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Sykes is a global leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing (BPO) arena. SYKES offers an array of sophisticated customer contact management solutions to Fortune 1000 companies around the world, primarily in the communications, financial services, healthcare, technology and transportation and leisure industries.

SYKES specializes in providing flexible, high quality customer support outsourcing solutions with an emphasis on inbound technical support and customer service.

What is the work like?

You’ll be working as a phone agent, most likely (they do have training, team lead positions.) If you have customer service experience, you’ll do fine at this job. They also do billing and technical support. Also, you are an employee while working with Sykes, so you need to meet their requirements to work.

For example, you have to provide proof that you are a Canadian or American citizen, over the age of 18, and eligible to work in the country in which you reside. You will be required to have a computer with a reliable internet connection, POT, and a quiet office space, etc.

Where do they hire?

They hire in most Canadian provinces and United States.

What to expect in Application/Hiring Process?

Applying Online

Due to temporary site construction: you will want to complete the application from a desktop computer.


The assessments are designed to understand your capabilities and skills.

Status of Application

You may not hear back from them right away. Watch your email as this is the most common and expedient way to reach you.


When they find a position you might be interested in; they will invite you to virtual interview. Like everything else in the process, it is 100% online and over the phone. The interview consists of both individual and group discussions. Interviews will be conducted in English.


If you are offered a position and choose to accept, you will be asked to complete the required paperwork and pre-employment checks just as you would with any other employer. Because you are working remotely, it may involve a bit of extra running around.

Getting Paid

You’ll get paid bi-weekly via direct deposit. Since you’re an employee the pay will be based on the minimum wage in your location and your experience. You also have health, vision, dental, and other benefits.

Don’t forget about paid vacation after you’ve accumulated enough time. Depending on the laws in your area you’ll also be eligible for paid leave for sick days. If you’re working on a state holiday, you’ll get time or double time and a half.

Also, even though it’s minimum wage think of all the money you’ll save on travel and things you can claim on your tax return.

Sykes is a legit way to work from home. You’ll get minimum wage, benefits, a steady schedule, and income working as an employee. If you’ve worked in a brick and mortar call center, Sykes is just that, except in your home office.

Is this a full-time, part-time, or extra-money type of job?

As an employee with Sykes, you will be either a full-time or part-time worker depending on which schedules are available out of training at the time you’re hired. If their system is down, fear not, you will be paid assuming it’s their issue and not your personal tech issues.

Home office Requirements

  • Personal Windows-based computer with monitor, speakers and anti-virus software
  • Subscription to high-speed, hard-wired, bi-directional Internet connection
  • 2 Headsets: a USB headset for online training and a telephone headset for taking live customer calls.
  • Analog landline that meets one of these requirements:
  • Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) – traditional landline phone service using a dedicated copper pair to the home.
  • Cable – phone service from a Cable TV service provider
  • Fiber-Optic – phone line provided by a local phone service.

Bottom line

Sykes is a good place to work from home. The pay is minimum wage but you get to skip all the traffic involved in working in a brick and mortar office.

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