What is online success plan?

Unfortunately, online success plan like many other programs that promise you money online is a scam or what people call fast money scheme. Programs like these focus on your need to make money and lure you into a trap.

If you watch the video presenting online success plan, you will see that they fail to give you an actual explanation of what the program is all about. They go on an on about how you will be able to make tons of money in a short time with little or no effort.

Then they show you bank statements and tell you they are not trying to make you jealous; just trying to proof to you that their program actually works. However, these statements can be faked easily so you really have no way of knowing if they are legit.

It sounds wonderful to think that you can have a website that will make you a million or more in just one week. What people fail to ask is, what will the website be doing to make such an amount.

I will give it to these scammers; they know how to make people pay for their program. They don’t hesitate to flash fancy sport cars, luxury mansions and white sand beaches in front of your face.

Unfortunately, many people believe in these lies and fall for the scam. Let me point out some major red flags about the online success plan program

Red flags related to the online success plan system

  • The use of hype; As I have explained above, the online success plan makes very unrealistic promises. They also use a lot of hype to lure people to their scam, by saying things like “you will make up to 1 million in just six weeks doing little or nothing”.
  • If you look at their website, you will see how much effort they have put into displaying the logos of popular TV networks like NBS, USA today, ABC and CNN. This is very typical of scam sites; these logos are there to make you let your guard down as many consider this as a sign that this program it legitimate and fail to do a thorough research before committing to it.
  • The excessive use of security seals alone is a huge red flag. Only guilty people try so hard to show that they are not. Legit sites like Amazon don’t put so much effort in security seals as they really mean nothing. You can have a hundred of them posted on you site and still be unsafe.
  • The claim that they have been featured on the major TV networks is a lie. I did my research and could not find a single thread of news about them anywhere.
  • They claim that they need 50 people to join the program just to proof that it works but then they never stop recruiting. This program has been online for years; you will think that they must have already recruited 50 people by now.
  • The use of urgency is ridiculous. They pressure you to commit without thinking it through by stating that you have to act fast or loose your chance. Like I said, ridiculous because when you come back tomorrow or the day after, the story will be the same.

Bottom line

Well I have given you my two cents. It is up to you to decide if this program is what you are looking for. There are legitimate programs out there like Wealthy affiliate that will teach you the ropes on how to make money online. Making money online however, does not happen over night. You need to learn and work hard at applying what you’ve learned.

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