The coffee shop millionaire review

The coffee shop millionaire program has been around for sometime now. It is own by Anthony Trister and cost $ 37 a month plus up sells.
This coffee shop millionaire review is aimed at helping you determine the legitimacy of the program and whether or not it is the program for you.
There are mixed opinions about the coffee shop millionaire program; some people push it while many others believe that it is a scam.
I will tell you what I know it to be and let you make an informed decision.

What is the coffee shop millionaire all about?

Coffee shop millionaire is a program put together by Anthony Trister that claims to be the top program that will make you rich in no time.
In the video, he claims that this program can work for anyone regardless of your experience in online marketing.
The initial fee for joining the program is $37. Once you are in, they quickly start up selling to you. You soon realize that you need to buy into the Six Figure Success Club which cost an additional $297.
All this fee is for a training on how to make money online. After committing this far into the program, you then need to buy your domain name and then hosting.
The last two purchases are not expensive. A domain name cost about $10 a year on average and you can get decent hosting  for about $10 a month.
This program has 12 modules that teach you on various topics related to internet marketing. In addition to the lessons are videos, forums and community.
Coffee Shop Millionaire also cover email marketing, video marketing and article marketing.


  • They offer good education for beginners in IM
  • The introductory fee of $37 is relatively low
  • The course is easy to follow
  • In some instances, Anthony cuts down the hype and tell you that you won’t become rich over night
  • If you are not satisfied, you can always get your money back from clickbank before the guarantee collection period.


  • The owner uses too much hype to make people join his program. From his video, you can get the misleading impression that you will make a lot of money in little or no time, doing very little.
  • The training is outdated
  • There is no one on one coaching
  • My search on the better business bureau website indicated that the business is not real or is using a fake address. I found this very fishy.
  • They have no real customer support for their members. You can reach them via email or on Facebook but they are not consistent on giving replies which is frustrating to many people.
  • They offer very contradiction information. One time they say you can make tons of money with their program and then later on say it is not a guarantee that you will make money.

Is Coffee shop millionaire a scam? 

I don’t think internet shop millionaire is a scam. It is just very misleading in the sense that it makes people feel that making money online is easy business.
A lot of the materials they cover are outdated and that is a problem if you want to be ahead of the competition.
I have been working online for a while now. I make good money online because I work hard. I never stop learning.
The internet is dynamic and so should you. When you are looking for a place to learn how to make money online, consider finding a program that offers a trial membership.
With this trial membership, you can learn about the program from within and decide for yourself if it is worth joining.
No matter the online program, you will not be able to make thousands in just weeks as promised by coffee shop millionaire.
I am able to gross about $3500 a month now after two years of working hard on my businesses.
I believe you can make money online if you get the right information and if you work hard.
If you are interested in learning how to make money online, click here. 

Cheers Denise 

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