Is the Jeffrey Hart ez money team system a scam?

Product: Online education, copy and paste, link posting.

Owner: Jeffrey Hart


Recommended?: No

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Now back to the review of EZ money team system.

I came across Jeffrey Hart’s EZ money team while browsing YouTube for work from home videos.

In his video Jeffrey Hart claimed to have taken the internet by storm with his fool proof money making program. He claimed that his method was new and revolutionary.

He said he was going to teach the first 50 people who registered to his top secret make money system for free.

They won’t have to buy or sell anything to make money with his program. They will only have to give people what they are already looking for online.

He claimed his program was so good that he was going to give anyone who watched the entire video $650. The catch was to register at the end of the video to get access to the top secret ez money team system and your $650 reward.

Jeffrey Hart kept claiming that his top secret ez money team system had been featured on major TV networks like NBC, ABC and FOX news. His program was so good that it put the internet into a frenzy.

So I figured that, if I searched for them on some of the news networks he mentioned, I could get more information to help me with the decision of whether to join or not.

I was surprised when I couldn’t find any mention of their program in any of these news networks. My suspicion grew especially as he kept showing testimonials about how so and so student of his was making 6 figure income online in just months.

I don’t doubt that it is possible for people to make good money online but I doubt that it can happen in just months.

At this point, I had many questions. Why was Mr Jeffrey not giving enough information about his business in the video?

How exactly was he going to help people make big money online in just months? What was his method?

Why does it have to be secret if he is willing to give it for free and even add $650 if you watch the whole video?

Maybe it’s me but I smelled a rat. I don’t trust the EZ money team system period.

He claimed in his video that spots were limited and the top secret video was going to be taken down in 24 hours. This was a big lie because a few days later, I found the very same video on YouTube saying exactly the same thing all over again.

I think this EZ money team system is a fast money scheme/ scam because it has a lot of the features of many popular online scams.

The very first feature I noticed was the claim that they have been featured by all these TV stations only for me to find nothing about them in any of the TV stations.

Second was the use of emotional appeal instead of facts to draw people to the program. It is true that it will be amazing to work from home but using hype to attract people to a program that has no legit history of success is troubling.

Third is the use of false safety. They do this by making you feel safe so you can let your guard down. One instance of this is the fact that Jeffrey Hart tell you it is free to join but later on you realize you need to pay to become a member. Then he says “I’ll give you $650 if you watch all of this video” but never make good on the promise. Finally the money back guarantee is just there for nothing.

I won’t advise you to give your bank information to them. Don’t let all the security seals fool you. If you must try this program, make sure to make a whole new email address just for it. You don’t want your regular email to be spammed.

Bottom line

I believe that the EZ money team system is a scam. It has a lot of the signs of major scams online.

If you are still interested in learning how to make money online, go to wealthy affiliate and find out how.

Wealthy affiliate has a free membership that doesn’t expire. Their program is no secret so you will be able to learn a ton about them and what they offer from their home page even before you join.

I hope this review was helpful.

Cheers Denise.




    1. I don’t recommend ez money team. I believe it is a fast money scheme. You have to pay to start, there is no free trial period. If you are looking for a place to learn how to make money online, try wealthy affiliate. They have a free trial period.

  1. I fell for this too. I know now what God was talking about in the bible false prophets also means terrible people using you But MOST OF ALL ANOTHER BREAKING HEART. GOD BLESS YOU FOR TELLING ABOUT THE SCAMMERS AMEN

  2. Denise,
    I went to the website. I would love to be able to generate income but I don’t know how to set up website to do anything… could u talk me through the process on what works and doesn’t?

  3. I was told about EZ MONEY from my husband, but what he did not know that I was in EZ MONEY many years
    ago. The name of the company is the same, by the way I made no money, and I received no bonus check at
    all just for joining. “EZ MONEY” IS A SCAM!!!!!!!

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