reviews was formed when ClickBank suddenly, and without warning, expelled thousands of bad vendors from its marketplace in 2011, to save its reputation.
Many of these disgruntled vendors banded together and went oversees to build what is know today as clicksure.
The China and Mauritius-based ClickSure, is a place like clickbank where vendors meet but unlike Clickbank, the Moral standard is quite low and there is little or no oversight.

Clicksure lets everyone in without worrying about what quality of product they are selling to their clients.
They care more about making money and worry not about their reputation.
In fact, they don’t have to worry about their reputation at all as they are based in China where they are out of reach of American and European customer protection laws.
Is a scam?
ClickSure processes payments for all these vendors without trying to make certain that what they are selling actually benefits the client.
In my opinion, through guilt by association clicksure is a scam of epic proportions.
The complaints of  thousands of angry victims are available online if you want proof.
Just type clicksure complaints on your browser and you will be overwhelmed.
If the many complaints online is not enough, just read their disclaimer below.
“ is an International Company and therefore due to fluctuated Currency Exchanged Rate, the actual amount that appears on your credit card statement will be slightly different from your order amount”
Now they can even get away with charging you double and there is very little you can do about it.
It is next to impossible to tell what companies run out of Mauritius since they are a secrecy jurisdiction country.
Yes, this means that they do not require a company’s ownership to be put on public record, among other nefarious practices.
That is why most vendors make no effort to list ownership. It is either a Kim or a John with no last name. Good luck going after them for mistreatment.
Nonetheless, there are also many good testimonials about clicksure. Many people say they respect their refund policies for some vendors.
This means, among the many bad vendors, there are actually some good vendors in clicksure.
You just need to look before you leap here as no affiliate network is perfect.

Can you make money with clicksure?

Absolutely tons of it! That is why it exist. To help affiliates make money by referring their vendors to people online.
They have a good reputation for always paying their affiliates. However, people with no conscience make money off of gullible and desperate people on this platform.
If you are a sleazy type, then you will definitely find a home here with tons of sleazy businesses you can promote.
You will help promote nefarious products that offer little or no benefits to people who buy it.
You will tell white lies and make fake testimonials. You will literally sell your soul to the devil for the most part (there are few legit vendors on clicksure).
If you on the other hand are someone, looking to make legitimate money online, then this is not the place for you.
You will need to learn the ropes from someone who knows all the legit techniques.
I learned how to make money online from  Wealthy affiliate. You can try it for free until you are ready to move to the big leagues.
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