What is 500 cash club?

After taking a close look at 500 cash club, I have come to the conclusion that it is yet another quick money scheme. $500 Cash Club is a new scam that you need to avoid. I’m going to share the details below, so keep reading to get my review outlining all the red flags about this scam.

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What is 500 cash club all about?

$500 Cash Club says you will start earning immediately but the question remains; how real is this claim? 500 cash club is among the long list of schemes that promise to pay you $500 if you watch the whole video but this is all hype.

They end up saying the $500 has been deducted from your membership so you will only have to pay the balance. They make sure to complain over and over about all the scams out there and tell you how they are different.

They however are not different at all, at least to an experience online marketer like me, they are a stinky scam. They show nothing of value other than the sales videos designed to convince you to sign up to a company called Mobe.

Yes you heard me right, 500 cash club is the backdoor for a high ticket club called mobe. It’s certainly nothing new and I have seen this exact same website being promoted under a number of names in the past couple of years; one of them being “seven figure freedom formula”.

Mobe is a company that was started by Matt Lloyd. It is my believe that Mobe is a legitimate company but there are many affiliates who use unethical methods to get people to join this company.

Such people claim that you can make easy money and they give you ridiculous guarantees like you will make millions on autopilot. It’s a fairy tale and it’s never going to happen by following the advice of the $500 Cash Club.

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The number of people who succeed to make money online is generally low as many people fail to apply the techniques they learn. People always want the easy way out but that is not possible online.

If the success rate for legitimate programs are low, imagine how low those of programs like 500 cash club will be; especially as they lie and promise unrealistic achievements to their guest.

Now that you know 500 cash club is a backdoor for mobe, lets talk a little bit about it.

What is Mobe all about?

Mobe is a company that sell a number of digital products, that teach online marketing to people. Members of this program can make money by buying a license to sell these digital products.

The affiliate commission for selling this products is about 50% so you can imagine why these affiliates are so aggressive and come up with all sorts of methods to make you buy the products. They however, do not tell you what it entails to be a member of Mobe. They make you feel like you are joining a whole different organization.

The top affiliates in the company have made millions from being affiliates however it should be noted that the “top affiliates” in the company are pro’s who have already been top earners in various other companies.

They get you, the underdog to work for them. If you are a newbie you want to stay away from MOBE, because it’s simply not for newbies who are still trying to make their first buck online

It is also not the best program for someone low on budget as it is a high ticket program that require you to invest in the upwards of $10,000 before you can maximize it. You have to buy the products that you want to promote and they cost a lot of money.

So, is 500 cash club a scam?

Watch the video and lets break it down.

  1. They tell you, you will get $500 when you watch the whole video then at the end, they ask you to pay $97
  2. After you pay the $97 fee, you are connected to MOBE not the top secret money making method you payed for.
  3. At MOBE, you soon learn that you need to spend thousands to get products that have no value for you and then you need to sell these products to others to make money.
  4. The work home video that is featured by this scam is very popular among scammers.
  5. They lie that they have been featured by CNN but if you google their name+CNN, you won’t find anything that proves it.

Final thoughts

Making money online is no top secret that you have to pay before learning. There are many programs that will offer you the basic course for free. 500 cash club is a scam you should stay away from.

Don’t fall for their hype. If you are a newbie and really want to learn how to make money online, join wealthy affiliate for free today and learn how.

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