Is paid viewpoint a scam?

So many people go online looking for a way to make money and one of the easiest ways is paid surveys. They pay pennies for your opinion and most survey sites are free and easy to join.

In this post, I will be reviewing one of these survey sites called Paidviewpoint.

According to PaidViewpoint, they offer the “friendliest experience ever for survey takers,” but how authentic and legitimate is this site and their claims?

PaidViewpoint is a get paid to (GPT) survey site that promises its users a fun and happy experience. Earn cash by referring friends, taking surveys, and filling out questionnaires.

It is available in 114 countries. The site is owned and operated by Umongous Inc. which have their headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Signing Up

You have to be minimum of 13 years before you will be able to sign up for PaidViewpoint. The registration is very easy and isn’t invasive as you’re only required to give the basics.

While with some sites you can earn up to $5 when you sign up, PaidViewpoint give you a bonus of mere $1. To reach your highest potential with PaidViewpoint you will have use their referral program.

You can have an unlimited amount of referrals and earn up to $25 per referral you make. PaidViewpoint referral program will also earn you 20% of what your referrals earn for taking “biz surveys” for life.

In other words, earn 20% from your referrals when they take surveys other than “Traits Surveys”. So its somewhat a pyramid scheme.

How does it work?

Surveys are the main feature this site has to offer. On average, you get about $0.10 per completed survey. Sometimes there are a few that go from $0.30 to $2, but these are more sparse because they go fast.

PaidViewpoint keeps its survey short and sweet though it is a bit more than they advertised. It takes about 3-4 minutes to complete each survey on the average.

The great thing about their surveys is that once you’re in, you’re in. You’ll never be disqualified in the middle of the survey.

“Trait Surveys” is a feature that pays you to give more personal demographic information like your psychological make up, health and medical conditions, religious beliefs, political views, ethnic or racial origin, trade-union membership, things you plan to buy etc.

These pay between $0.03 to $0.10. Take them regularly to slowly add up your earnings and Traitscore. Your Traitscore has remarkable influence on your surveys. The higher your Trait score, the higher you earn per survey.

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A high Traitscore also allows you to receive the maximum number of surveys per month. Note that receiving trait surveys regularly may depend on your region and the answers you give when filling out your demographics and other info in your profile.


Payment is done exclusively through PayPal, so if you live in a country that doesn’t accept it, you will meet difficulties when cashing out.

Another pro of this site is that after completing a survey you will be getting actual cold hard cash. The problem is the amount of time it takes to accumulate your earnings. You need to have at least $15 in your account for payout to be possible and when the time comes you can choose to keep it as cash or turn it into a gift card.

Payout is delivered into your PayPal account in less than 72 hours. In order to withdraw your cash for the first time, you will validate your account with your phone number in other to ensure that you’ve created only one account and no one else can access your winnings.

In case you change your phone number, your balance will be reduced to zero. Similarly, your account will be reduced to zero if you change your PayPal account email. It is advised you withdraw before changing any of the two.


The amount of information you share depends on the types of surveys you do. If you choose to do their “Trait Surveys,” you’ll definitely be sharing more about yourself than in their regular surveys.

In their Privacy Policy, it’s promised that any personal information won’t be shared with third party sites or persons without your consent.

They make it very clear and vow they’ll never use or share your number. They take “reasonable” security measures, but yet trusting people you don’t know with very personal information is a huge risk. Paid Viewpoint don’t really care if you register with a fake name and don’t ask for your whole physical address either.

In conclusion 

Their service may be worth it to someone who has a lot of free time on their hands. But really how lucrative can it be? Well…not so much.

Though PaidViewpoint survey is not as boring as other survey companies, it all comes down to the money and privacy. You don’t earn a whole lot of money with PaidViewpoint, and users are now beginning to realize it.

This isn’t going to make you rich. When you only earn a couple cents per survey, it takes a lot of time for profit to accumulate.

They advertise surveys that will earn you between $10 and $20 but yet most, if not all of their surveys only earn you pennies on a dime.

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