Maximus Crypto Bot reviews 2018

What is  Maximus Crypto Bot?

Maximus crypto bot is supposedly an automated trading software that supports both the cryptocurrency and forex trading platforms.
According to owner Kim, it can generate a success rate of up to 93% or more over a respectable time period.
Promoters of this program say the Maximus Crypto Bot system is the next generation of cryptocurrency trading software and it is bound to make a massive impact on the lives of many.

This is just the next addition to the long line of supposedly highly successful semi-automated trading programs for this producers.
According to the owners, there is a whole lot going on with this awesome new trading platform and you definitely need to know all about it.
They claim that it is not like other automated software that have left many hanging dry.

What really is Maximus crypto bot?

At its core, the Maximus Crypto Bot system is an automated cryptocurrency trading program. It is compatible with the cryptocurrency and forex markets.
It supports Japanese candlestick charting while reflecting real-time rates through prominent Reuters.
The Maximus Crypto Bot was created to serve as more of a replacement rather than a supplementation to traditional manual based trading approaches per makers.
This software has been very popular lately online. And the purpose of this one is to predict the cryptocurrency and forex markets simultaneously.
According to some, this double prediction means double gains too. Not sure how accurate this is as I know you got to give something to get something.
After several months of offline testing, the Maximus Crypto Bot became a registered and publicly launched trading solution as of March 20th, 2018.
It currently incorporates 5 customized technical indicators into their signal generating process.
Among these 5 technical indicators would be trend and reversal indicating instruments such as Fibonacci, MACD, EMA, Stochastic and Bollinger Bands.
According to the producers of this software, the Maximus Crypto Bot app will allow you to trade hundreds of different cryptocurrencies with a 93% success rate.
They claim that this particular system has a larger selection of cryptocurrencies to trade with than any other system that has come before it.

Is Maximus crypto bot a scam?

I don’t think this software is a scam but it does not mean I recommend it either. First off, 90% success rate in trading is like gold standard, let alone 93% as they claim.
To say that an automated software will achieve a 93% success rate is really stretching the truth in my opinion.
There is not really plenty of analysis required on your part for the system to work, it’s just a few clicks and it’s ready to go. That is apparently enough to increase your profits and I find this worrisome.
Maybe I am just old school and over controlling.
There is a lot of hype and flash surrounding this program. All you have to do to make money with them is to register, fill out a form, put money in your account. make a few more clicks and let the robot make money for you at a 93% success rate.
It is hard for any software, even those of the biggest and most popular banks to achieve a success rate of even 90% in trading.
If this algorithm actually achieves what they claim, that will mean this software alone is worth millions.
Claims and testimonials online state that initially, people have a success rate of between 74% and 85%. This is actually good if it is true.
It is hard to verify testimonials online however

Bottom line

As far as cryptocurrency is concern, looking before you leap is a good idea. If you have to invest using this software, start small.
Like any trading, only use money your are ready to loose because trading currencies and forex are as unpredictable as trading stocks.
This software is fairly new, so I will be updating this review with more information as time goes by.
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