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Cactus Communications provides ample training programs and professional development that are intended to helps its “Cactizens” achieve their professional and personal professional objectives.

Cactus Communications supports a workplace that embraces diversity, both in nationality and perspective. In the past, Cactus Communications has hired for telecommuting, freelance, and part-time employment opportunities.

Cactus Communications Jobs necessitates that editors be familiar with Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word and has excellent English grammar skills. You will also need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a science field to apply.

Telecommuting jobs are basically as significant as office-based employment. At CACTUS, you will join a group of highly trained editors and writers who are professionals in diverse academic fields.

Simply because you work from home does not indicate you must feel remote. Your day-to-day communications with Cactus and the engagement programs will create a sense of community.

Cactus Communications employs a team of highly trained editors who are professionals in diverse academic fields. CACTUS is honored to be 15th position after a screening of more than 40,000 organizations on FlexJobs Top 100 organizations for Remote/Freelance Jobs.

They are usually looking to employ Editors on a full-time work-from-home basis.

Jobs will vary based on the task that you are employed to work on. In several situations, editors format manuscripts to be submitted to science or medical journals.

Particularly, you will be working with information related to engineering, physical sciences, medicine, chemistry, and healthcare.

Employee Benefit

  • Work from home basis serves as a great opportunity to develop your skill set and advance in your profession.
  • Flexibility: You can telecommute from anywhere in the world.
  • An employee will be given adequate training to become adept at editing.
  • An employee will have infinite access to special interviews with industry professionals, contents on the most recent industry trends, and writing tips and publication on Cactus discussion and learning platform.
  • Employees will be privileged to research conducted At CACTUS Communications, and carried out globally and will get an insider’s opinion of the burgeoning, multi-million-dollar publishing industry.
  • Save on commute time: A telecommute job will not simply save time but as well spare you from the much-dreaded travel fatigue.
  • More time with friends and family: With a telecommute job, you will have more time with your friends, families and make time for your hobbies. You can center on personal growth while being professionally challenged.

How Much Does Cactus Communications Pay?

Cactus Communications’ pay rate depends on the nature of the employment. Pay at Cactus communications average around $46,827 a year.

Meanwhile, employees with the title Editor make the least with an average annual salary of $32, 410, Cactus Communications employees with the job title Brand Strategist make the most with an average annual salary of $59,026,

Hiring Process

Cactus Communications Jobs are applied for online. Applicants are asked to fill in the necessary details and select the post they are interested in.

The process is automated in which you go through a test. In the first instance, you take a multiple choice editing test and you will be given a short document to edit if you pass the first test.

What are Previous and Current Employees saying?

  • You have the opportunity to be working in a friendly environment, that is, at the comfort of your home
  • Many employees enjoy working for this company and would do it again.
  • Some however did not enjoy their time working for cactus communications. Many think the pay could be better and more benefits will be good too.
  • By working from home, it is observed that people were opportune to earn two incomes yet pay fuel for only one car.

Bottom line 

Cactus is a great place to work if you are science inclined and enjoy working from home.

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