionals, and seniors.

Pros of working for working solutions 

  • Flexible hours
  • You work from home
  • There is some downtime
  • The training is comprehensive
  • Offers great growth potential
  • Training is paid


  • Software needed has too many glitches
  • Inconsistent contract work
  • The pay could be better

Hiring, work and pay

After you apply for a position, you normally get a response from someone in recruitment within a few weeks or less. Training is comprehensive and depends on what project you are starting.

It is important to keep your schedule clear during training as it is not flexible and you are expected to attend all training sessions or be dropped off the project.

As mentioned earlier, training is comprehensive, so missing one day would be like missing several days because a lot of information is taught in one day.

Most projects are paid by the minute or rounded up and paid per hour; so for example, you could be paid $.36/min but if you work more than 40 minutes, you get paid for the full hour. Remember though, this is only for “talk and wrap-up time” so, you’re only getting paid while you are on the phone taking calls.

Working solutions always pays on time. I would suggest though, that you enroll in direct deposit or enroll in one of their payroll cards. This just ensures that you get your money on time, rather than having to wait for a check in the mail.

Job requirements

There are four major steps you need to go through before becoming an agent with working solutions.

First you need to create a profile and sign up to become an agent. Your are suppose to do all of this on the computer you intent to use for the job.

This is required because during your application and evaluation time, the technical capabilities of your computer will be determined too.

After you have completed the application process and the technology scan, you can now take the assessment to see if you qualify.

The assessment includes written and verbal interview questions and aptitude tests. The phone interview can take up to two weeks to schedule after you pass your test.

If you pass the assessment and get approval to be an agent, you will be ask to watch an orientation video then check opportunities and apply to a program. You will get a paid rigorous training for about two weeks and begin work.

Bottom line 

If you are a hardworking committed person who enjoys helping people on the phone on a daily basis and wants to work from home, this maybe the job for you. You will need an up-to-date computer with fast internet, a quiet place you can work and a landline phone.

For more information about working solutions jobs, click here.

Cheers Denise

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