Is oris cash system a scam?

There is a good chance that you are also confused about what Oris Cash System is all about as everything about it looks so shady. Usually you’ll find less negative reviews on affiliate sites but this one is a little different. Oris Cash System is claimed to be an affiliate marketing business with links of some sort which have so many red flags.

What is an Affiliate Link?

Affiliate marketing is simply a practice where business owners’ reward affiliates through commission for each customer or visitor brought through the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

It is not compulsory to sell products all the time to make a commission. In affiliate marketing, your duty is to sell other people’s stuff online by posting their advertising materials on your website and social media accounts using a unique link thereby paid commission for anyone that buy through your link.

This is one of the numerous legit ways people make money online. Unfortunately for the affiliates at Oris Cash System, It’s a scam as you will see in the review below.

Oris Cash System claims

The site claims that you can make $4000 in 7 days by investing $12. wao! And the big question is how would one do that? Well, according to Oris Cash System there is absolutely no risk!

They say there is nothing to download, no websites to build, no ads you have to design, no data entry, no email list, no chain letter. And which work are you supposed to do from home still remains a mystery.

Just make a one time payment of $12 and get straight into the members area where you will see nothing but ask yourself what AM I supposed to do here? They claim there is no site building or ad posting, but there seems to be absolutely no details on what it is you are actually supposed to be doing to make money.

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Don’t be deceived by all sorts of “trusted” links on the site because any average hacker with minimal graphics skill can come up with that in a matter of hours. And as far as the “official seals of approval” from trusted sites such as McAfee, these are simply .jps images simply pulled from another site entirely.

So this still go back to the question how exactly are you supposed to generate money? what is my $12 buying or selling to generate that much money they promised.

There are snap shots of bank accounts and testimonials of various people, but it’s very easy to fake photos and testimonies. In fact, you can easily download stock photos and use them to make fake testimonials online.

And all the money shown in the screen shot is not from an actual bank account, and in most cases, if the account is real, it is the owner’s account with money made from affiliates promoting their scam.

An interesting case is that no one has actually posted a positive review of money that has been made on any of the many online forums which clearly shows Oris Cash System is nothing but a scam. A user in a forum claimed she was told to pay another $250 after she lost the initial $12.

What About the 60 Day Cash Back Guarantee?

Here is another claim. The site seems to have no contact for an owner or really any sort of help desk what so ever. No mobile number nor email of the owner whatsoever and there is a 60 day cash back guarantee, but from whom?

The site itself has been listed as having malware and officially reported as being untrustworthy, as well as been given an extremely low rating of reliability by several other sites. No one knows the owner of the site as well as the source it originates from which raises its flag level to a high risk.

Even though $12 seem pretty small but if you are not careful you will kiss  goodbye to your entire bank account. Without any way to trace the site or it’s owner, there is no way to guarantee anything this site says at all is legit.

There are absolutely no details as to what you WILL be doing, only what you will NOT be doing. Just Walk Away From the Mystery “Process” of Oris Cash System!

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Cheers Denise


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