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America is a melting pot as they call it because of all the different cultures that exist within its confines. Many people from different cultural backgrounds immigrate here with very little or not ability to speak and read English.

Because of this, many translation companies offer their services to help companies in the healthy, education, retail and many other services communicate with these people.

Translation companies are a great source of work from home employment.

Today I will be writing a review of languageline solutions as reviewed by both its current and formal employees to give you an actual picture of how life is working for them.

What is languageline solutions all about?

LanguageLine Solutions was established in 1982 to provide an effective communication method for non-English speakers.

LanguageLine Solutions is among the leaders in providing face-to-face, phone, and video conference interpreting and document translation services.

LanguageLine Solutions work with about 25,000 clients worldwide from the healthcare, government, and business sectors, providing interpretation and translation services in over 240 languages.

They also provide services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

Languageline solutions is based in Monterey, California, and has offices throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.

They are the world’s biggest employer of professional interpreters and maintains a large remote workforce of phone and video interpreters, as well as on-site interpreters and corporate employees.

LanguageLine Solutions is known to hire for part-time, full-time, flexible schedule, freelance, and telecommuting jobs.

Pros of working from home for Languageline solutions

  • It is great working from home as you can skip the commute and traffic.
  • They offer flexible working hours
  • You get to help people solve their problems. It is very rewarding
  • You learn a lot about customer service, time management and stress management
  • Great opportunity to enhance knowledge in different fields and increase vocabulary
  • Training is good and you get paid on time
  • They offer a good 401k plan
  • You are entitled to three breaks, two 15 minutes breaks and one 1 hour brake. Plenty of time to reset.
  • Your work is reviewed periodically to give you pointers on how to improve and you are commended for the things you do right.


  • Little or no benefits, even for full time employees
  • Work can be very stressful and fast pace
  • Pay could be better for the work done
  • Sometimes there is poor communication between employees and managers
  • There is no phone support for employees; you have to do everything by computer and it is slow to get a response sometimes.
  • There is little room for growth and there are little or no raises

From what I have gathered combing through hundreds of employee reviews, there is a mixed feeling about working for languageline solutions.

Some people loved it so much while others did not. Some people get benefits while others don’t even as full time. It will seem that all of that depends on the level at which you are hired and the job title.

Some people complained of being laid off without notice.

Overall however, many people feel the job is very rewarding as they get to help people with their problems. People also like the fact that they can work from home.

The most satisfied employees were the cooperate workers who reported better pay and an excellent working environment plus benefits.

If you are interested in working for languageline solutions, click here to apply.

Cheers Denise

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