What is quick cash system?

Since you are hear today, looking for a review of the quick cash system, you must have some ideas about it already. In this review, I will try to help you figure out whether Sarah Markel’s quick cash system is legit or a scam.

Quick cash system review 

The CEO of Quick Cash System, Sarah Markel claims that she became a successful woman, a millionaire with the help of Quick Cash System software. And of course, like many other similar binary trading programs, she now wants to give you this software for free.

She claims anyone can use this system with zero knowledge and experience and become a millionaire in 3 months. Such a big claim! The first thing you are expected to do is watch a promotional video about how the CEO made millions of dollars with her ‘secret’.

In this video she regarded all the other binary options programs as scams. Here she claims that she needs only 250 members and already have 144 persons on board so you should hurry.

Well this number has not changed in months, and this is a program that is supposed to make you thousands of dollars every day, is a clear indication that membership is unlimited.

That is all you need to hear to register with their preferred broker and there is an email capture form right there and a ‘Show Me the Money’ button at the bottom where you put your email for registration.

There is nothing really fascinating about this second page. No intro, no info, no ‘About Us’ button only the logo of a broker and promotional video. This is the preferred broker with whom you have to sign up with.

You will then have to open an account. Why they won’t allow you to trade with your own chosen broker is up for debate but that puts you at a disadvantage right there.

The ‘Show Me the Money’ button leads you straight to trading where you will find ordinary trade lists. No explanation on how you can make money with the Quick Cash System robot.

The list which you can find anywhere else shows a number of lost trades which nullifies the promotion in woman’s assertion of the 99.9% accuracy. In this video, Sarah Markel promises to give you a free bonus just for registration on Quick Cash System site.

When they first launched, it was just a free bonus and now it’s up to $100 upon registration, it doesn’t make sense. Anyway, once you’ve funded your account with $250, you will have to click on the wheel to get your bonus which is actually tied to your $250 and there is no way you could get your money back if you decide to quit.

You can now select to trade manually or use the autopilot, and it is just a matter of time before you finish up with your cash gone. If you are tired of all these programs that make promises but never keep them, click here to learn about my #1 recommendation for making money online. 

There are so many complaints on the internet regarding internet binary scams. It is of utmost importance that you to pay attention to “earnings disclaimer” pages when visiting any binary options sites.

Most of the time they warn people about high level of risk involved in trading binary options. This is in conflict with what they usually advertised. In the case of Quick Cash System, it promises to help you quit your job in 24 hours with 99.9% profit assurance and at the same time their website’s disclaimer read that they don’t guarantee any income and that you are advised not to invest your last money because you can lose your entire investment.

When you are trading with Quick Cash System, you can expect to find that they will try to sell you a book on binary options trading for $500, another way to get money from your pocket. They really push you to buy this book. You would expect that they would give you an eBook if you were trading with them since they said everything is free.

Bottom line

From several Quick Cash System forums, there is not a single trader who says he/she made any significant amount of money from this system, let alone the $100 that is emphasized in the video.

When a supposed legitimate business have consistent negative feedback from their clients. It means they are scammers or their operations is a serious failure. Everything about Quick Cash System point towards it being a scam.

  • The customer support which is extremely poor.
  • Getting your email answered once you get into a fix is a nightmare.
  • Many traders reported good support in the beginning when they are investing money but it became difficult to get a response when they started losing money.
  • Some reportedly lose money even though it was not being traded.
  • There are also complaints that the trading sessions were not consistent and sometimes you will have to wait for longtime before a trading session begins, and even then, the trades are too slow in comparison with what’s shown in the promotional video.

In my opinion, Quick Cash System is a complete waste of time, money and effort. A program that promises to make you a millionaire within 100 days don’t have a private mail but uses a free Gmail account. No money back guarantee, No evidence that someone has made at least $100 using Quick Cash System, No quality customer service nor can the owner be contacted and so on.

It is advisable for you invest in some other reputable binary trading programs. You can also learn about my #1 recommendation for making money online by clicking here.

Cheers Denise

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  1. It has been a really tough time for me trading binary options. I lost almost $130,000 investing in my binary option brokers.

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