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Convergys is a call center company that prides itself in offering management services to many of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies. The company provides jobs in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, UAE and South East Asia, now that they are in the process of merging with Stream.

They offer work-at-home positions for some of their projects in the United States. Convergys provides services to various businesses both from their call centers as well as through their home-based telecommuting positions.

They have many different projects going that are both inbound and outbound telecommuting positions. The majority of projects available for work-at-home positions are in their sales & service and customer service departments.

Job description

Convergys home agents consist primarily of customer service and technical support agents. They deal mostly with inbound calls, and while hard selling is not required as part of the job, there are opportunities for soft sales, up-selling and cross-selling.

Typical calls consist of answering questions, making product suggestions, placing orders, tech support, and enrolling callers in health or entertainment plans.

Convergys Training

All training at Convergys is paid training. The training for work-at-home employees is virtual. Training schedules varies from project to project, however, the duration of training will depend upon which project you are assigned to.

More information about training is offered during the application process. There are mixed reviews about the quality of the training – some agents have said that Convergys offers some of the best training in the business and others don’t feel that way at all.

Payment from Convergys

Convergys pays hourly, and the specific pay varied and is usually determined at the time of interview.  Agents in the US are paid twice a month, and UK agents are paid monthly.  Home agents are paid based on the time that is logged into an electronic timekeeping system.

Convergys does have a lot of positive things going for them. Many employees have been happy working with the group for years. Some of the positives about Convergys includes:

  • You are a real employee, i.e. you can have benefits, insurance, paid time off and retirement
  • They do pay out commissions for some of the sales projects, but each project is different
  • When available, it is possible to work overtime if you desire
  • The training is paid training and you can do it from home
  • Though there may be some background checks, you are not required to pay for any of them
  • Your phone line is not blocked as all customer related calls come through your internet connection via VOIP
  • They have an Employee Discount Program which offers deep discounts from name brand merchants. For work-at-home agents, this may also include Business Class Internet service to your home depending on the availability of preferred providers in your area.

However, just like any other company, some issues pop up that need to be taken into consideration before deciding to work for Convergys. Some of these include:

  • You are required to be available 7 days a week, and scheduling choices are limited, especially in the beginning
  • Some agents report that the software and flash drives that Convergys requires you to use freeze up your computer
  • Since Convergys operates on a VOIP line, they do have high requirements for your internet connection. For some, this may be an issue that simply cannot be overcome.
  • You cannot use Wi-Fi for work – all your equipment needs to be hard-wired
  • Apple/Mac, Chromebook, & Android systems are not compatible with their systems
  • No one on your computer network (i.e. using the same internet connection) can use the internet for non-work related purpose during your working hours – this includes web usage, media streaming and gaming
  • Convergys does not hire in all states

Support at Convergys

A lot of agents report that there is more than enough support offered via phone, live chat, and email. Also, unlike most work-at-home companies, you are working as an employee and will have an immediate supervisor assigned to you.

Convergys offers an excellent opportunity to work as customer service or tech support at home agent.  A definite plus with Convergys is eligibility for benefits.  One thing to keep in mind as a possible negative is that while you can tell them what work hours are best for you, you do not actually have flexible scheduling, nor are there guaranteed hours.  However, you will know your schedule at least two weeks in advance.

This can be a great side job for you.

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