Is madness cash system a scam?

Name: Madness Cash System
Owner: Not known
Price: $12
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100
Verdict: Online Scam

Funny thing is when you get to the home page of this program, they tell you exactly what you want to hear. Things like you can work from home and avoid the morning traffic, you can be your own boss and you can make a lot of money in just days (even though they claim it is not a fast money scheme).

They slam you with tons of testimonials that are truly hard to resist, especially for the little person in us that still believes in fairy tales.

Madness cash system claims to offer you an easy money system that will help you convert $10 to $10,000 in just a week.Then they go and charge you $12 for membership.

They sugar coat things with images of luxury, a woman in bikini, luxury car, luxury homes and lots of money.

After listening to them for a while, you will soon realize that you have not been given any clue as to how the system works. It is just a lot of hype and on and on story of people making millions by working just a few hours a day.

They make a huge effort to tell you what you won’t be doing. They mention things like,

  • You won’t have to build a website or landing page.This is a big red flag because if it were true, they too won’t need a website to make money but they do because it is how they get to you. If you ever want to make real money online, you will always need a website. Madness cash system has a great landing page and that is how they are able to lure people to their program. For them to tell you that you won’t need one to make money online is a lie.
  • You wont have to sell any products – this should be a sign that this program is a scam. You have to be able to sell products or services in order to make money online.
  • You will never need to advertise to make money (Google Adsense, Bing,Twitter,Pinterest, Facebook Pay Per Click Campaigns). This also is a lie as they use advertisement to make money and so do many people.
  • You don’t have to recruit members or start an email lists. Now this is the worst in their list of things you won’t need to do because this is exactly the kind of thing you will need to do to make money online. If email list was not that important, why are they asking you for yours.

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Why is madness cash system a scam?

It is quit easy to figure it out because after you pay the $12 you get nothing whatsoever simply because madness cash system does not exist.

The whole system is composed of the home page and the sign up page with other disclaimer pages and that is it.

$12 might be a little amount for you to lose but guess what? That is not all you will lose; they have some personal information from you and they can sell it to the best bidder.

Before you know it, your email will be swarmed with offers and if you gave them your phone number, your phone will ring off the hook too.

Now if you’ve already been scammed by Madness Cash System, you could call your credit card company and file a complaint, most likely you would get your money back and your Credit Card would handle any types of refund/lawsuit/etc. against Madness Cash System.

Another sign that madness cash system is a scam is the use of stock photos to make false testimonials. All the photos of people claiming they have made so and so amount thanks to this system are stock photos you can buy online from a few picture sites. Some picture sites even let you get the pictures for free.

Finally, if you look closely to the bank statement shown, you will see that it is not current. They must have stumbled across this statement somewhere and decided to use it to promote their scam.

Bottom line

Madness cash system in my opinion is a shameless scam. There are way too many red flags. The fact that the owner of the program is unknown is very worrisome. More so, they require a lot of personal information from you before you can join (including your contact number).

Then after you pay the fee, nothing happens; you lose contact with them and you have no way of contacting them in the first place because there is no contact page.

Finally, the fact that every time you try to leave a pop up appears telling you to stay and get so and so is a red flag. In one instance, when it happened, I stayed and was redirected yet to another scam that was all about trading options.

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Cheers Denise.

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