Bobbie Robinson’s Copy The Millionaire program review

Program: Bobbie Robinson’s copy the millionaire

Price: $97 and upsells


Recommended? No

The Bobbie Robinson’s copy the millionaire program is not different from Bobbie Robinson’s work at home program. This program like similar programs online promise you untold riches in little or no time.

The video flashes bank statements, testimonials and even more promises but fail to tell you exactly what you will be doing to make money. Michael the spoke person says he went from rags to riches in no time with the system on auto-pilot.

Then he says spots are limited and when the timer counts down, you will not be able to join again. He continuously talks about all the bogus systems that fail people and how his program is different but I doubt it.

How can you make thousands a month selling nothing? And if he is so rich and wants to help people, why is he charging you to join the program? I know he says people need to pay some money in order to be committed to the program but why is he not giving people the chance to test drive the program before joining?

He makes it sound like people who fail to join are lazy bumps and can’t follow instructions but I think not. Plus the one time membership fee is a trap because people have complained about unapproved charges to their credit card from this program.

Plus the idea that spots are limited is a lie because I know for a fact that this program has been around for a while and the story they feed people has not changed at all.

Bottom line

It is my opinion that this program is shady. Every time I tried to leave the website, they offered me a discount. This makes no sense as they claimed they were trying to help people. You can’t beg people to help them except you are not.

The bonuses continued until they asked me to pay just $27 to join. Off course I didn’t join. They asked for way too much information just to register a member. I don’t see why they need my phone number to register me.

It is my experience that sites like this will sell your number to others and soon your phone will ring off the hook with people trying to sell you things you don’t need.

Finally, no program is fool proof so don’t fall for this program without doing a thorough research to make sure it is the right program for you.

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