What is Richard Paul’s countdown to profits all about: is it a legitimate business or a scam?

Program: Richard Paul’s countdown to profits scam

Website: Countdowntoprofits.com

Price: $97 to begin then monthly charges vary.

Recommended? No

What is countdown to profit all about?

Countdown to profit is a program that promise to help people make at least $500 to start if they watch a video and follow a step by step lesson exactly. This program is owned by Richard Paul and has been around for a while.

The video you are supposed to watch in order to get your first $500 is filled with testimonials from people who claim that this program has helped them make a lot of money.

Richard Paul spends a lot of time talking about himself and how he made just about $9.50 an hour as a bank teller before discovering his top secret countdown to profit.

He gives very little information about what his program is all about. He claims his program is legit unlike many other programs that are not. This program according to him is the brain child of his childhood friend.

It is supposedly an algorithm that can dump massive amounts of commission into your bank account on autopilot.

The whole intro video is more of  a “I make millions of dollars a year completely on autopilot”. They amount of hype is outrageous. There is a lot of talk about 1000 dollar sales but no specifics are given.

It goes on and on like this for a while until you are asked to join fast as spots are limited. They claim this program is worth $397 to start up but they are going to let you pay $97 if you pay right away.

Richard Paul insist that this product is autopilot but then says once you activate it you will get a personal millionaire mentor coach who will hold your hand as you set up your account. This coach will supposedly do all the selling for you while you relax and get rich.

The comment section is filled with people appreciating the program but I noticed a couple pictures that where stock pictured I had come across on a popular scam site.

My take on the Richard Paul countdown to profit program

Richard Paul’s countdown to profits is unfortunately not a legitimate business. It is one of several scams that promises you quick cash online. He doesn’t say exactly how you will make money.

He just claims that you will make thousand in commission selling stuff. He claims that, he has made plenty and think someone else should too. So, I wonder, why not offer a trial period for this program if he is so sure that it is fool prove.

The design of this scam is so familiar that it only took me a quick scan of the home page to realize it. This scam like dozen others l have come across try to make you drop your guard down by displaying a ton of security seals that are all fake.

I was also worried about the statement that “you had to do exactly as he said to succeed”. I have heard of programs that blamed failure on the inability of people to follow their steps exactly even though such programs fail to provide good guidance.

Countdown to profit has nothing to do with a money making algorithm. It is actually a link posting scam.

All these link posting scams online really get under my skin.  This practice of link posting is so annoying. So basically, what they do and claim to teach is how to spam legitimate sites with tons of links, in the hope that some unsuspecting person will click on it and be redirected to their scam site.

To become a member, you need to give them your email address and phone number. They emphasize the phone number so they can send their goon squat to harass you with none stop offers. And they spam your email with so many ads, it will make your head spin.

If you make the mistake of registering with your regular email, you’ll be sorry. Registering with your email is the first step. To become an active member, you need to pay $97 up front. They even promise you’ll be given $500 if you register within a certain period and make no money within a month.

Don’t count on getting any $500 and don’t count on getting a refund either. Their 30 day money back guarantee is a joke if you ask me. They even claim their program is worth $2000 and people have been happy to pay it.

Bottom line

If you are serious about learning how to make money online, stay away from countdown to profits. If you don’t believe me, read other reviews online. I don’t want to tell you to try it and see because I know you won’t learn anything from them.

$97 might seem like a small amount but multiple that by a thousand and it becomes big money for the scammer. This scam will always be online because they make money fooling people especially the desperate ones who need money fast.

I don’t have a quick money autopilot scheme to propose to you because the truth is, nothing good comes easy. If you really want to learn how to make money online, then wealthy affiliate might be the place for you.

They offer tons of lessons online to help people start a successful online business. They have a free membership that doesn’t expire. So, as a newbie, you can take time and learn without feeling the pressure to upgrade until you’re ready.

I hope this post was helpful. Please leave a comment.

Cheers Denise


  1. Than you for being real people dont have money to loos. God bless you i was going to send $97.00 dollars but had insafishint funfs in my account. That was God looking out for me. God bless you

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