Simple money sites program review

Program: Simple money sites education program


Price: $97 and some upsells

Recommended? No

Simple money sites is suppose to be a program that will teach you a step by step method to build a millionaire money making site in just an hour and start making thousands in just weeks.

According to the video, you can make this money mostly on auto-pilot and you can build several of these websites that will give the same results in no time.

There is no explanation of exactly what you will be doing to make such an exorbitant amount of money on the internet doing little or nothing. The video is filled with hypes and testimonials of people claiming to have turned their life for the better with the program.

Over and over, people give testimonials that you cannot verify. It is funny how I couldn’t find any information proving that this product is legit on any review site.

There is a continues feed at the bottom of the page that updates regularly about the people who have bought into this program. I don’t doubt that this is happening but I am pretty sure these people soon find out that they have been fooled into a fast money scheme.

It is my opinion that the simple money sites program is a scam. The pictures they use on their page to show people who have supposedly made money with their program are stock photos. Stock photos are available online for anyone to buy.

They say they will give you full and free access to their program with a personal coach and mentor but this is wrong. This is a way to get your information so they can send their goon squat to pester you into committing into even more scams.

The tactic they use to make you feel like spots are limited is very worrisome. If the program is as legitimate as they say, they shouldn’t rush you; they should give you time to think it through and make the decision for yourself.

Anyway, the spots are not limited at all because you can come back a week or even a month later and the story will be the same. Nothing in life is fool proof; saying that a website is fool proof is the same as saying they are perfect. Any reasonable person will know that nothing is perfect.

Bottom line

If anything was true about the video, it was the idea that to succeed online, you need guidance from someone who knows the ropes already. However, the idea that you are going to become a millionaire overnight is gross exaggeration. Maybe if your uncle or grandmother died and left you their fortune or you won the lottery then maybe you can become rich over night.

I don’t claim to know everything online but I have been online long enough to know a scam when I see one and to me, the simple money sites program is a scam. I don’t like that they don’t even bother to put the name of their website on their main page.

To me, this behavior is to make it easy to change the purpose of the program as they see fit. Today they can call it simple money sites and tomorrow something entirely different.

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  1. Thank you Denise for this review. ..

    I am a single mom and have witnessed all the numerous false sites that take over the internet.
    My question is do you recommend of any of the good opportunities out there…

    1. Your Welcome Lakita. I’m Happy to be of help anyway I can. There are many opportunities out there. It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a job you can do from the comfort of your home, read my post titled Work home job for seniors for a thorough list of 100 top legit work from home jobs.

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