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Rating: 70/100

Arise connects independent call center businesses to Fortune 500 and other large companies to provide on-demand customer service.

They contract with individuals to provide these services to their clients. Arise is a work from home company. They require that you give them 15 hours of work every week after that it’s up to you if you want to pick up additional hours


  • The company hours are very flexible
  • The pay is based on experience and performance.
  • You make your own schedule
  • They offer many classes for different clients
  • A very rewarding job to help assist clients with their personal care needs
  • You work from home so you don’t have to deal with traffic


  • The management is slow to respond and sometimes, their response leaves you more confused.
  • There are no benefits
  • You have to pay for training
  • Hours are not always available at the time you need/want to work.
  • Sometimes, systems issues -make it hard to earn money
  • Sometimes you have to wait in a chat to get things authorized.
  • Fighting for hours, limited growth, no room for advancement
  • If you are not an IBO you can not confirm your pay rate and to change IBO’s they have to drop you and if they don’t you are stuck.

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Bottom line

Arise offers great opportunities, but nothing in life is perfect and one good thing usually comes with something bad.

It is convenient to work with Arise because you get to choose your schedule, you get to choose who you want to work for depending on what contracts are out in that moment.

Even though you get to pick your own hours, that doesn’t mean the hours you want are always available especially at the beginning.

The schedule is released to you depending on how well you perform and how much work you have been doing; so someone who has done well and has been working a good amount will get the schedule sooner than you.

So from the start, when you have very little to show for experience, you have to basically take whatever hours are available, to prove yourself so you can hopefully get higher up on the priority list, because most of the time the people on the list take all the good hours.

It is doable but its hard at first so keep that in mind.

As I mentioned earlier, you get to choose who to work for but not every contract is the same and the training time can vary. Usually, it takes about a month long and you do not get paid during this training time so make sure you have some other way of making money in the mean time.

I can not emphasize enough how important it is to get a good IBO that is the person who will be paying you. If your IBO is not good you wont have the information you need to find a job and when something happens you won’t have anyone to fight for you with Arise or the company holding your contract.

You have the option of becoming an IBO. To do this, you will need to have an LLC but its worth it in the sense that you do not get as much money taken from you.

Arise charges $20 each pay check which is every 2 weeks for you using their company. After that the IBO can charge you what ever they want; some do a percentage of your check others do a set amount each pay check.

However, if you are your own IBO all that gets taken is the $20 Arise charges but the downside is you are the boss so if something is wrong you cant just go to your IBO to fix, you have to fix it.

Plus side though is as an IBO you can have as many people under you as you want and charge them what you want so you have the opportunity to have a full on business if you are smart about it.

Each contract has its Pros and Cons, this is a great opportunity if you can make it work.  I don’t recommend using Arise as your main source of income because jobs are not always available.

Each contract only lasts about 3 months and after that time they can choose to drop you or keep you and if they drop you, you have to go through a whole other training of a month without pay to start working again.

Its a good side thing for a stay at home mom/dad but not the main source of income. 

I hope this review was helpful. Please leave a comment telling us about your experiences with Arise. Thanks

Cheers Denise


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